Youngbloods, and Reapers

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    • In the world of vitrum all the humans, and creatures used to live in peace and harmony with each other, and the youngbloods, used too be the guardian of the world.

      Eveything in vitrum was wonderful, but all that soon changed, the Reapers, evil warrior. They took over enslaving every creature, and human. They executed a lot of youngbloods. They still execute people, for being youngbloods. The remaining youngbloods have formed together to create a rebellion, and bring back the harmony that was once lost

      you play as a Reaper or a Youngblood

      no one knows how they are born, but they can be easily human teenagers. They start their life at age of twelve then die at age of twenty, to wake up the next again at being age of twelve, Youngbloods repeat this cycle ten times before terminally dying. Through their existence youngbloods, have a certain ability called their attribute. There are three types of attributes, Mental, Physical, and Creative. There are six attributes

      Creative attributes
      Musical: if you have musical, it means that your powers can be used with music. Whatever is your destined instrument when ever you play a certain song a the music will create something with it. There is a song that can make light, a song that can summon beasts and control them, then finally a song that can move things with the players mind.

      Artistic: if you have artistic. It means you can make happen just by imagining it.

      Mental attributes
      Academic: means you can do any power you see

      Technological: means you can control technology.

      Physical attributes
      Speed: means you're super fast

      Strength: means your supper strong.

      Like youngbloods nws how Reapers are born, they are born at age of twenty-two and die at fifty-nine, then just like youngbloods they are born again at twenty t, they repeat the same cycle sixteen times. All reapers are men. They are senseless killers, they are unable to feel pity, or mercy. Now that they took over vitrum they made it hell itself. They are born with their name tattoed to their cheek.

    • 1. your character limit is ten youngbloods, and five reapers. Your first character you must make one youngblood, and one reaper
      2. no godmo

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  1. Youngblood sign up sheet

    First Name:
    Middle Name:
    Last Name:
    Type of attribute:
    Appearance: (picture or description)

    Reaper sign up sheet
    First Name:
    Middle Name:
    Last Name:
  2. Reaper

    Name: Frey
    Age: 22 (just finished his first cycle)
    Appearance: (to be updated)
    Weapon: A shotgun, some throwing knives, a few smoke bombs, a few tools to make traps, and a short sword
    History: Although he doesn't remember anything from his past, Frey knew that he was supposed to kill anyone and anything that isn't his own kind. He thought it was strange despite his fellow reapers reassuring him that it's normal and it happened to all of them. After being trained, he was sent to the field and somehow found himself enjoying hunting down his targets. He'd even let his victims go after he has caught them just to prolong the hunt.

    (any chance this can be a 1x1?)
  3. Sorry but more people will join. And we can't exclude you can go ahead and RP, but when someone else joins they joined. This is for everyone.

  4. Youngblood

    First Name: Rachel
    Middle Name: Nina
    Last Name: Foster
    Age: 15 (secnd cycle)
    Gender: female
    Type of attribute: Physical
    Attribute: strenght
    Appearance: pale skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes
    Weapon: hand gun
    Personality: tough, brave, clever, and edgy
    History: winging it

    First Name: Ethan
    Middle Name: Thomas
    Last Name: Hutson
    Age: 12 (second cycle)
    Gender: Male
    Type of attribute: Mental
    Attribute: Technological
    Appearance: Messy blonde hair, brown eyes pale skin, freckels, and bangs
    Weapon: dagger, and explosives
    Personality: brave, determined, fearless, and rebellious.
    History: winging it
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