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  1. Okay! So there have been a few roleplays around like this, but the two that I had partaken in - the ones the lovely miss Rufiya created - unfortunately did not last for very long.

    Basically what this roleplay will entail (or at least hopefully) is a group of young adults that have grown up together and are finding their place in the big ol' world. It's a slice-of-life roleplay, modern setting, with romance and drama and fun galore. They are all friends, unless a couple people decide to have their characters already have a thing, but it shouldn't be exactly serious yet.

    This is currently what I have, but if you want to suggest anything, let me know! I'm also interested in another Mod for this RP, so if anybody would like to message me about that... :3 Basically you'd just be helping me keep the RP in check if I'm unavailable or something.

    ::☼:: Typical rules apply. There isn't necessarily a plot here, but don't make random drama that makes no sense and leaves everybody like "wut." Also, I think replying twice is a good maximum before having to wait for other people to reply, unless characters are away from others and are directly speaking to each other.

    ::☼:: Be open minded - any pairings are allowed! Which goes for gender. Want a trans as your charrie? Shoot for it!
    This is slice-of-life, so have fun!

    ::☼:: As this is in the mature section, sex is allowed along with kinks but I think you should take it to PMs or another thread if it gets too crazy and crowded. Otherwise it just becomes messy.

    ::☼:: Ages are young adult. I would say 19 being the youngest, 24 being the oldest.

    ::☼:: If your character dies, you can make a new one if you'd like. [:

    ::☼:: PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO POST. It's not fun if your character becomes a huge part of the roleplay and then you just suddenly disappear. If something suddenly comes up, that's completely understandable, but at least try to give me or anybody else a heads up before you go.

    The maximum number of characters is 9. You can reserve your spot, but please make your character within two days of reserving. If not many people are interested, we can discuss if we'd like to keep it at the number of charries or if anybody would be interested in playing two characters.

    ::Character Sheet!::

    The Basics

    Full Name:

    The Inside and The Outside
    Appearance: Photo or description. Real life photos are the wanted media but its your C.Sheet anyway.
    Extras: Extra appearance stuffs
    Kinks: Stuff you like during your sexy time.

    The Relationships
    History: Backstory/how did you get in the group.
    Family: Simple list and/or basic description of your family
    Previous Relationships: With the other members of the groups. (Adds drama)
    Current Crush: Just so people have a way to start. Doesn't mean final pairing!

    Extra: This is just for anything you'd like to add in ALL categories I left out.
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  2. Would love to sign up for this, just rather busy lately, therefore I can't shoot out long replies every day, whilst shorter ones up to three paragraphs would probably be doable most days. If that's not a burdes I'd love to sign up..just that I'm in CEST so..I hope that's also not an issue ^^
  3. You don't have to reply everyday, but often enough to not be entirely out of the loop would be nice. [: Also, long replies aren't needed as long as you have at least some detail and you get your point across. Time differences are pretty inevitable on this website, so that's completely fine too haha.
  4. The Basics
    Full Name: Chevelle Ivory Reeds
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Sexuality: Straight

    The Inside and The Outside
    Natural hair:
    Straightened hair:

    Extras: About 5'6" with a slim and fit body from working out; two lobe piercings on her left ear, three lobe piercings on her right. Two tattoos:

    Left ear:
    Back: (( based on orange, warm, peach-ish colors rather than deep pinks ))

    Her fashion style kind of corresponds to her personality: laid back but still managing to be stylish. She can basically pull off any fashion, and she does change it up a bit every once in a while, it honestly just depends on her mood.

    Personality: Pretty laid back and carefree; enjoys being around people and having a good time - AKA generally outgoing and friendly. However, when upset she generally hates being around people and can get snappy or very irritated to those around her. When she's really upset (and nothing seems to be helping), she likes to get down with alcohol... you can see how that goes. Likes people to be straight up with her, and people who can make her laugh excessively are instantly marked in her Favorites. She also tends to not hold grudges, and can be super affectionate especially when intoxicated. Has a talent for playing guitar.

    Though she's straight, she thinks girls are beautiful creatures and she doesn't mind making out with them. She doesn't think she could do anything beyond that or be in a relationship with one, but it's not like she'd be against it.

