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  1. Whether you've hit the big stage beaming in that spotlight or not, if you could be a Broadway one role for the rest of your life.....who would be? It can be from any musical or play known to man! :) But you have to be one that character forever!

    I'd choose a character very dear to my heart!! She was a hero to me when I was a kid because we had the same walk. I would wish sooo hard that my dream would come true just like hers did, and finally one day with a miracle it did! So, the greatest thing in the world is to be that inspiration for others, and the most fun you can ever have is adding magic to a child's life. So, if I could be one character for the rest of my life, it'd be Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

    Interested to see what all yall come up with and hear your stories!!

    love n hugs!
  2. Wanted to be a doctor

    So I did

    Been practicing for 4 years now
  3. I want to be Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle (THE BOOK not the movie!) in a musical adaption! O__O

    In real life, I want to get paid to be Iwaku's admin and write a famous series of novels that are way more hyped than they deserve. 8D
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  4. I want to be the bear.

    I want to be the bear.

    I want to be the bear.

    I'm gonna be the bear.

    In a mystical and magical retelling of how Theodore Roosevelt did some silly things in the woods like dance on a log with Paul Bunyan, drink moonshine with a wiley band of raccoon, and wrestled a grizzly bear who would in turn become his greatest friend, campaign partner, and best friend.

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  5. I always wanted to be Richard Grayson, he was my hero as i grew up. He was always such a badass lol
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  6. That is a precious story, Aria. :3

    My real life role is that I am a mother, which has always been what I've wanted to be. So many people expected me to pursue some kind of money making job just because I'm smart. I won't deny that, I am the brains of my family. I never liked going to school or working, though. :| (Not unless the job is something that doesn't involve interacting with many people. I'm awesome at desk jobs, for example, and I enjoy it.) I just wanna raise a bunch of adorable kids who I'll occasionally want to throw into a volcano but won't because haha why w--*takes a breath* Anyway...

    I believe this would transition into any sort of performance, too. I actually have played a couple of motherly roles before as a kid, including Mrs Clause. :] I think what would be a dream come true for me is being Mother Gothel, from that Disney movie called Tangled. I've always wanted to play as an evil selfish mom, be she step or not. It would combine my love for parenting with my love for all things villainous. (Hell, I'd even enjoy being the Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. That step-mother's wicked bad.)
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  7. When I think back, I don't think I ever really had a hero growing up and I can't recall ever saying that I wanted to be something or someone specifically. I used to pretend a lot that I was different things from mermaids to princesses secret agents. One thing that I know has always stuck with me is art. I've love to draw for as long as I can remember, and I still do it. =3 I also love(d) to sing, which I still do much to the annoyance of everyone in my household. I grew up watching Disney movies and I remember loving The Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast the most. As amazing as being a mermaid would be, I'm scared of oceans. I love dogs, but I don't want to be one. Aurora is gorgeous and I love her voice, but I'm not sure how I would like nearly being killed by an evil sorceress. I love books, but I don't think I would fare so well in Belle's situation as she did. Oh! Perhaps Christine from Phantom of the Opera! I like dark, mysterious romances and orchestras.
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  8. Idk who I would want to be.

    Maybe Simba from Lion King? I can relate to his story and he is great in the play.
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  9. Hamlet on the stage; Doctor Who on TV.
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  10. Hmm. Out of all the cartoons in childhood...

    I GOT IT!


    The actual reason is that I don't like cooking very much, but I like laughing and making people laugh.
    At times I DO bring up dumb ideas, but in the show and in real life, they work (well most of the time). Imagine if Spongebob could see the laughing kids, teenagers, and adults. He'd be yelling Welcome to our Club.
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  11. Simba's the best!!! :) Plus you get to sing the most awesome song Hakuna Matata
  12. Awwww!!! I can imagine being a Mom is the best experience ever! <3 And thank you so much! :) Mother Gothel would actually be a LOT of fun, I ADORE Tangled...more so than Frozen, I love Frozen so much but Tangled is much better. :) Yay for wanting to rock the sassy edgy Disney lady villians!! :) You're awesome!!!
  13. ummm pretty much...we needs to be new best friends! :) I have a Disney Princess obsession, and I adore Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid <3 And I have a massive love and obession for Phantom of the Opera as well! I played the movie and soundtrack everyday till my parents caved and got me tickets to see it live! lol It would be just incredible to play Christine wouldn't it? ;) What is your favorite part or song from Phantom?
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  14. awww I believe you'll get that real life dream with your novels!!!! :)
  15. We totally should! I could never decide on a favorite Disney princess. I kinda like them all. =p Oh wow! I would love to see it live! Last month, I found out that it was coming to a place near where I live and tickets were on sale and I thought: Oh how wonderful a birthday present that would be to go to see it! But I already had my heart set on a new mattress, because I've had the same one my entire life and it doesn't sleep well anymore. ; ^ ; I think my favorite part of the movie is the "Angel of Music" scene in Christine's room, when he appears in the mirror. But I think my favorite song is the titular "Phantom of the Opera."
  16. I was pretty much always the main star in my little girl fantasies. Granted I was grown up and Awesome, which I totally am now...., but I never really wanted to be anyone else.
  17. Alice from Alice in Wonderland...

    Or, y'know. Anyone in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory if that counts. I wanted to eat all that stuff so bad as a kid o.o I STILL DO
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  18. Oh my goodness, I think I could play Miss Hannigan for the rest of my life. Annie's one of my favorite plays/musicals and Miss Hannigan is such an interesting character, and I love singing along to "Little Girls"

    But I suppose my backup plan would be Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar. He's got all the best songs.
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  19. Ah! Miss Hannigan would be SO fun to play!!!! Agreed, Judas is great!
  20. ww! Alice would be so awesome!! And who wouldn't want to eat in that factory! I saw this chef show episode where they were tricked into a theater and watched the original movie with the actors who played the kids and had NO idea it was them :) Then they had to create their own pieces to be displayed on the show's chocolate factory!
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