Your autumnal goals.

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  1. Or vernal if you're in the southern hemisphere.

    New season means new inspiration and new goals, so tell me Iwaku, what would you like to accomplish these next several months!
  2. Oh man! So many goals.

    So I recently came into the possession of two goats, one more is soon to be on the way. The new comer male will get the two females in milking which will then proceed to produce about 2 gallons of milk a day.

    Yesterday was spent building an elevated chicken coup using repurposed materials had after removing all the dated wood paneling/furstrips from the walls of my house (As I had tons of it). Coop is designed with 4 chickens in mind as I will ideally have at the end of the week.

    Saturday is the big day as I'm planning to come home with an Actual Maremma Sheep dog. I'm super excited. It's a wonderful breed of work dog.

    Here coming into October, I'll be investing in a few IBC tanks which I plan to create a large scale aquaponics system with. The process is actually really interesting. It uses water from fish to bring optimal norishment to plants. Plants are set in clay rather than soil and have a constant flow of pumping water through their root base. Plan is to run a mix of no less than 50 catfish and gold fish through the system at any given time. (This I'm hoping to have done by the end of the year)

    From that point, I'm already working with some major players in the farm/ranch community in my area to start up a new Farmers market here in the area. The problem with our current one is it's actually not a farmer's market at all (As markets require a +51% to actually classify to the national Farmer's market association). On the board and we're actually looking to start several in a number of locations around the city. When we get this going I'll be running a small market business with myself and my niece doing a vending table on likely a weekly basis.

    Another thing I'm looking at doing is taking out a loan here in the not too distant future running Electricity through an active solar system. Rebates in place the way they are actually great at this point. State of new mexico actually has mandated that Municipalities in the area are required to buy back any produced power that's unused at the price per unit per household. After rebate it should cost about 22 grand. With the incentives though, that's payable (if my math's right) within 4 and a half years. Then I never have an electric bill again.

    Next year, Well will be dug, rain collection system will be established using IBC tanks, Propane tank will be set in for gas and I will have a fully sustainable ecosystem in my backyard.

    I'm super.... super excited.
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    This year has been a mess of derailing events. And just when I make it through one and get back to a routine, something else happens. D: We had JUST got things back on track, and this week YET ANOTHER life buttfuck pops up. >:[ SO now I gotta change routines and plans again. grumblegrumbleblarghle.

    So this autumn it is my goal to survive and stay sane by making sure I take care of my mental health. :D With reading, private time, painting, and roleplaying. Cause I can't handle chaos and take care of everybody if I can't take care of me. t____t
  4. I'd like to make it through my birthday this year without regretting the way I chose to spend the day.

    On a more serious note, I hope to be able to get my act together, and make it through college. No more Mr Whimsical, no more procrastination, no more leaving it up to someone else. It's time I stopped moping around and took my future by the horns.
    Not sure that it's going to work out, but at this point, I'm willing to try anything.
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  5. I would love to accomplish the goal of getting good grades this fall semester at school. It's my first time in college and one of my most reoccurring problems in school is that I ignore homeworks and just lazy it out the entire year. So you know, this fall I at least want to start right.

    Other goals are improving my posting quantity and posting quality.
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  6. enjoy myself and decrease my stress levels in as healthy a way as possible. Work is picking up which is good, but we also lost two workers so that's bad. So will be mulling through that, and then financial stuff per usual :) But I will get through this and plan/budget/and be awesome! Somehow, oh and I turn a quarter of a century old this year so I have that to look forward too! :p I also wish to try and start RPing again and playing keyboard more. I've let those two things slip away more and more with my busy life :( so that is my goal to re-inspire myself and use that to my advantage :D
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  7. Rock at grades, rock at therapy, rock at role-playing, rock at drawing, and...
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  8. - Exercise more
    - Make lots of pumpkin goodies
    - Buy myself something nice
    - Pass my fall classes (That is, if I get to attend. Financial aid is being a butt.)
    - Finish furnishing our apartment

    1] Buy a Pumpkin to make our first Jack-o-lantern of our whole relationship!
    2] Get shiznit organized in our apartment!
    3] Obtain a gym membership because I am not motivated lately to do anything but run!
    4] Have a kickass Halloween!
    5] Buy new clothes!
    6] SCARVES.
    7] ...I don't know...

  10. Get a proper job befitting my qualifications (as much as I want to stay and teach my kids at my part-time job a little longer).

    Find out the proper way to celebrate Samhain.

    Aaaaaand...tell him how I feel and be prepared to leave.

    Oh. And finishing DARK SOULS. I will prepare to die. A lot.


    Praise the sun.
  11. There's a proper way? Or are you saying in a very specific and defined tradition?
  12. XD I'm gonna spend it prepping for winter. I LOVE winter, and I wouldn't even have a fire, just revel in the coldness, but my family isn't so immune, so I'm gonna be cutting fire wood.
  13. My main goal is to get accepted into the University of Chicago.
    Barring that, I want to go somewhere better than Texas A&M, which is a fine school, but I have guaranteed admittance which makes it somehow less cool. I wanna go somewhere that, y'know, I actually have to prove myself.

    I also think it would be really cool to actually finish one of my series on FictionPress... or at least get more than three chapters posted. Oops.

    I want to have my Academic team place in the top three at literally anything. This probably won't happen, but hey, I'm the team captain and if I want to set unrealistic expectations and bribe them with cookies and cheesecake to achieve them, so help me god I will.

    Competing in UIL again would be cool. I should probably talk to my teachers more about this. Oh, and FFA. Not sure if this is the same goal or different goals.

    It would be nice to drop twenty pounds but I'm probably too lazy and this is not important. 5'6 and 125 isn't too bad.

    Finding a really delicious low-calorie, gluten-free recipe and surprising my bf's mom would be great, but the weather also needs to cooperate so I can bake.

    Speaking of the weather, this isn't a goal, but if I find a way to make it rain that would definitely improve my autumn by ~300%.
  14. I just scored a new job the beginning of this month; a full time one where I make tips! So I'm hoping to be able to save enough that Australia 2014 becomes a definite can-do! Maybe even without a loan if I can get my other half to save at my pace. I also want to finish everybody's christmas presents before mid-November (I handmake gifts to save money - I'm pretty crafty so they usually come out okay. I've even had people ask where I bought some stuff that I've handmade!)
  15. Let's see:
    1) Move to California to be with my girlfriend.
    2) Find a part-time job so I'm not living off funemployment.
    3) Finally get back to school after a decade, refreshing myself up in math and programming in the mean-time.
    4) Finish a shitload of games that I haven't had the motivation to finish (the Tex Murphy games ahead of Tesla Effect, Dark Souls ahead of Dark Souls II and Shadow Warrior ahead of the remake).
    5) Update my PC for the next year (a nice, shiny new FX-8350, maybe some more RAM).
    6) Write a nice "FUCK YOU" letter to my ex-boss, thanking him for letting me go and giving me the chance and motivation to start over and hoping whatever future endeavors he pursues burn to the ground around him.
    6) ????
    7) PROFIT!

    All steps are subject to change without warning from the administrator. Please forward all questions to
  16. My goals? Heh, thus far this:

    -Move out of the place I am now
    -Arrange for the surgery
    -Start the Autumn Fall Quarter without further disappointments
    -Find a new job
    -Bring the barrels out for the apple harvest at my grandmother's house to make cider

    As for winter:

    -Buy canned foods and refill storage
    -Get ready for the oncoming snow ins (it happened to us for the last four years)
    -Find routes safest and easiest to take when going about my business
    -Prepare for the New Year