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  1. Yes, I know we've had a crossover thread recently, but this isn't about awesome crossovers we've found on the internet, this is about crossovers we ourselves have done :D

    What crossovers have you done? How have you done them? Have you written crossover fanfics, made crossover music videos, painted crossover art or edited crossover pictures? Share some of your own crossovers with iwaku :3

    Personally I used to make lots of Disney crossover videos, and then my youtube account got banned I: Little fifteen year old me was heartbroken... Especially since I hadn't any of those videos saved on my computer D: (I needed to save space, so I erased them as fast as they were uploaded). Today I don't have any videos uploaded online since I haven't cared to search up an alternative for youtube and youtube isn't reliable enough for my precious crossovers >_> (Plus I'm having a problem with finding a free movie editing program I can use well and isn't weird on my new computer.)
    Now I'm moving on to editing pictures instead. Disney crossover pictures :D This was my first one, made in maybe two hours max, and just a test run to see how well it would go. Rapunzel weren't really meant to be in the picture... But I added her anyways... And I regretted it halfway through.. Cause the CGI Disney stuff is hard to edit D:


    Now, give me your crossovers :D It can be from anything. Books, movies, Tv-series, games, comics, etc. There must be some people here on iwaku that likes doing editing, drawing or at least fanfic writing xD
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Game of Thrones + Family Guy+ Friends= Best Show ever.
  4. *Points at Avatar*

    Mass Effect + Dragon Age + Pokemon + Doctor Who.
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  5. So a long time ago, Teen Darog loved his old shows, specifically Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers. I was also into Fanfiction and did some of my own(feel free to try and find my Naruto and FMA Fanfics, they are lost to the void of the internet at this point).

    Teen Darog decided that, he would write a Fanfic Crossover of TMNT and Transformers. He named this "Musturpayse" "Heroes in A Half Shell: MOBILIZE" and thus his journey begun. The story followed the Turtles as they yet again fight and battle Shredder, only Shredder is interested in this strange, glowy gem called the "Dimension Portal Crystal" have a guess what it could do? So yeah, Shredder loses, but not before he retreats into this portal, followed closely by the Turtles, Splinter, April and Casey behind the Shredder. They end up in the Transformers Universe. Shredder gets captured by Megatron, and barters with him to join as an alliance so that could both take out their greatest foes, meanwhile, the Turtles and co have a run with Jazz and Bumblebee, having a little scrap before Optimus Prime intervenes and tells them that Megatron has started to attack the Autobots, recruiting a new Decepticon called "Shreddertron" have a guess who got themselves an upgrade?

    Sadly, I never got to finish it, since I gotten into roleplaying at that time and pretty much gave up on fanfic writing.

    Sadly I've lost the original word document too.

    But yeah, kinda regret not holding onto a copy of Chapter 1 at least.
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  6. I'm obsessed and can't go to sleep o__O I'm just sitting here editing 3 AM in the morning!


    Story that appeared in my mind while I was working on it:
    Meg once had a child that died on his 8th birthday. Heartbroken, the young mother summoned a demon (Thrax) and made a contract with him. Thrax brought the boy back to life and in return Meg gave away her soul. Unknown to her, Thrax was the cause of the boy's death. He just wanted to trick Meg into giving up her soul o__O

    I should not be allowed all these Disney screen shots D: -Continues to edit stuff-
  7. Mass Effect + Dragon Age + Game of Thrones = Best mashup ever!

  8. batman the animated series + magical girl lyrical nanoha

    one new years eve, nanoha and fate testarossa track down a high profile magic using criminal that fled to earth...specifically gotham. of course, NO ONE operates in gotham without batmans permission...

    the twist is the villain using magic to mind control superman, forcing batman, fate, and nanoha to work together to defeat both the villain and survive superman.

    the ending would have been a callback to an episode of batman the animated series, with batman and comissioner gordon sharing a cup of coffee during the new years, with gordon making a snide comment about batman picking up more sidekicks in nanoha and fate
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  9. Alright, after reading the OP I understand now.

    And my crossover is simple. All the Universes are one.
  10. N7 = Mass Effect
    Symbol on Shirt = Grey Warden Symbol (Dragon Age)
    Pokemon at Corner = Wooper (Pokemon)
    The main guy in the picture = John Simm Master (Doctor Who)
  11. Oh. I didn't see the Avatar.

    Doctor Who + Mass Effect would be kinda of interesting to see. Look at the image below as it talks about how they are the same:

  12. Never was big into the whole crossover thing. Likely because I was friends with people that crossed over genres bad pairings to suit their perverse fantasies. Which always bothered me.

    Another one is where people proclaim two things (or more) universes are together because the actors are the same. Which is silly to me.

    It's always fun to debate and argue with my friend about a sci-fi crossovers though.

    Warhammer 40k > Halo, for instance.
  13. Then why didn't the Doctor help Shepard out? :P
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  14. I know for a fact I'm not the first on this one, but Neon Genesis Evangelion and Attack on Titan.

    I just want to see Bertl dish it out with EVA 02, because let's face it, giant titan vs EVA would be rad as fuck (and seeing an EVA kick around titans like toys is hilarious). The fact that the EVA and the titans have some similarities makes it all the more interesting. I actually started writing, but never finished it thanks to the wonders of the internet and some shitty self discipline.
  15. I made an RP of a Crossover of the Fate series and Soul Eater.

    It's a story I was writing.
  16. Because, the Doctor is saving the world on his own and he doesn't take help!\

    Or Shepard could be the Doctor?! :O
  17. Now THAT would be an interesting regeneration.
    War Doctor 2.0
  18. Does planning a Fate/+Fortissimo RP count as a cross-over? And theoretically already did, a OOC was up, somewhere else, but I never allowed it to get to the IC because a certain person rushed me into 'completion' =_="
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