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  1. The mouse from upstairs kept running like a record on repeat. It was a loud,thumping, and throbbing mini rave that went upstairs.

    It was 1:00 in the morning. Who does that? Well this party does.

    He couldn't take it anymore. He shot up from his bed and turned on his lamp. The dull light began to eliminate his tire hazel eyes and his black curly hair.

    Charles quickly put on a jacket, covering his thin t shirt and sweat pants.

    He banged on the door,making it as loud as he can be.
    The three thuds sent a heavy noise through out the apartment.
    "Open Up!"
  2. The Electro-PsyTrance music blasted loudly through the door with odd beats like a horrific monster having spasms. Shortly after thuds were heard on the door, the door cracked open as a woman peaked out. Her faded purple like hair dropped to the side as she peaked at the person that stood before her. The woman's lightning blue eyes filled with joy to see them even if she did not know who it was.

    "Oh hee-y! You came to join the Rave! Welcome come on in!"

    The woman grabbed them by the arm and dragged them in, as the nightlight hit her she glowed green. Like a being filled with incredible green aura. She began to swing her arms to the beat in a trance making figures with her hands like waves and spheres. The neon green was almost enchanting around her body. Then she looked at them with a smile and shouted above the music.

    "I'm Zsofika but people just call me Hacker! What brings you to the party?"

    She continued on dancing with the music with incredible life.


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  3. (I've changed my characters gender identity recently so please use they/them/their/themselves pronouns when talking about charles.)

    "No,you have the wrong idea! I'm here because I wanted to say that you need to turn you music down!" They shouted at her, the music making them dizzy and mad them sort of nauseous.
  4. Zsofika stopped dancing and gave them a look that would ask, 'Are you kidding?' But she had no desire to argue and shouted towards the front where the DJ was. "Ey brother! Stop the music for a moment!" She looked back at the person a bit upset. "I wondered why you looked... Blank and ordinary without life." She Gave a sigh and examined them before her eyes. "I need to turn down my music."
  5. Charles cringed was she slithered out the word 'ordinary' and 'without life'.

    "It's 3 in the morning," they retorted.
    "I have things to do in the morning and I have a job,unlike you." Charles looked around,giving the party a look.

    "Thanks for turning it down...have a good night." They said.

    "If I hear it again, I'll report the authorities." Charles remarked as they walked down the hallway.
  6. She rubbed her neck a little downed over anger.

    "That is the beauty of it. Don't you stay up to see the sunrise and all it's glory? We party so we stay alive and awake, stay alive to feel, stay awake to see the beauties of life." Zsofika began to wave her hands at everyone behind her signifying the party was over. She wasn't mad but quickly became neutral of the situation. "But I guess you are right, to blast music this early for lifeless people is a bit rude. Don't want to wake the dead." She gave a small chuckle as she flung her hair behind her shoulder. She walked up to them and put a hand on their shoulder, "Maybe on day you can see more things and feel alive. Until then I guess I can just sit on the roof and wait for the sun to greet me. Maybe even read a book, got a library size of those."
  7. "I'm pretty comfortable with my life," they snarled.
    "...I'm not lifeless,I'm just calm." Charles forced a smile. Their dad always taught them to befriend the unfriendly.
    "If you want to talk,You can come over to the record shop.It's where I work." They have her a card, the very fancy kind. The ones with thickly textured paper and good calligraphy.
    Charles didn't really feel dead or bored with his life.
  8. Her eyes gave a cold look, she didn't like being showed up. No matter, she took the card and examined it.
    "Interesting, I will be around later today when I become calm. Don't worry I won't cause trouble." She tucked the card in her pocket and walked up to the door and opened it for them. She bowed slightly and acted polite then.
  9. Charles scoffed at the bow. " didn't have to do that." They laughed and then left.
    "I wouldn't expect you to cause any trouble." They said as they walked back to their apartment and slept the night away.
  10. When they left, Zsofika closed the door and stared at her crowd of people with their neon glows. They were all very disappointed that the party was over, but no one was angrier than her brother who stared down on her from the DJ booth.
    "Sorry my people but let's respect the dead eh?" She still let out a chuckle since the thought made her laugh. Her crowd began to separate and leave her apartment, all that was left was her and her brother.
    "I am sorry Brother but I didn't want to be mean you know?"
    "Save it! You better not let that person stop us again." Her brother scowled at her.
    Zsofika just shook her head and walked off, sunrise was in two hours, she did not want to miss it. She walked into her room and got changed into some more formal appropriate clothing. She had a nice white blouse and a pair of jeans waiting for her along with black heel boots waiting for her. It took her awhile to get dressed from emotional distress, when she was finished, she exited her room and headed to the roof waiting for the sunrise.

    (So your profile is your character? Now that I checked you out.)
  11. (Well, the character and me are both agender...i think I mixed up my rp resume and my profile.)

    Charles slept soundly, still disappointed that they had two hours of sleep.

    And they could feel the sunshine creep up from the window. They were now furious but they got up for work anyway.
    They looked through their closet, picking out some pants and a heavy sweater with a stupid flower print, they wore it ironically.
    Over their sweater was just a heavy canvas jacket that matched their green boots.

    As they walked out of the apartment building, charles eyes wondered up to the roof. Charles waved their hands to her before walking off.
  12. (Confusing, But No Problem. I respect. ^.^)

    There was a small gust of wind as the sun rose and it made her smile. Looking down she caught glimpse of the person from the party. They waved at her but she was embarrassed and just gave a small wave in return. She wondered how long she should wait before going to their studio but being as impatient as she was nor wanting to be near her brother, she fled down the case of stairs and headed outside. Zsofika managed to catch up to the person from the party.
    "Hey. I just... " She paused.
    "Wanted to apologize for earlier this morning. Since I saw you down here thought I would do it now but, I know I said I would visit your studio... but I just wanted to get the apology off my chest."
    She placed her hair behind her ear as she tried to focus on the sound her heels made without trying to look at the person.
  13. "You already apologized but this one is better than the other." Charles smiled.
    "Sorry if I came off as rude,"
  14. "Oh.."
    She gave a light embarrassed laugh and than placed her hand on her arm.
    "It's no problem I understand wanting to sleep but someone is preventing it." She got silent, not knowing this person she did not know what to say.
  15. "That man?" Charles asked, now reaching the site and dug though their pocket to find the key.
    Charles opened the door,turning on the lights and knocked the glass windows so the snow would fall off.
    They realized that the Christmas decorations were up and they took a deep sigh.
    "It's December first...I forgot." Charles sighed to themself.
  16. "Yeah..."
    She looked around the studio and was a little shocked with all the decorations.
    "You celebrate the holidays huh? I never got to, was told there was better ways of living." She gave a small smile but also seemed unpleased.
  17. "Yeah, I'm just not that excited." Charles scoffed as they turned on more lights.
    The store was big, big enough and well decorated.
  18. Zsofika continued examining the place staying a little further behind. "What do you do in this studio? It is huge!" She was a little excited to be here but kept down to Earth with things.
  19. "I mostly control what going in and out. Records, recording appointments, shipping." Charles mumbled.
    "You work anywhere?"
  20. Zsofika waited a bit to answer his question and with slight hesitation;
    "N-no not really."
    Not that she really cared because if her alias didn't give it away, she probably didn't really need to hide much. But she was unsure at this time of how much this person should know. She tried to change the direction of the question.
    "So recording appointments... Recording music is that what it is?"
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