    Likes: Adventures, exercising and being generally healthy, loves chocolate, has a huge soft spot for babies, guitar, humor, good beer and weed, being around people, partying, dancing, etc.
    Dislikes: Assholes, disrespectful people, horror movies, liars, etc.
    Kinks: N/A

    The Relationships
    History: She was named after a car (she digs it), so... I guess that could kind of - maybe? - give you an impression about her dad. Grew up in a financially stable household with a bit of a surplus in money as an only child, with loving parents who did the best they could raising their daughter. Being friends with everyone sort of made her connect everybody within the group.
    Mother - Daisy Reeds is a sweet, sweet woman; Father - Lennox Michael Reeds Jr. is a huge teddy bear with hardy, prideful exterior.
    Previous Relationships: N/A
    Current Crush: Devlin and Mike

    Extras: Owns a big, flat-out outrageously fluffy Chow Chow puppy named Turbo.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. Nobody is interested? :c
  6. OMG I remember that one! DX

    I was the sexy blonde German girl. XD
  7. Yeah! It ended without even really beginning and it made me sad. :c
  8. Yeah, I was really just starting to get into too. I'll create a character for this, might just make the same girl. XD
  9. That's fine! I'm happy you're joining. [: I used the same girl for this one, so yeah haha.
  10. i would like to join. i can post pretty much everyday, but towards the evening time around 4 or 5 when I'm free. other than that I'm pretty much on until like 3 am lol
  11. This sounds interesting. :)

    The Basics
    Full Name: Riley Lu

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Sexuality: Bisexual, though he hasn't dated in forever.

    The Inside and The Outside


    Extras: Left ear is pierced. It's funny because everyone thinks he looks like a high school student and he's cute, giving him the nickname 'Little Deer.'

    Personality: On the outside and professionally, Riley carries himself as a very bright-eyed and light-spirited young teacher at a highschool. The very same one he went to, as well as his friends. Riley isn't one to shy away from talking to people, especially if they have any interest in science. He'll babble about random scientific facts and he surprises many with his vast knowledge. When someone really gets to know him, he's more of a person who will crack inappropriate jokes and be sarcastic about 75% of the time. He says 'bros before hoes' constantly around the other young teachers and his guy friends. Riley would prefer staying at home watching science shows on tv than actually going places, though his love for education changes his ideals when at school. He has almost no tolerance for drinking and the one time he did go (with Chevelle and two others), he was flirting with every living thing and he passed out behind the counter somehow.
    Riley can get annoyed, but he just scrunches up his nose whenever he does get annoyed around his students. Around his friends he'll just swear at them or something. So basically, this guy is popular either way. He's known as the fun and energetic 'let's blow stuff up' teacher while when he's not in his work place he's more of an 'I don't really care but fine' person.

    Likes: Teaching, anything related to science, really likes to dance (he's got the hips for it too), party with friends, being sarcastic. And CAKE.

    Dislikes: Being called 'girly,' students who disrespect him, students who disrespect others, bullying, drinking, smoking (horrible story he has with that), and horror movies. He hates horror movies with a passion and The Grudge scared him for days and the students decided it would be a good idea to sneak up on him during after-school sessions or detention times.

    Kinks: He hasn't dated in a long time, but that doesn't mean when he goes to bars or parties he doesn't pick up a girl... or guy. With a girl he'd be the dominant one (if he had anything to drink let sanity fly out the window) and maybe include some restrictions (just holding/pinning their hands) and maybe spanking if he's really up to it. With men it kind of just depends.

    The Relationships
    History: He was born in Beijing and came to town when he was ten, so he had a little bit of a rough time. But he got through the language barrier and everyone noticed how bubbly and chill he was so he kind of just became popular after a little while. Riley floated into the group because of his popularity. So after high school and all that jazz, he made sure he was still in contact with his friends. He went on to college and got a nice enough degree and he was qualified at age 21 to be a teacher because he had met every single requirement, so he ended college a little early. He became a science teacher when he was 22.

    Family: Mom- Emily Lu. Dad- Robert Lu. Sister- Katie Lu. His parents live happily in a nice home out in the suburbs and his younger sister is currently in University. He calls his mom every week to check in with her.

    Previous Relationships: Riley tried to have a fling with a couple of the people in the group, but it kind of just fell apart for him so he really didn't bother expressing his feelings.

