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  1. What is your favorite kind of scene to write? Do you like fluffy romantic sequences? Or maybe pulse–pounding action scenes!

    I love writing dialogue, and I especially like writing arguments. I'm not sure what that says about me as a human, but there's something very satisfying about getting a hostile exchange right. With a well-timed barb or a perfectly aimed verbal sucker punch, a fight can get a reader emotionally involved in ways more placid scenes just can't. They wound characters on an emotional level. Not everyone knows what it feels like to be shot, but most of us can empathize pretty personally with the pain of betrayal.
  2. o_o Hard question. I think any scene that makes my character extremely emotional in a negative way. This can be from something as simple as a fight in which something extremely uncomfortable is brought up to something extreme as torture. I just love when my characters are tortured physically and/or psychologically. :D
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  3. It's pretty nifty when your answers are already written for you.
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  4. Agreed!

  5. Every scene has an enjoyable purpose, but I admit being a sucker for a good romance or horrible death. Both are art forms: One in emotion, and the other in a sanguine revelry of shredded tissues and twisted imagination. :ferret:
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  6. I like writing dialogue too, absolutely love any scene where I get to really shape a character through their vocabulary choices and what they think is important to say or hold back. I certainly enjoy arguments for that, sometimes because it's fun to give them regrets or the chance to just get so frustrated everything comes out. Or when it's one character verbally attacking another for reasons one might not be sure about, capturing that uncertainty gives me a little thrill. But even quieter scenes where they're just talking about their day or not talking about their day, those are cool too.

    I think I've found a particular love of cultural(fantasy cultures :P) exchange through dialogue, though. I really like the give and take of figuring out what interests a character enough to make them ask about it, or figuring out how someone entrenched in that culture would explain why whatever's being asked about is important to them, or what it means. Making stuff up is my greatest love, so I suppose it makes sense that combining it with my second love of figuring dialogue would make me squee each and every time.
  7. My favorite thing to write is what I like to think of as a crystallizing moment for a character. They are those moments at the culmination of a particular strain of character development, scenes where you get to clearly show how that character has changed and become something more (for better or worse) than they were before. They also tend to be emotionally tense moments that come with tough choices for the character to make, and that contributes to why I like them.

    I just got to do one of them today, in fact. I have a character that started off as an arrogant ass who was totally concerned with himself and building up a legacy of being a great hero. There were a few times where he was reckless and stupid in pursuit of that kind of reputation, but he was on his way. Then he met a girl and she saw something more in him (yes, that old trope) and he realized that he could, in fact, be better than just a jerk who ended up with his name in campfire tales. He was just faced with a choice of rushing into the battle to be a big damn hero while leaving others in danger, or standing rear guard and letting the others get there first while he might possibly die whilst protecting them. He chose the latter, because he realized that he would rather do the right thing than the heroic thing, and if he died doing so then at least some people might remember him as a good man, rather than a bunch of people remembering him as some guy who killed some baddies.
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  8. Banter.I fucking love writing banter.
  9. SMUT.

  10. I enjoy writing scenes where my character is a complete asshole to another character. From dialogue to how they interact physically with the other character or environment, anything that makes the other character mad is so much fun to me.

    Sadly, I don't get to write those much as I really limit my jerk characters to group rps where they are in desperate need most of the time. They don't fair well in 1x1s, mostly because people just don't like them...when that's the point of that particular character. I do balance out their asshole-ness with good qualities and character growth, but many don't stick around to let that happen.
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