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    Congratulations! Your'e getting a Burger or Sandwich named after you!

    There's now a burger in your honor, but what would this burger be made of?
    Tell us what a special You Burger would be made of.
    You can basically have anything, black buns, squid, illegal doses of hot sauce.
    The only thing is it has to be actually edible (No cellar doors) and be counted as a sandwich form (Meat and bread).

    Take your order down and have fun!​
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  2. W Burger - Black food color dyed buns, 2 giant Swedish meatballs, combo ketchup mayo mix(pink hue), pink sprinkles, bitches tears, and random pills.
    Decorated on top with your choice of flag, umbrella, sword, penis stick, etc. (pink required)
    Be sure to prep. with sassyness.

    Bon appetite.
  3. The Manaketeburger!

    Ingredients: one 6 lb meat patty, two pieces of lettuce, two marijuanas, eight slices of cheese, two jars of dill pickle chips, one very thin onion slice, one cocaine, nineteen strips of bacon, and one lightly toasted potato bun.
  4. The KaydhIfried.

    One toasted sesame seed bagel.

    Fried bacon.

    Fried sausage.

    Fried kangaroo meat.

    Fried crocodile beef.


    Sweet chilli sauce.

    Sticky BBQ sauce.


    Steamed red cabbage.



    And something that may be drugs. Or a pig heart.

    I'm not sure.

    Served with greased, vinegared-then-salted, deep-fat-fried chips.

    And extra salt.

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Not open for further replies.