Your are invited to... the Barringer Housewarming Party!

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    HEY YA'LL!

    As ya'll know, my little baby cousin has bought out the old Martin ranch. Sawyer done plopped down this big fancy house, has been looking for some farm hands, and is gonna be puttin' up roots here in Raymond, Montana! This city bum needs to have herself a nice big old fashioned welcome, so here I am invitin' all ya'll to the new house this June 30th at Noon. Bring food, bring your family, hell, don't forget to bring the booze too!

    See you there!
    K.T. Barringer

    Welcome to the Masque!

    WHO: Everyone in Iwaku! Your hosts for this evening will be [DIANA]Diana[/DIANA] and [OZZIE]Ozzie[/OZZIE] along with some Mysterious Guest Hosts!
    WHAT: A modern day cowboy setting!
    WHERE: Roleplay Main Lobby
    WHEN: Sunday, June 30th from 12:00 PM to Midnight (U.S. Central time).
    BRING: Your character and some food!


    1.) You may play as a local person, a family member, or ANYONE, really that has a reason to be at or be forced to be at this party.

    2.) This is a Masquerade! For those of you who haven't attended previous Masked Chat Balls, this means that you should not tell anyone which character you are playing until the event is over. It does NOT mean that your character is wearing a mask!

    3.) This is a MODERN real lifey setting with a country, cowboy flair. There is not going to be any magic or supernatural at this event, however you could totally hint at it. ;)

    4.) Keep it fun, and don't harass other players. A little action is fine, but if you take it too far you'll get your butt booted out! Chaperones are watching all day, so if someone asks you to tone something down, listen!

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  2. Why do i feel like Diana barely needed effort to get that country slang goin??
  3. Cos ah'm from georgia, ya'll! 8D I had that Paula Dean talking in my head the whole time.
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  4. This one looks like fun! And I will be able to attend it as well from the looks of things over here. Except me to arrive with a character whom nobody will recognise. /running gag
  5. I will do my best to be there! But I may be coddling a hangover that day O_O
  6. muhehehehe
  7. *Coughs.* Ow my throat... Anyways. O.O
  8. That was a great masq and I'mma let you finish. But as Josiah Hutcherson, I had the best lines! THE BEST LINES.


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    It is no surprise that I am Sawyer. >>
  10. I was Casey Jones! The villain! And pathetic crying guy at the end ;_; But he did manage to drum up some sympathy!

    And Koori was HILARIOUS as Josiah! Josiah and Ian had me CRYING!
  11. Clive O'Neil, the horse trainer/certified accountant and Stephen Fox's "cowboy sidekick". Also he was secretly werewolves.
  12. Unlucky Luke here, much to no one's surprise!
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  13. No, we couldn't figure out WHO Luke was! You really had us fooled!
  14. lol I was Ian with his 'seeing' werecoyote.
  15. I was Mitch... until my power went out. Still a bit sour over that.
  16. I was Deputy Stephen Fox! Is anyone really surprised? :P

    The -Handsome- Deputy Fox (open)