    Current Crush: Riley keeps telling himself he should find someone to like but it really just hasn't worked. The other teachers say he should go out and socialize with someone his type (someone quiet, timid at first but he'd be able to bring them out) but he just hasn't had the motivation. There's this female teacher who keeps trying to get into a relationship with him -after they had their own 'fun' his first year of teaching- but he just brushes her off because she is very demanding and very loud. So he's currently open, just being chased by someone.

    Extra: He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and English. When he gets too excited or when he gets scared from watching horror movies, his Beijing accent will come out and it'll lead to him speaking in only Mandarin and completely involved in his own world. If he's a little embarrassed his accent will come out, especially with his 'r's, as they'll turn into 'l's. If he says 'hello' it may sound like 'herro.'
    He lives alone in a decent apartment near school and it's in walking distance. When he has to make more money, he'll do dance contests for fun at the local bar with his other friends and sometimes students, which he finds funny.
    His nose will scrunch up when he's annoyed, frustrated, or confused.
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  12. [​IMG]
    The Basics

    Full Name: Viviana Ronstrom (Vivi or just Vi)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    The Inside and The Outside
    Appearance: Photo's throughout the CS.
    Extras: She has a tattoo in the middle of her back.[​IMG]
    Personality: She is quiet, often slightly reserved in her personality. She is a very expressive person but of course, her timidity limits her social capabilities in many facets. However, she is bubbly and enthusiastic when dancing, as well as around friends. She enjoys talking to people she finds interesting, topics ranging from dancing to the greatest bank heists. She has a strong witty and sarcastic side but she tries to be friendly to most. She's got one hell of a dirty mind and is never afraid to speak up if she so desires. She loves playing mind games, as she loves the mental burn required to think them through.
    Professionally, during her dance career, she is focused and determined. As the youngest principal dancer in the company, she sometimes finds herself intimidated but soldiers on. She enjoys the hard work she puts into her art and is very passionate about continuing her career for as long as possible.
    Likes: Dancing, not just ballet but any dance. She loves parties, especially with friends. She loves to cook food, though she is rubbish at anything sweet besides cakes and pikelets.
    Dislikes: She doesn't particularly like lollies or candy, finding them too sweet but she does enjoy some at times. She dislikes arrogance, bullying (though that's to be expected) and dancers who are 'stuck up'. She hates dancers who believe they are better than others, in any way. She doesn't like disrespect, to herself or anyone else.

    Kinks: She has had a few partners but only one who she got down and dirty with. She likes both the dominant and submissive roles, willingly to go with both.

    The Relationships
    History: Vi was born in Eslöv, a town in southernmost Sweden, Scania. She grew up in a family of 5, with 2 siblings and a reasonably stable home life. She arrived in the town when she was fourteen, with a moderate grasp of English and a very shy personality. She found a group she fit in with, gradually becoming comfortable with being herself and getting used to the varying personalities of the group.
    She was accepted into the Royal Ballet, and almost immediately was offered leading parts in several major works. She had several scholarships offered to her but the most influential and prestigious of dance schools chose her, fresh from school.
    Family: Mother, Anja: A strong, determined woman.
    Father, Beon: A friendly, genial man with a fierce protective streak.
    Younger sister, Elva: A sweet, very timid young girl.
    Younger sister, Alvida: A headstrong and stubborn young girl.

    Previous Relationships: None yet, to be created or revealed. Anyone game to volunteer?
    Current Crush: She has a slight crush on a certain CAKE-lover.

    She owns a cat, Flounder, whom she adopted from a shelter.
    She lives in an apartment which she shares with a fellow dancer. It is a medium sized one but as her friend is currently moving out, she needs someone to move in and split the bill with.
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  13. The Basics
    Full Name: Adrianna Bonucci
    Gender: female
    Age: 22
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    The Inside and The Outside
    Extras: many ear piercings, treble clef tattoo on the back of the neck

    Personality: a bit nerdy, not not much of a partier. she likes more more personal,less people kind of outings. Adrianna loves to cook and play piano. She is a music lovers of all kinds, so you would likely see her at concerts. outwardly she is stable, kind, calm, sarcastic at times, and how a very sexual sense of humor. inwardly she has her walls up and does not want to get hurt. Though she does not like sports she likes to work out and keep in shape.

