Your Character's Home!

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I am stealing this topic from Tribby on AFTA, cause I thought it was so neat! It's one of the few things I -haven't- ever considered about characters before, and it was fun!

The sort of place your character lives can tell a lot about their personality and lifestyle. You see how set designers put so much details in to characters homes on television and in movies, the same principal can be applied to roleplay characters too.

Do you picture a specific "look" or style for your character's home? Do they have a certain kind of house or apartment? What sort of things would you find laying around your characters home? Personal items? Furniture style? Do it Mirror your own or is it totally different?

If you can't visual it in your head, looking for PICTURES is also really fun! I've been snooping around at sites looking at neat pics of decorated rooms and thinking "Yeah! That's so what soandsos house would look like!"
My character Lilith in the Elfen Lied RP lives in a non-functioning 1960s Volkswagen mini-van because she has to hide from the military. She's pretty eccentric, yes but most of her belongings are all looted goods from charities and all her food is raided from gardens or local restaurants.
Well my character, Charles Terrance, lives in a mansion. He has secret laboratories in the basement, TWO helipads in the back yards, state of the art communications, an army of loyal mercenaries... and a toaster oven.

Not to mention its cleverly placed in the middle of a city and some how does not look out of place with its semi-greco architecture.
Drake sleeps wherever he ends up. Some one already there, too bad I was hungry anyway. That someone non-human, well its a change in diet which can only be good.
Patience used to live in a seaside tavern until a bunch of pirates blew it up. Now she's forced to travel with a High Priestess that uses her for a sex toy, an useless hero, a trap, a loli, and a bad ass Pirate Queen.
I have three characters so far on Iwaku so this should be quik

The Grandmaster normally lives on the fortress monastery on Saturn's moon Titan.

Alarius Santoro, being an Eversor Assassin in the employ of an inquisitor, dosen't much know if he'll be going to bed or laid to rest some nights, but he honestly doesn't much care so long as he can take out a few heretics.

Sven in the LR5 is pretty much me playing my norse side so He'd crash in a drinking hall somewhere.
Let's see here, there is also Tamara. The entire plot is set in an alternative WW2. She and her allies all live in a convent next to a Church. Not exactly the most impressive place ever but at least it is a more stable place than wandering around outdoors or living in a van.
Setsuko lives in a small one bedroom apartment. She chose it because it has a good view, lots of windows for natural light and it's very easy to set traps inside. Standard apartment white and beige paint scheme, and sparse furniture (she likes to lie about on the floor or her futon), this makes more room for all of her musical instruments and weapons. She has a lot.

Sue is usually on the road, so she'll flop anywhere, usually a truck stop or bus station bathroom. Occasionally, she gets to sleep on someone's couch, which is awesome. She would like to have a white house with a walk-in closet, some day.

Tegan has a small house deep in the woods, in order to keep it well hidden. It serves as a safe haven and one of the few constants in her life, since she periodically wakes up in a new body and new life every time she kicks it. The house is full of different things she's collected over the years.
Julez' home is anywhere.

Ami is currently without home.
Atoshi lived upstairs from a pub run by a friend. Usually though he found himself outside running around and stuff. My characters really don't ground themselves to a home all that often.

Oh and Shinigami lived in Eternity, a dark place where he got to sit on a rock in the harbor and laugh at everyone.
I guess my newest character, Chuck, would live in an abandoned house or maybe in a drug house or something. He may also spend some nights on the streets.
Daiki has a home somewhere in the world that is co-owned by his ally Irene. Haven't used it much in the RP yet since we've been having them wander around a lot. More details to come.
I live in a nice apartment. I got bookshelves, a big desk, a twin bed, and preferably both a bedroom and an office in addition to a main room. And flame stovetop. I need my flame stovetop. And washer/dryer in the unit.
Raz also has a butler and a Batcave.
Lets see...

Jack would sleep in a modern suburban home, with two little children and a petite wife. Except when he's possessed by the Patient.

Then he'd happily lay down his head upon the convulsing form of a freshly removed heart, and draw up a blanket of woven entrails for a warm night's sleep beneath a convulsing sky.

Krom would rest in a re-charging alcove(Borg-style) in Underbase 66'

Deio would put his legs up on a cultist and drink blood while listening to Motorhead.

Wrosk would float around in a growth-womb unless discharged to infiltrate Terran hierarchy.

Keith prefers spartan quarters, with a bed, washing basin, chamber pot and open window.

Ditto Keith(Sci-fi. :D)
Kraw was more of a wanderer. Probably camped out in forests, caves, etc. At the end of the story however when he began living with Katsugi, they stayed at some average inns, they didn't want to attract attention to themselves too much.

Neil would probably live at a rebuilt Azull with Arisa. It wouldn't be a mansion but just have enough room for guests, children, etc. A dinning room, a living room, a bathroom. Just the essentials.

Krad Dusk, being a wanted criminal and all wouldn't be able to stay in his nice underground lair any longer. However, having used the ten years between the two stories, he had planned for such an occasion. So he'd most likely be living in a highly customized and fancy airship or a submarine of some sort, coming out only to get food for his family or to sell his weapons or other vile inventions.