Your Christmas Haul and Traditions

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The holidays are an exciting time for me. Not only does my family force themselves not to bicker, but we engage in repetitive rituals that elicit a genuine sense of warm fuzzies. Likewise, there are presents...ah, who can forget the presents? For those of us on Iwaku who practice Christmas, what sort of presents did you open this year? Were you excited? Disappointed? Did you get what you wanted?

I ended up with a new pair of headphones, some cash, clothes, and the new Iphone all in all, I think I made off pretty well with the holiday loot.

How about ya'll? Exciting items or sentimental gifts that made today?

I'm interested to hear.

Ya know what, I'm expanding this thread...

Every Christmas we go to mass at the local church (This time the excess, including us, were herded into a gymnasium), eat a holiday meal that usually includes Yorkshire pudding and some sort of meat-like item, watch It's a Wonderful Life, Read old Christmas Stories, and then scuttle away for bed to prepare to wake and shred gift paper the next morning.

For our Christmas practicing members, and anyone celebrating anything this holiday season, What kind of rituals does your family perform? Do you like them? Are there any rituals you would like to start for your own family one day?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone at Iwaku, ya'll are my family and I wanted to extend seasons greetings to you all.

May this time of year be merry, and I honestly wish the best.

So without further adieu...

Have at it, let's discuss.
Today I got (high lights) a Iphone Touch, a Telescope that is dang good (100x. I'll start counting craters on the moon!), Aftershave (Yosh), a new PSP (3000 series, it is fast compaired to my old 1000) and a watch that my late Paw-Paw (Grand-dad) never used. It feels nice to have it. Leather and large face. Yes.
Ummm Pajamas, a robe, chocolates, sweets, little cat figure, tinkerbell soft case for my netbook, bracelet, boob shaped candy, lotion and spa goodies, and anti- bacterial soap.

Sadly no books like I really wanted, but people were sweet none the less and I'm grateful I just got to be with my boyfriend and his family. Also I'm glad no fighting happened while I was at home with my own family. Kind of nice.
Sweaters and perfume. xD A beautiful ear cuff too.

As per usual, I trekked to my mother's house on Christmas eve. Most of my relatives showed up, laden with gifts. We hung around, caught up with one another, sat uncomfortably silent... then it was dinner time and time to finally break out the booze. SoCo eggnog win! My mother didn't make it as strong this year... commentary on the general atmosphere, maybe? It was a bit more peaceful this year than last.
Then time to shuffle everyone to the living room and open presents and thank one another. Some people stayed at the house. I did. Christmas breakfast of cookies and waffles with coffee.

Christmas morning is about the children opening Santa's presents. :3
I went on a date with Gibs for Christmas. :D Our first date as a married couple! We saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie and went out for Mexican food. >:3
I spent Christmas with my boyfriend O(≧▽≦)O On Christmas eve, he took me to the hotel that's the tallest building in the prefecture. It overlooked Lake Biwako, which is also the largest freshwater lake in Japan (゜▽゜;) It was amazing~! Then on Christmas morning he took me shopping, we had takoyaki for lunch and then we went to a temple~

We prayed at the temple and wrote our wishes at the temple on a wooden plaque which is then hung on the walls with others~

I can't list specific things that I got for Christmas... But it was a lot... Especially from my boyfriend (^^) His love... Being with him... Happiness... New clothes, makeup, nail design material, purse, and the list goes on........... (´∀`)♡
I asked myself "Isn't it funny how you just go to buy a case of beer and end up drinking half of it before you get home?"

The liquor store was two blocks from my place.
We are a very non-religious bunch of people. However, the spirit of Holidays never seems to miss this family, no matter how we 'hate' each other the rest of the year. We baked cookies all of the week before christmas, and on Christmas Eve, mom and I drove around our town looking at all the cool neighborhoods that did really pretty lights.

Finally on Christmas Day, we opened presents: I found, coloring books, My little pony plastic toys from dollar tree, a glittery baton, a ton of candy, my two favorite presents: A book of Magical Creatures, and my Pokemon White game. Yes, this year was extra special, because the boyfriend showed up around 4, and had dinner of roast prime rib with us, and then I went to his place. : )

The holidays were good, and I'm just exhausted from them XD

And a special thanks to Osso, Stephie, Freak, and Dawnie. Your cards are all on my tree : )
I usually dread any sort of communication/interaction with my extended family. Reason being is the obnoxiousness between all of us being under one roof, and the potential for drama and inevitably, for poking, prodding, lecturing about my life.

This year was fairly rid of all that pettiness, except for two instances. Or, from what I know of. I ended up taking a 3 hour nap downstairs in the basement to get away. But either way. Our tradition usually ensues by having people gather at my grandfather's. We eat breakfast of sorts, do gift exchanging [this year was just awful in coordination and noise]. But what I received was the following: A super nice and warm blanket [HAHA ANOTHER TO ADD TO MY COLLECTION!], 50 dollars combined from different people, a flashlight, perfume, batteries, a hair cut thingy, aaaaaand... jeans. That is about it.

After gift exchanging, we usually just hang out and chit chatter, answer the phone and talk with other extended family that were too far away to visit. During so we prep dinner, or do other stuff and then when the time is ready, we eat, and go home.

Nothing super fancy but that is about it.