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  1. Whether it's a serious lifelong desire, or just something you think would be really cool to accomplish, share 'em here, we believe in you! Even if your dream is to ride a unicorn; science will find a way!!

    Optional: come back and do
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    on what you've accomplished!

    I tend to make pretty short-term goals for the most part:
    • To sing Eminem's "Rap God" at Karaeoke night and nail it

    • To finish all (or at least enough that there isn't a shit-ton of unused materials lying around) of my sewing/crafting projects before Fall

    • to get around by bike until my legs are totally ripped

    • to get all of my dishes/recycling dealt with by tomorrow night

    • To have all my ex's stuff out of my apartment and dropped at his parents place by the end of the month summer
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  2. Long-term goal is currently travel the world and when possible/affordable take a trip to outer space, which it should be within my lifetime.

    Furthermore... A bunch of study- and work-related stuff. Which isn't all that super-interesting, until results are in.
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  3. I usually make short term goals that are small steps to my long term ones because, one) otherwise I stress and flip out that I'm not moving fast enough and then nothing gets done at all. And two) I'm kind of awful with time management. So breaking bigger goals down into small ones helps a lot with all of that

    Anyway, my goals are:

    • Start going to the gym 3 times a week​
    • Start learning at least one other language this summer (French most likely, since I already have a basic grasp of it from childhood)​
    • Write a good chunk of my novel before fall​
  4. Same as most, I have little goals that someday will reach my ultimate goal in life. For this summer I plan to:

    -Use the summer to study the LSAT/attend LSAT prep class
    -Work on my Buddhism studies
    -Train my pet birds to do tricks
    -Continue making and perfecting churros (lol!)
    -Take LSAT and pass with at least a 173
    -Apply for law school

    My ultimate goal in life? To move back home to Puerto Rico and open a bird aviary/chicken egg farm and have that simple life I always wanted. I see that happening around...age 50 lmao.
  5. Its more of a dream than anything else, but someday, I would love to work in motion capture acting*! Even if its only trying on a motion capture suit and playing around with it, I feel like it would be a really cool experience and I'd have lots of fun :D

    *only for non human things. I cant physically or mentally get into character as a human, but I can be a decent Rise/Dawn-style ape! xP
  6. I've always wanted to write a book. I like the idea of completing a full length novel and sharing it with others; I don't even really care if it gets published, so long as a few people get to read it. Honestly I'm more fascinated with created worlds and complex characters that people can fall in love with, then building an interest and unique story around. There are plenty of way to do that besides writing a book, but none have ever been as captivating. The problem is I'm too much of a perfectionist and not motivated well enough to achieve such an impossible goal as a flawless story.

    That hasn't stopped me from trying, though.
  7. All I wanted was a hundred million dollars and a bad bitch.

    Now I want two hundred and menage in my palace.
    • Meet up with my ex when she comes to Cali next year and not have it be weird/awkward.
      • Make sure that when we meet, we can get past the past 4 months.
    • Get through college without having a nervous breakdown.
    • Get through college without stressing too much about classes.
    • Get through college without wanting to drive off the bridge near my house.
    • Get through college.
    • Transfer to either UCI or Boston U by the end of next year.
    • Get into a good medical school.
    • Become a successful neurologist/neurosurgeon.
    • Start a successful family (meaning that the kids turn out alright, no divorce, etc.)
    • Have 2 sons only.
    • Buy the red convertible I promised my mom.
    • Buy the jaguar I promised my aunt.
    That's all I can really think about right now.
  8. Cat or car?
  9. Car. Ain't no way I'm buying a cat, no matter what kind of cat it is. Horrible creatures, they are.
  10. I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.
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  11. This is the usual reaction. But hey, at least I don't hate puppies. I mean, that's a hell of a lot worse.
  12. Hmm...goals of mine?

    • Coping with my anxiety.
    • Getting through three more years of college.
    • Getting through my classes.
    • Becoming a Game Designer.
    • Having at least six tattoos.
    • Collecting a lot of games for different consoles.
    • Getting back in touch with my artistic side.
    And...that's all I can think of for now. ^^'
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