Your Anniversary with Iwaku :D

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  1. So.
    I'm looking around Gen Chat and, of course, Asylum,
    and an "Achievement" pops up.
    I click it.

    "WOWZA! You've been registered for one whole year!"

    On Iwaku.

    I mean.

    So much has happened in one year alone on this site!
    A year ago, I was a little freshman in college, didn't know anyone, and my roomie was a dud.
    I found this site by googling "top roleplaying sites".
    I thought, hey, this has a nice vibe. I like me some of it. >:C
    Had a laugh or two in the C-Box, and I was smitten.
    I made GREAT friends here,
    I roleplayed and enjoyed each one I didn't get too busy for.
    I shared musics, and pictures and poems.
    And Miru. -///// -
    And League. And EVERYTHING HERE.
    So much Iwaku.. in only one year alone.

    I want you all to think,

    Your First Full Year On Iwaku.
    What was it like? Do you remember that far back? How did you change from the start to the end of it?
    If you haven't been here for one full year yet,
    do you feel Iwaku has an effect on you, even upto this point in time?

    I just thought about it, and smiled.

  2. i remember it like it was only still going on ^_^
    I found this site the same way ((actually i was trying to find a avatar forum like gaia but i got bored so i found this place))
    and i must ask

    WOWZA ??? could that be any more nerdy.
  3. Let's see... My first year on Iwaku was mostly spend trying to emulate all the other members that ran around on the forum. In those days, the site was pretty small and you could potentially know everybody on the site. I joined Legacy... dropped out of Legacy... Joined the admin war... dropped out of the admin war. Even then I had trouble committing to roleplays. I had a lot of fun in the C-box though, even back then... Though I (and this might be hard to believe) Didn't start building my reputation as a pervert until well into my second year on Iwaku.

    Well, that's enough rambling I guess. The rest I remember is just small details anyway... :P The site is a lot bigger and in my opinion a lot better since those days, even though I sort of miss the 'hazing' and the 'trolling' going on sometimes.
  4. so im like waayy ahead of you since im pretty much known as a perv now XD
  5. Who are you, again?

    Mah first year was a while back, now; around the same time as Myrn's, if our collective memories serve. Initially I was a bit sceptical of this site, actually, though that only lasted until I read the OOC for Legacy and decided that I was joining immediately and damn the consequences.

    Since then, you poor fucks haven't been able to get rid of me.
  6. I think I've been here... 3 months? 4 months? *Counts back to April* 5 months! ^^;;

    I wouldn't have known Iwaku existed if it wasn't for one of the former mods. He invited me to come watch him during the Iwaku Wakathon, and just seeing how dedicated and fun the staff was made me make the jump over.

    I love Iwaku. Its given me back my love of writing. I was ready to walk away from roleplaying altogether, and likely would have, if not for this site.

    This site's also more connected on a personal level than any other I've been a part of, and its helping me come out of my shell a bit more. I can talk to people now! ...Sort of!
  7. I've been here almost exactly eleven months.

    Holy fuck has a lot happened!

    I found Iwaku much the same way that Staci did. I found the site on Google, kidnapped Diana for a roleplay on my first day, spent the next couple of months doing twenty RPs at once (How did I ever do that?) and before I knew it I was on Staff. And that was only early December.

    This has been hands-down the best roleplaying forum I've ever been on. We have great writers, and the most welcoming and friendly community anyone could ask for. I've made some very good friends here, and even met some of them in real life! I opened up over webcam and voice chat in a way I never have before. I've gotten to be part of an amazing staff team. I've even got new idols. :P (HI GRUMPY AND ASMO. I WANT TO WRITE LIKE YOU.)

    This year has been a really rocky road for me, on and offline. I've had to cope with loss- the untimely death of a childhood friend, my grandmother's struggle with and eventual succumbing to pancreatic cancer, the bitter end of a six-year relationship full of heartbreak- and with disappointments- moving back in with my parents due to economic issues, slogging through a fruitless and never-ending job hunt, failed romances. Iwaku has been the one consistent positive experience through all of that, even when some of the stress came from the site itself. Probably sounds kind of lame, but Iwaku is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time.

    I've changed a lot since I joined.

    But what hasn't changed, and what never will, is how much I freaking love this site.
  8. I joined iwaku last year in October, so in one month I will have been here for one whole year :D

    I hadn't really roleplayed before I joined iwaku except on a horse site that were in Swedish were a joined some horror roleplays and that was when I was eleven twelve xD My English has become much better since I became a member on iwaku and I prefer to write and read on English now, before I liked Swedish better because I understood it xD But now Swedish just sounds bad xD

    Hmm... Well I think iwaku helped me threw a lot of shit in school. I got so stressed sometimes so the only time I could relax were when I was on iwaku.

