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We all have 'em. From that rocket ship house from when we were five, or that badass frozen house we saw on HGTV, we all have an idea of what we want our dream home to be. Be it a perfect world or not, we want it. We'll even make adjustments to our own home to work towards it in some small way.

Now, what's your dream home? If you have a picture, post it! Otherwise, MS Paint it or describe it in 0481984fakisf1 words or less.

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I want a Victorian style house with a wrap around porch, and a large parlor where I can put a baby grand piano. Want to have the house slightly secluded with trees or woods nearby, a large tree in the back with a tree swing, and a pretty garden. ^^

a summer home on the beach or along the water would be nice too XD
Something like this:

With this stuff in it:


This except either a pastel'd out chartreuse or cement gray with that special shit you can paint your house with so moss grows on it. And fiddled with so you'd have to know parkour in order to enter.

p.s. I didn't resize the images. Enjoy. :D


And this but with a bigger pool:

Well I'd have to hire someone to help me get what I want I'm sure, but there are a few details I can find close enough pictures for.

The Kitchen

The Library

The Front Room

Tree house. Good zombie defense, can be made better, too. Also, tree house.
Well either that or a tweaked and revised version of the Nautilus House in Mexico City. That house... is GORGEOUS.
A really big, futuretech mansion.
My perfect home, if I stay in the current area, will be on several acres of land out in the Apple Gate surrounded by trees and all the plants that would make my wife happy.

The home itself doesn't matter. It could be a run down shack for all I care like my buddy in the Apple Gate currently has. I just want the fence all around my property with, "Keep out or be shot" signs. Tons of animal feeders and bird feeders to attract all the awesome wildlife that is out there.

In the house I would like an old style fire place. I prefer that way over modern heaters. But I would need air conditioning - gets hot up there in the summer. Also in the house I'd like a 60'' plasma screen TV to play my PS3 on. A nice telescope since we would be high enough in elevation to see the night sky clearly with no city interference.

And a BIG ASS satellite dish so I can still have a good internet connection.
Like the warehouse in Step Up 3D with the wall of stereos. Also a club underneath.

It's about all I can find of the house on youtube. The movie shows more of it.
The house from "Weekend at Bernie's"

that's the house/castle/fortress monastary

and of course in addition to all the normal features, it must have one of these.
(Asian worker not included)

This seems a bit related.

Wonder if my folks would go for it. Mom would do nearly anything happily to piss off the neighbors, not the neighborhood, just one set of neighbors.
I'm a frugal person who likes large, open rooms. I'm content with 1,000 square foot apartments/condos with little furniture and few other material possessions. Besides, these days, most important books/documents/records are kept in laptop form anyway. All I really need is a dinner table and chairs for guests, a desk, and a bed. Maybe a couch if I'm splurging.

My one vice/requirement is room to put my piano. I should probably upgrade that into something with a little more length, so I can use it as a desk.