Your Dream House

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  1. what kind of house do you dream of? whether it being actual dreams, or a house you always wanted.

    For myself, I have a fascination for large houses. Houses lost somewhere, abandoned, but in great shape. I find they have great character... and I love looking at the various things left behind, the hidden cubby holes, and awesome rooms.

    I often dream of houses like this. I enjoy the feeling of nostalgia, as hard as it is to replicate it.

    What is your dream house?
  2. I'd really like to live in a house like Fallingwater.
  3. Fallingwater? is there a picture available on google?
  4. There should be quite a bit available about it on google.
  5. My dream house would have an amzing view of some natural feature. It would also have a large study/library done up like an old smoking room. The whole house would have wood flooring. And there would be sky lights. The master suit would have a seperate bathing room from the toliet with a suana and small jacuzzi.

    Then there is the kitchen! Tile and copper and an island counter with it's own sink and the kitchen wouldn't be confined into the house but would extend outside as well to a brick covered cooking pit and the dining room would extened out into the garden in the same manner. A garden with fresh herbs and vegetables to be added into whatever is being cooked or one could go onto the swing bench in the back yard a look up at the stars at night.
  6. Um, I don't really care for a two story house anymore. The house I live in right now with my family is two story and I'm hating the stairs. So no more of that. But I want a house that is spacious, or I can decorate it to give it the illusion of a spacious house. I'd want a master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom of course, a room for mine and my boyfriend's computer because we've both insisted on having our own game room. And then a room for my office/studio where I do my writing and artwork. (The boyfriend might have a section of that room as well, still not sure about it.) We've talked about having the garage be a social area or a lounge when we entertain. Perhaps have a dart board, a couch, and perhaps a small T.V. I think it's marvelous idea so long as some sort of central heating goes through that room because our garage is hot as fuck... I'm not really sure what sort of look I'm looking for when it comes to the front of the house. I love windows, the more windows the better.

    I'd also like a medium sized yard. I've seen how much an acre of land is, so perhaps half or a quarter of that would make me happy? I mainly want that amount of land as a backyard because I intend to have dogs.
  7. One I own.

    Oh wait... :P
  8. My dream house is a Victorian Style home with a wrap around porch. I want a nice library inside and an open windowed room where I can put my baby grand piano. A large tree somewhere that has a swing on it with a gorgeous view (somewhat secluded but not desolate). I want to also have a garden in the house with fresh vegetables/herbs/fruits etc and a small sunflower patch. I want a nice sized yard but not too big as well. I don't know if i'll ever get exactly that but even bits and pieces would be nice.
  9. My dream house. Hmm. Something large enough for everything; library and guest rooms and gym and such. It doesn't have to be new but it needs to be in good shape! I really love wooden floors and big open kitchens and dining rooms. BIG BATHROOMS. I hate hate hate tiny bathrooms! Skylights and light tubes through out the house, please. Open floor plans for anything new though I'll accept whatever if I get a great 'old' house. Two story, one story, all is good.

    I love houses so I frequently give my characters whatever sort of house I'm craving at the moment. Noah has a big old farm house. Abaijah has a church turned warehouse turned house. Brody has a lush apartment with a rooftop greenhouse. Rune has a floating cottage that he pulls around. Dom has a whole frecking Lodge and his own room is huge with a fire place.