Your Character and You

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    When you're creating a character, do they often share traits with you, whether personality, interests, appearance, etc? Hopefully you don't use all of these all of the time on all your characters, but just one similarity or two.

    Or do you go the opposite route and try to make them as entirely dissimilar from you as possible?
  2. Most of my character are almost the complete opposite of me, they're very feminine. But I usually give them something that is a 'copy' of my personality/interest (never appearance though). Most of my characters seems to get my stubbornness, shyness or over-analyzing brain xD or all three on the same time :9 Very few of my characters have the same interests as me though, except for one interest that all of them have. CATS. I am pretty certain that EVERY character I have ever created has been in love with cats even though they never had said it in the rp. I just can't make anything else than a cat person xD

    So my characters are often the opposite of me, a bit too girly (even though I have made non-girly girls too, which is pretty much exactly as my inner self are) but they always have some personality thingie that shows a bit of my personality, they always loves cats (who doesn't?) and sometimes now and then we may share an interest (other than cats).
  3. It varies, but there is usually something we have in common physically as well as mentally and emotionally. It all depends on what they're being made for and sometimes what kind of mood I'm in :) There are a few that are pretty different from me though, and a new character will sometimes just appear out of nowhere and we'll have little to nothing in common. The way I find/create my characters varies.
  4. When I create a character, I take certain aspects that I WISH were a part of my own personality, and blow them up into characters. Usually, its confidence, because I have none. But most, if not all, of my characters have the balls to do what they want, say what they need, and hold their own. I don't make characters based off of myself, as I don't believe characters based off of me would be terribly boring.
  5. Most of my characters usually have the same fears as me and sometimes a similar personality. It helps me get in tune with my characters more if I have something I can work with ^^
  6. I see my personality as diverse. x. x Most of what my characters are what I want myself to be...Like strong willed or sharp minded...things like that :3
  7. It's definitely a varied mixture for me. What tends to happen is I'll take a personality trait that I have, whether it be my humor, my confidence, my insecurities or my lack of forgiveness, amplify it and as I work through the character's motives and history their own personality starts to blossom. When I do this it allows me to keep a connection with my character without feeling like a fish out of water. So even when I play a murderer or a hyperactive person there is something deep within their personality that I can relate to.
  8. Generally my characters are just like me, or at least the me I'm embarrased about and tend to hide a bit IRL. It's rare but I do sometimes play the opposite to my personality.
  9. Well, besides almost always being female :P , my characters share my awkwardness in one way or another.

    Generally they are very seductive characters- or they like to tease with their bodies, which is completely different from myself. I enjoy playing character who are very confident in all aspects, though I myself; am not.
  10. I think that most of my characters take at least a bit from me, even if their personality and looks are completely different from mine. Even if I have very little in common with them, I sometimes feel like certain characters correspond with my certain sides. For example, one of my characters corresponds with the side of me that wants to just wander around, even though I am not really an adventurous person. It is strange, since even though they are very different from me, they still have a part of me inside them. I think I yet to have to create a character that somehow does not connect to me.
  11. When I create a character, I rarely make one with any similar traits to my personality. I like to use the characters to explore my fantasies, most often having nefarious streaks in them. I am most comfortable creating villains, evil characters. Fueled by daily stress and frustrations, I could use those characters to wreak havoc in an RP world for me.
  12. I try to make my characters vary away from myself, but it's honestly a little difficult. I don't really make my character's appearance the same as me, or really even similar, but their attitude and personality is usually similar to how I am. :P
  13. They are suckers for being the "good guy".

    I hate them all.
  14. My characters all have -usually- exaggerated traits of either myself or people I know.
  15. I usually tend to base my character's traits off more than one person. All my characters end up based off different aspects of me, and like 3 or 4 of my friends, although never the same aspects. Although at all times my characters are either extremely flirty, childish, or girly (Even males at times).