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  1. Everyone has a favorite animal, unless you're one of those animal hating freaks! So tell me, if you could have an animal familiar - ANY animal in the world - what would it be? Which animal do you think would best represent you as your companion, guide, and partner?
  2. Wolf.....

    They kick ass.
  3. A fucking monkey.
  4. A Raven.

    In before Corvus Corax

    The Japanese Grosbeak (lol).

    In during Ikaruga

    Alright, screw this typical animal BS.

    In before mephit, pseudodragon, and that red guy from Cow & Chicken

    I'm lost.
  5. Also, a really big dog.

    Probably a Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Or a Tibetan Mastiff.
  6. Bigfoot!

    . . .He's an animal, right?

    If not, a red panda, because they are cute.
  7. A wolf would be cool.

    I'd settle for a Lion though, I mean who has the balls to argue with a guy who has a Lion>?
  8. *raises hand*
  9. [​IMG]

    Or a small white kid I could name Seiji Caroline, and beat with a stick. </3
  10. A dragon, yes a fucking dragon. Chinese type.

  11. ........DAMNIT! and and and and and and I'd pick a panther or a jackle or a ferret or a wolf or a python.....or or or or -looks around nervous like- a raven >> << >>
  12. Mountain Lion.

    Such power! Such luxurious fur! Love'm.
  13. "Yes." John said with a smile as he kissed her cheek before letting her go and running up to Victoria and Evelyn and scooping then up*
  14. A dog, a german sheperd.

    Whats a caucasian german sheperd?
  15. Ashley peer at John and gurgle happily, her eyes drawn to his halo despite it being invisible.

    Kunari gently hold Victoria in her free arm, "Oh yeah? What's that daddy?" She smirk at John.
  16. For me it would probably be a dog of some kind...

    Either A Malamute
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    Or an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. (Looks similar to a Pit bull) I mean seriously... Look at the dog's arms, and chest. THE THING IS A BEAST, and I also know how to raise the breed being southern, and all that jazz.
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    But definitely not this little guy....
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  17. Johns eye twitched* "you want someone who only has black flames to be raised with our children? Black flames means she is drenched in sin. Her soul is literally filled of sin. Her parents had to of sinned horribly excessively for there daughter to only have black flames." *john picked up evelyn*