    Likes: music, books, movies, shopping, shoes, concerts

    Dislikes: sports, no-ambision, country music
    Kinks: surprisingly she is into bondage but has never tried it. She can be both dominate and submissive in bed, but prefers to be submissive. she is very passionate in a relationship but has only done it once, so she is very inexperienced

    The Relationships
    History: Born in italy, she lived with her single mother. Adrianna's mother taught her both spanish and english, how to cook, and how to play piano. Her mother died of breast cancer when she was only 9. She live with her mother's relatives until her father got custody of her. Adrianna moved here at the age of 10 to live with her military father. She knew english so it was easy for Adrianna to adapt to her new life. she never got along with her step-mother or step-siblings,since her father favored her. She was not miss.popular in school, but she was well-liked and had a close circle of friends. She excelled in school and music, getting plenty of scholarships to music conservatories and universities. She doubled majored in music performance and biology. Adrianna was lucky enough to be able to graduate a semester early with both degree in music and biology. She is currently in medical school to a oncologist or geneticist, in honor of her mother. She works at clinic as a nurses assistant.

    Family: mother- flora Bonucci(died), father- darius jones, stepmother- martha jones, stepsister- jasmine green, halfbrother- jordan jones . Her father is in the military, and her step-mother is a lawyer. They live in a nice house 5 bedroom house in the suburbs. she loves talking to her dad, but hardly visits anymore due to her recent fall out with her stepmother.

    Previous Relationships: Has not been in a real relationship since high school. Had a couple of interests but they didn't go anywhere. Adrianna is not looking, but that does not mean she is not available.

    Current Crush: Devlin and Micheal has been Adrianna's crushes for the longest, but she never gets the chance to say anything.

    Extra: She is very flexible *wink wink*. She can not dance, which is why she avoids parties. she a light weight but never passes up a drink. She does not like beer. she lives alone in a spacious two bedroom apartment, which her father pretty much bought her.
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  14. pfft I may end joining as a dude. XD

    Perhaps a male version of my badass German. XD
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  15. ::Character Sheet!::

    The Basics
    Full Name: Jhenna Ariel Yowan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

    The Inside and The Outside
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Extras: Right half the the body covered in a dead tree vine tattoo with dead flowers and animals. Cartilage

    Personality: Jhenna in many that aren't close friends or family's eyes, Is a quiet shy female that loves kids and is vey energetic. To family in friends Jhenna Loves Reading and Keeping fun air around. She loves keeping keeping anyone happy at any coast and she also does more for others than she should. She forgets about her own needs, to preoccupied with the ones around her.
    She enjoys any company that she can get and at times can be pushy and demanding and annoying also, but she's sweet and laid-back also. She loves doing anything to cover up time and hates laziness, along with messiness. Almost being Bi-Polar she can switch her moods and can be gloomy even if she hates it. She's very innocent and almost careless but can be smart and intelligent when needed.

    Likes: Any bubbly person or someone she can have fun with. cooking and Working out daily. All types of pets and cleaning.

    Dislikes: Messiness and rudeness. Someone who says they feel as if hating the world but they'll never see all of it. Someone who doesn't think much and downgrades themselves or does half of their true talent.

    Kinks: In bed, she's more submissive. So being tied up and things like that will suffice.

    The Relationships
    History: Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Jhenna was a soccer player. At the age of 12 she moved to New York and at the age of 15 moved to _______. She became friends with everyone, but because of so much moving she developed adapting skills, witch made her grow friends slower and be known as a lonely female. She's very sensitive because of her mother and father fighting daily, witch put her in the middle.

    Family: Mother - Anna is a confusing female who can't make up her mind to stay or leave Jhenna's father, William.
    Father - A cheating husband but still wants to be with Anna's mother.

    Previous Relationships: N/A
    Current Crush: She has weird feeling toward Kyle but doesn't know if it's a crush and likes Ryder

    Extra: Has A Bunny Named Carrot

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  16. Yay people :D
    I'll also have to put in a dude unless somebody else comes up haha.
  17. I think that's a good idea.... Unless chicks get freaky? ~.>
  18. Lol chicks can definitely get freaky but there should be a good ratio between genders and sexuality.
  19. Very interested :o I will make a dude character as well (And might fill in the crush section.. Everyone loves drama, right?).
  20. Great! Glad to see you're interested. [: And don't feel the need to fill out the crush section right away! Waiting until we have all roles filled up is probably the best way to go, but you can always update the section, too. :P
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