Your day of DEATH!

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So, the grim reaper comes up to you and says "Hey. Would you like to know the day you die?"

...How would you answer? DO you want to know the day you die or would you prefer to be oblivious?
Fuck yeah I'd like to know the day I'd die.

I'd be so deep then, I¡d probably write a book, even.
I don't think it would matter that much to me. I'm more worried about the why than the when, I want me death to mean something.
No, Death happens to us all, but knowing when might possibly make one dwell on it. It's not when you die, or necessarily why you die, it's how you live! Are you proud of how you've conducted your life right now? If not, then change. Don't tell me you can't, you can. You might be in a bad spot, THAT might be hard to change, but how your react, how your behave, that you have power over. Be proud of the life you live and let death attend to itself.
I would love to know the day i die so that i could live everyday till then without any fear. I could go cliff diving or do any dangerous activity and know that i wouldn't die because it isn't that certain day. I would know and be able to prepare for my children if i had any at the time, and i could love everyone to the fullest.
...I doubt I'd want to know why...dying alone or really painfully is a fear...but when I'd die? I don't know, I think I have to lean more to the side of being oblivious.

Knowing when but not why would make me O__e. Freaking hate the unknown and uncertainty at times...but this ones too much to handle.

Why? Because I don't trust that dude anyway. He'd tell me some shit just to get me all screwed up. "What? I'm dying tomorrow?! Oh, hell no! *RAMPAGE*"

*24 hours later*

Death: "By the way, now that you've gone on that rampage they're gonna bust down your door and shoot you dead."
"This is BULLSHIT!"
Death: "Sorry, forgot to mention that part."
No. I don't plan on dying for that matter so why should I say yes? In fact I should actually ask for his job while he is there just to solidify my immortality while allowing him to relax on some equatorial island paradise (albeit ran by a dictator) sipping margaretas.

In all seriousness it is still no because you have no fate but what you make. Like Tain said, he tells you and therefore you know... you have a chance to change it and therefore you won't die by the plan. Things have been changed and checks and balances are a big factor and all that jazz.

Point is death comes for us all and that is the only constant.
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I think that I would want to know. I'd like to be prepared, to be able to make the amends I've been meaning to make, to try to write letters to offer solace to those I've been close to, and to tell the person that I'm with what they mean to me and try to impart my love on the people that make life worth living to me.