Your Biggest Pet Peeves

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  1. I only have a few, pardon me I get a little ranty:

    1. Never is it more irritating for me when I'm trying to watch something and people are talking over it. It doesn't matter what it is, a movie, a TV show, a YouTube video, I like to hear what's going on even if I have seen it like a million times before. If I can't hear it because people are being disrespectful and talking, you can bet I'm gonna bitch about it to no end. And the worst part is that it's usually my parents that do this. They always get all pissed at me when I disrupt something that they're watching and then they go and do the same thing whenever I'm watching something. At least I stop when they ask me to, they don't. And why is that, do you think? Because obviously they think that because that they have authority over that they can be less respectful towards me than I am towards them. That's another thing that really irks me, it's two pet peeves in one, really.

    2. This is another two in one, but I really hate it when I message someone with a long speech or make a long post forum and either they A: Ignore it, or B: Merely glance over it. On forums, I can better understand that, because a lot of people on the Internet don't like to read something so long, I'm one of those people, but I still get irritated when someone attempts to reply to a post they've only read bits of here and there, it's always very obvious that they didn't read the whole thing. However, when it comes to my friends, especially my closest friend, whom I love like a brother. I just feel totally insulted when they don't read the entire thing. If they have any respect towards me they'd do as much, like I've always done for them. And when it comes to responding, I do my best, even though I'm not good with words or emotions. I can understand if they're the same way, as long as they put in the effort, I don't care.

    So those are my pet peeves, what about yours? Let's discuss them!
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  2. 1. Being interrupted when I'm talking. I'm always respectful and allow people to say what they're going to say, and then say what I'm going to say.

    2. People thinking I'm on drugs. I will state for the record that I have never, nor will I ever do speed, crack, meth, or cocaine. Yes I know I'm skinny, and energetic, and rant sometimes, but I'm no tweeker.

    3. People talking over music/show. I'll agree with you Hatsune, that frustrates me to no end as well.

    4. When people hand me my change back, they put the bills in my hand first then the coins. That makes me have to freaking separate them, usually making me drop at least one coin. PUT THE COINS IN THE HAND FIRST, THEN THE BILLS YOU INCONSIDERATE BASTARDS!!

    5. People who dip/chew tobacco. All of them.
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    1. Apologies that aren't apologies. "I'm sorry that your feelings got hurt" means "I did nothing wrong and you're a pussy". "I'm sorry you don't see it that way" means "you're fuckin' wrong and stupid". If you aren't going to apologize for your own goddamn actions, don't apologize.
    2. People who are inconsiderate of other people's sleep cycles. I like to go to bed between ten and midnight and then I like to wake up between 6:30 and 7:30. This is Texas and it's fucking hot later in the day so my mornings are important. And because I got up so early, I'm not going to stay up until four in the morning with y'all fuckers that got up at noon.
    3. Anyone who jokes about "-person/animal important to you- doesn't love you". It just isn't funny, and it can be really hurtful. :/ This is one of the few grudges I hold against my ex.
    4. Drivers who don't yield to pedestrians on crosswalks. I will cuss you in public without shame.
    5. Babies/small children/large children that act like small children. Your child is held to all the same standards as a dog out in public. Don't let it make a mess. Clean up its shit. Don't let it be fucking loud.
    6. People who bitch about how water tastes. You might as way bitch about the way air smells.
    7. People who don't understand that the person riding bitch in an airplane seat gets both armrests. If you have a window or an aisle, you don't also need the extra armrest.
    8. People who screw themselves and then blame others. ("What do you mean I can't ride the roller coaster because I'm wearing flip flops? This is your fault you jerk!")
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  3. 1) When someone is being Vitriolic, and sometimes this makes me want to tell some people to shut the hell up. They're going to be so over critical of everyone else to the point they make themselves look like a crazy psycho, while calling everyone else the crazy psycho. X.X
    Bitch please, it's abusive and they are the damn psycho >:[ yea! I SAID IT!!! They fail at being constructive and they are only criticizing people for not living up to their unrealistic standards.

    2) When you catch someone in a lie, call them out, and they STILL deny it =_= I'm just one of those super forgiving people, I have a million chances for people but this is just annoying to me.

    3) Know-it-alls 9.9 Now matter how old you are, whatever you have experienced, or witness you still don't know EVERYTHING >.< AHMAHGAH these are the kind of people that always have to have the last words, are always rebutting everything everyone says, and never learned how to shut up and listen.

