Your Assassin? Or Your Protector? OOC

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He is an assassin out who is suppose to capture then her... however something manages to make him not be able to go through with it. He winds up becoming her protector from his collegues and his boss.

-Character Sheet-

Name: Loki Ares Stone
*Nickname: Lok*

Age: 21

Height: 6 ft

Body type: Althetic/muscular however he doesnt look like he is on steroids XD

Personality: Mysterious, Tough, Caring, May seem a little hard on the outside but on the inside he is actually a softy. Does this to protect himself. Doesnt let people in easy due to his past, stubborn, short tempered, sarcastic, more respectful towards women. He has problems following orders alot.

*Bio will be up later.*

Look: Pic Below
Not open for further replies.