Your Dream Girl/Guy

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  1. Pretty simple, just describe what you would want your dream person to be. Can be anything from looks, personality, likes, dislikes, hell even post a picture of a celebrity if you really want.
  2. I want someone who is a strong person with their own wishes and desires.
    I want them to have their own goal in life and be capable of caring for themselves!
    While I am also entirely capable of caring for myself (and they better be ready to acknowledge that!) I also want someone who has concern for my well-being and is willing to offer to assist me, as I would do for them.
    Someone with a dominant personality type is oddly desirable to me.
  3. I'm attracted to people with dark features. Blonde and fair is boring. (That's speaking as a strawberry blonde with glow-in-the-dark skin, so...) Dark hair is a big thing for me.
  4. I have unattainable, unrealistic expectations in relationships/potential love interests. It is a burden in my life.
  5. The Physical:

    At least 3 to 4 inches taller than me.
    Deep/ rough voice.
    Shoulder length hair or a neat crew cut.
    Should weigh at least 10 pounds more than me.

    The Person:

    Clean & Hygienic [ but not overly or a neat freak ]
    Either very smart or very funny [ I don't care much for athletics/ looks ]

    Has to have clear goals set out for him.
    Patient & Responsible.
    And most IMPORTANTLY! -- Humble.

    ...I'll let you guys decide what gender I'm describing. Pfft.
  6. I want someone who is kind, caring, understanding and doesn't interrupt me when I'm talking. I'd like them to be around my height, but I don't care what they weigh. I look more at a person's personality than their looks, so I don't care what they look like. I want someone who would be there for me when I need them the most, have a good sense of humor and is interested in a few of the things I am interested in.

    I'll leave it up to you guys to decide what gender I'm talking about ^^.
  7. Oi. Okay. So, as much as I would like to think that there isn't a cliche'd archetype for a man that I'd be interested in, I have to admit I have a fantasy man lined up.

    I have a soft spot for voices, this I've determined YEAAAARS ago. So they have to have a voice, or at least articulate in ways that make me melt figuratively. If not, then it should be interesting enough to entertain that audiophileness of myself.
    They should be smart, or have an interest in interesting things that keep me curious.
    Absolutely must be open minded.
    Healthy-- no drugs, alcoholism, or cigarettes.
    Quiet. I like quiet, but not quiet in the sense that they let people talk over them. I dislike garroulous people.
    Have a nice body. And no, I don't mean ripped or be defined. I like subtle lines on a body, but I also don't want something so hard I can't lay on it. D<
    Taller than me/maybe older.
    Someone who can make up their mind. God the list can go on and on.
    Oh. MUST enjoy hugs/cuddles or generally like being touched.
  8. Vagina, tits, etc.
  9. i thought i went for tomboys.

    turns out i actually like brainy girly girls who are always cute, but get really hot when they get their bitch on. they gotta have some junk in their trunk. breast size irrelevant. they also gotta be the way i like my beer: dark with a lot of head
  10. You people .. why not just wait and see who you are attracted to? Your preferences are based upon what you think your own personality is, and perhaps you may not know yourself as well as you think.
  11. Because its fun, spoilsport. Why come in here and be all passive aggressive?

    Aaaaand I'll change my answer now. Isabella!
  12. This is more of a listing of things that attract us right now.
    Some of these are simply idle fantasies and some of them, like mine, are qualities that my guy should have because I do not respect someone without them.

    Besides. It's fun. :D
  13. *Points at Gibs*
  14. I like blondes with big asses, If I end up falling in love with a brunette with huge boobs instead, I'll still like blondes with big asses.
  15. I have learned through trial and tribulation what I prefer. I HAVE met people who fill my quaities, but I know realistically, finding the 'perfect' person for me, will never happen. Each person has bits and pieces of what everyone likes, so it's all about give or take.
  16. *points to Pheonix*
  17. Hm. Well, I had no idea when I met that person. It's neat to have a list, but what are you going to do if they're perfect, save one point? Two? Three? You're dicing up the human personality into something much less!

    I wouldn't say I was being passive aggressive. I thought I was being blunt??

    Physical / sexual preference is pretty fixed, yeah.
  18. I personally think it's only an issue when someone is shallow enough to take a person's physical/mental faults into serious consideration. EVERYONE has faults and the word Perfect is something that no one will ever achieve so in realistic terms, people are simply fantasizing about what they feel is the best match for them.

    It has nothing to do with people looking into someone and boaring holes into their soul simply because they have a set archetype of 'perfection.' It's a discussion.

    To be honest, I don't think I've seen any comments that would appear to have negative undertones that would even appear to have one 'dicing up' another human being. We all have our must haves and must nots, it's about choosing someone who fits your personality, and who you are and what someone is willing to accept and not.
  19. I have to admit, I'm chuckling at what I thought was going to be a harmless thread where people would post their preferred traits in someone else, but has turned into a discussion. XDD