    4) I cannot deal with people that think they know me at all, especially over the internet....Judging too quickly or at all, especially when these people show no interest in getting to "know me". Very few people actually take the TIME to get to know me and They know who they are!

    5) Basically I am beyond irked by most people and their Stupidity, Prejudice, Hatred, Superiority complexes, Denial , Corrosive Criticisms, Impatient, Judging, and always running their mouths.

    As much as human beings annoy the hell out of me, I cannot help but love them dammit. >:[

    Fijo Advice: You never know who is watching, who you may inspire, be strong.
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  4. People with pet peeves annoy the shit out of me.
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  5. I don't know if this quite qualifies as a peeve but I am really sick to death about the sheer number of people who complain about the state of the world. If you think it is that bad do something about it. And no I don't mean join some lousy knitting circle. You've got two hands, two feet, a mind, and a mouth to speak with. There are what six and half billion people on this earth. If you all stood foward maybe you would all get real change. Either be prepared to pay the true price for change or shut the hell up and go back to whatever else you were doing. Because you've got no one else to blame but yourselves.
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  6. Hi How Are You?/So What are you up to? <--- Basically polite chit chat convo starters. I don't have any thing interesting to respond to these. "Fine." "Sleepy." "Working on the site." My answers are always the same, and I don't want to respond with a "How are you?" back because that goes no where. If you wanna chat with me, just blabber out something interesting you want to talk about, I will immediately launch in to conversation. O_O

    Leaving closet and cabinet doors open <--- Just close the doors! ;__; Why are all these doors open!

    Leaving dishes in the sink <--- I have to clean out the sink just to wash the dishes. That drives me bananas. D: I have a special order/method to washing dishes and I hate that extra step. (I think it's the only thing I am OCD about)

    Hjacking my characters/writing for my characters. <--- It just takes the fun of playing my character away from me. Even when the writer is brilliant and doing it perfectly in character. ;_; What do -I- do if you've already posted for my character? I write for yours? I dun wanna do that!


    Players that make characters that don't fit the roleplay setting ON PURPOSE. <-- Wat. Why are you trying to break the setting? I understand trying to be unique and stand out in the world, but you can go too far! D:
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  7. 1) Disrespecting my property. I am very chill and will usually let someone borrow something if they ask, but they'd damn well better ask.

    2) People who blast their music when I'm trying to sleep, even if it's something I would otherwise like.

    3) When someone tries to tell me what's going on in my own head. I'm the one who lives in here, not you. Fuck off.

    There are other things that irritate me, but these three will almost always get a reaction in a swift and massively negative way. 1 and 2 I'm more likely to try to confront the person on a calm level despite my immense irritation, 3 is a sure way to lose any respect and start a fight.
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  8. - When drivers don't stop for pedestrians. I don't give a flying fuck if you're later or feel so entitled to drive over everyone, the rules are that those who travel on foot have the right of way. It's especially bad where I live. I can't go a whole week without nearly getting hit by a car while I'm going through the crosswalk. Happened today, even. Some asshole in a van missed me by the tips of my toes after running the red light.

    - Joint popping. The sound of people cracking their knuckles, neck, back, what have you--it annoys me so much. I don't know why, it just does. I've actually slapped classmates for doing it constantly in my presence after I've already politely asked them to quit, or at least not do it a million times in the same hour of class. Hasn't happened for a long time since then, hopefully it doesn't anytime soon. >:[

    - People who wear leggings, thinking they suffice as pants.

    - When family members insist on bothering my son when he's in the middle of something. .__. Don't distract him from his meals, don't interrupt our storytime, etc... You can fucking wait until we're through. It's not like he's going to vanish when he's done. He won't eat or whatever when there are people kissy facing him all the damn time, because now he wants to play with the unexpected company. Pretty soon I'll be slapping grandmas and aunts.


    So much about life peeves me, but these were the biggest ones I could think of.
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  9. 1. Being told "you're too young to understand". Just because I'm young not mean that I haven't experienced enough in life to be able to understand things. I spent hours meditating on life. I studied psychology an unhealthy amount in middle school and I'm by no means a bubbly ignorant little shit. Argh... just writing that pissed me off.

    2. Being falsely accused for doing things.

    3. Feral small children and yippy pets. I already said multiple times I devour the souls of children.... and... I'm asian... so that takes care of the cat and dog problems....

    4. When friends talk about things they did together last night/last week or something in detail right in front of me. It makes me feel very isolated and very much "not part of things" since I'm never allowed to hang out with anyone. Plus it's awkward because I'm just sitting there.