    And that's all I have to say!
  9. Kitti dragged me here from Gaia, and my god, I've forgotten how long I've been here. Over 3 years, I think? ?_? I came here right before we moved to, which was definitely a bad time to start an RP. I don't suppose I've changed all that much, but I'm definitely glad I came here, or I wouldn't have come to know anyone here, and I wouldn't be able to nerd out with Stacers. ^^ So you're stuck with me, Iwaku. Deal with it. >:3c
  10. Been here since April 2012.

    When I was first welcomed, I was overwhelmed by the community and how friendly everyone here was.
    Iwaku has been a big part of my life since my joining. I've met so very many awesome people and have had some great memories from playing League, to the Radio show, and much more.
    But the RPS, events, festivals..God they have been so much fun and I can't wait until October.
    I don't think I've ever been on such a great site, and will probably never leave.

    Not that it is a bad thing. ^^
  11. I've spent six years of my life here....Five years of admin-ing the forum....After first year went from noob to leader position. How humorous.
  12. I don't even remember much of it. Sometimes I hid behind Homac. I played in a lot of roleplays with Silent-Kiwi, Woodrat, Myrn, etc.
    Made really good friends! Fluffy too. Joined Iwaku World after some time on the site, at Fluffy and Rory's request.
  13. I joined this past December, so I haven't made it a year quite yet.

    I found the site through a google search as well. I wasn't the first RP board I scoped out that night, but it was the first that struck me as a place worth exploring further. After scouring the place and impressed with how much content and different roleplays were available, I decided to sign up. The first hour I already had several members giving me a very warm welcome to Iwaku. That list included one of the Admins. The simple act of greeting your new members when you have a board to run left an impression on me.

    I quickly came to love the community as a whole here. I've made some great friends and had a lot of great memories in the relatively short time I've been here.
  14. 12th of October would be my one year anniversary.

    It took me a lot longer to get acclimated with Iwaku because I had joined in the middle of my Fall semester, which was the semester before I graduated from community college. Needless to say I was very busy. I found Iwaku in pretty much the same way as everyone else and I was looking for a specific site that hosted various genres of roleplays. I had joined a couple of other sites but none of them held my interest like Iwaku did. I also joined with the mindset of just looking for roleplays, I never intended to have friends or be involved with the Staff. It wasn't until after I joined and interacted did I want to make Staff. I guess you could say I wanted to make my mark in everyone's roleplay experience because for several years I didn't have a place to do it in.

    I also have a bunch of people who are my friends, who I can relate to about writing, something that I cannot find in real life.
  15. All my years have blurred together so badly now, I don't remember how long ago it was. >:[

    I do remember that my first year on Iwaku was interesting. 8D Gabe was head admin then, and he invited me and my community to be sister sites. And he wanted to do cross-site activities. So I would go back and forth between both sites. Members from both sites mingled. And we did this big april fools day joke where we said I sold him my community and the two would be merged. .....With -horrible- results, cause both communities acted like jerkbags about it. ;___; That was not a good year for either site.

    So it's hilarious that a year later I ended up shutting down my site before it hit 8 years old, and a few months after that become "temp" admin on Iwaku to help them through Gabe's quitting. XD

    My time on Iwaku has been great. 8D A lot of issues I had before, I have since been able to solve through Iwaku. I've been able to continue doing what I love in a much better environment. And of course I enjoy the people around me!
  16. March 2006

    Yeeeep, quite a while. Got recruited here by Gabe back then when he advertised on our mostly dead site, which was actually a good thing. We had this RP section but we couldn't continue with all these people missing. It was also were Chop-Sticks came from for those who remember him.

    Definitely have changed, used to be more whacky and silly. Not as much anymore at all. I used to be the Spam King back then.. :P More serious now and definitely better in roleplay terms.

    Glad I came here though. Completed my first RP Here and another one after that, dem ICSYLs man.
  17. I did not want to come here! While technically I've been a member for ages, other then lurking in the asylum and entertainment section I stayed in my own little corner of the Space-Kitten domaine. Diana blowing up MoonWings didn't even get me to swing over here and when she created AFTA I was content. But little by little the place cooled and I found myself curious as to what Diana was doing on this other forum, so I became more active.

    Then she baited a pretty trap and I became staff.

    Ive escaped, but for how long?
  18. My Iwaku birthday is in July. I remember joining while still active on another site, so I didn't rp here that much. The first year flew by, although I was only really active the last 6 or 7 months.
  19. I've been here for almost two years now. I wasn't very active on the forum until near the end of that first year, where I started joining a ton of roleplays and greeting all the newbies, etc etc. I mostly just stuck to the cbox, drifting from occasional visits to being in there every day. The second year has been far more exciting for me so far.