Your Favorite Piece

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Since the beginning of Iwaku Time, we've always been a haven as a roleplay site. But such a thing has evolved past that original context, and we are a community nearly as big as a small village. And as with any village there is your favorite part of it.

What part of Iwaku is your favorite?

Is it those members which you all adore, the staff? Or perhaps it is the fact we have a Cbox with chat RP'ing and general talk? Either way we all like it all but there must be a hotspot for everyone.

As for me back in ye oldy days, I came here for RP'ing and I still do so. Maybe with not as much time as before but I still am in at least one story.
Roleplaying + Community!

I really, really like being able to socialize, talk and play with everyone while doing my favorite thing ever. Roleplaying is my favorite thing in the universe, so being able to share it with people that also enjoy it is super awesome. :D I enjoy sitting around chatting about plots and characters all day, or just watching other people breed plot bunnies.
I love having the roleplays around and the variety.
So many people to play with, so many roleplays to try...
So I think mine is a combination of members + roleplays. xD
This wasn't what I thought it was.... >_>

*flutters off cradling his bong*
It's always been about the roleplaying for me, but I've developed a new passion for the site. That thing being our writing and art section of the forum. There is so much more we can do with writing, and I love to see these varieties outside of roleplaying! Additionally, I love to see the drawings and graphic designs. We have so many talented people here. As an appreciator of the arts, I'm excited to see new writing and art submissions!

The discussions, too. I get to know more about people and it's certainly fun to contribute to the topics. I love the people here. Some of them are the greatest friends I've ever had, and some of them I've known for many years. *gives Kitti, Grumpy, Myrn and whoever else a friendly noogie*