    5. When I'm trying to make a phone call and my dogs are barking or people are trying to talk to me. I'm usually on the phone with my MANAGER or other important people, so can you please shut the fuck up for two seconds?!?!
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  10. SPELLING!!
    I truly believe there is no more excuse for poor spelling. I understand it's harder if English isn't your first language, but spell-checkers are available for free anywhere where you have an internet connection, and if I'm communicating with you via keyboard - well, you obviously have internet! I can understand misused words like dialog (a text box on a computer) vs Dialogue (conversation), or strait (a body of water) vs. straight (something without curves), because spell checkers won't catch these mistakes; they have to be learned and memorised and there's lots of them. But misspellings are inexcusable in this day and age. If you don't have a browser or add-on that makes the red line showing you THIS IS WRONG, you can get one for free at an idiot-proof level of ease. Twenty years ago, misspellings meant you didn't have a dictionary handy or English wasn't your strong suit - now all I think when I see consistent misspellings (especially when the word in question is spelled correctly where the person can see it) is laziness and ignorance.
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  11. Let's see.. Where to begin?

    1. When my family leaves lights on during the day and is then too lazy to turn them on once the room gets dark.

    2. When my family doesn't put their soda cans in the recycling or put their cups in the dishwasher when they're done with them. Which leads to...

    3. When brothers use more than one glass for the same drink. Just rinse out the glass you were already using, don't get a new one!

    4. When people leave water around the sinks. Standing water will create mildew around the sink, which is disgusting! Which leads to...

    5. When people make messes and don't clean up after themselves.

    6. When the keys on my keyboard stick. The "6" key is the biggest offender.

    7. When people text while driving and they swerve all over the damn road. Pay attention to where you're going! I don't want to drive close to a wreck waiting to happen.

    8. When people do the whole "Wall-E" thing and address me with "EE-Va." It's just Eva, dammit.

    9. Noisy children and animals.

    10. When my family insists upon talking while I'm watching things and I can't hear. Which leads to..

    12. When the new episodes of the Walking Dead come on and my kid brother has to be a walking spoiler alert - as well when he tells me what happens in the comic and insists that it's going to happen in the show when the two don't directly follow or affect each other. Know it all...

    Ahhh... That was a load off my chest. Feels good to let it all out every now and then.
  12. I know an Eva IRL! She feels your pain and sends you a bro fist. She also says she dislikes it when people say it 'Ay-va'
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  13. Someone who gets it! T [] T Totes bro fist!
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  14. This reminds me...

    the fact that FUCKING NOBODY can write/say my name.
    I have a standing bet where any barrista who spells my name right on my cup (without help) gets a $5 tip, no matter what. I've paid exactly $5 total in the three years I've done it. IT ISN'T EVEN THAT FUCKING RARE WRAAAAGH.
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  15. I totally get what you mean. I'm Italian, so I have this freaking strange last name and NO ONE can EVER say it right, much less spell it correctly. But it's not hard! So when we go out to eat and we have to put a name down for a table, my parents always just give my name. = . =
  16. Feel you! My name is proto-Italian, then my last name is German but pronounced American which means there's an entire silent syllable.
    People with strange and/or hard to spell names should just make a club.

    I sometimes just use a pseudonym. I think my favorite is April. No one ever questions it.
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  17. I know right!? No one ever questions Eva as my name either... although, it's not my given name that's the problem. It's totes Good Ol' Southern Belle American. The problem is that I hate it. But I getcha. XD
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    1. Yelling. Expessially when adults yell at younger people. Don't tell act your age and talk it out.
    2. When people say "cursing isn't lady like" if I wanted to be lady like I would be. DONT TELL ME HOW TO TALK
    3. People who have to put there two cents in on EVERYTHING. ITS MY LIFE NOT YOURS SO JUST STOP.
    4. Rude people.
    5. Tapping.
    6. If someone's having an anxiety attack, NEVER EVER TELL THEM TO CALM DOWN. IF I COULD CALM DOWN I WOULD.
    7. People who automatically assume I'm lying about not feeling well or a panic attack just because I'm texting people or because I was okay earlier.
    8. People shoving opinions down other people's throats.
    9. When people take me too seriously.
    10. When people stare. It's okay if your daydreaming or thinking about something but if I walk in and you just stop and stare at me that's a no no.
    11. People who interrupt others.
    12. Liars.
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  18. I'm polish, I have a long last name and so does my boyfriend so when we go out he does this too >.<
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