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  1. I walk out the door of my small house and take a deep inhale. I walk a few yards from the house and begin my training. A few hours later, my training is interrupted by the village messenger. "M-Mr. Storm" He says. "What?" I asked, sounding annoyed. "H-here." he hands me a letter and I snatch it from his hand. I tear it open and begin to read it: "Dear Eli Storm, You are ordered to come to the Circle Alliance's meeting tonight. We have your first assignment which if you refuse to participate in, there will be serious consiquences." I sighs and crumble the letter "Looks like I don't have a choice." I say to myself. I make my black angle-like wings pop out and start flying.

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  2. "Hey, Vira, why do I have to be here again?" a teen boy asked an orb which was sitting next to him on a train to nowhere. Well, it isn't exactly "nowhere", but "that pointless place," as Dex likes to call it. [I'm Dex.] " Why do I have to be there, when I can do more training with Ford right at this moment and not waste an hour or so just sitting around there listening to aimless talks about war and training, fighting, the future, and what nots?"

    "You've got no choice but to represent Roderain in the Circle Alliance meeting tonight, Dex," Vira, the orb, replied. "Sure, there might be aimless talk--"

    "See, you even said it yourself."

    "But no, I'm not stopping you from that. Meetings exist for a reason. And look, Cyrus, the last representative of Roderain, died because he wasn't informed of the incoming attack from the enemy. It's a good thing the villagers escaped while everything was down in flames. I'm pretty sure you remember that one, Dex."

    Sure, Dex remembered. The stupid representative died because he didn't attend a Circle Alliance meeting. Cyrus was his friend. And he was stupid not to go. Now, he, Dex, was the one going in his place and he didn't want to in the first place, but had to, because he doesn't want to make the same mistake his friend made.

    "Okay, fine. You win, Vira," he said in defeat. "But really, I think it's aimless."

    Another hour passed and they finally arrived in the place where the Circle Alliance would have its meeting.
  3. Xullos had to go to this stupid 'Circle Alliance' meeting or something.
    Her solid red and blue eyes freak peolpe out so she has special glasses with special lens that cover her eyes. One lens is blue and the other is red. She has four small pointy horns ,two on each side of the top of her head, and short black hair.
    She really didn't care for this one bit.
  4. It stopped! Yay! The train stopped! We're here! thought Dex with no sign of enthusiasm at all. I just want to go back to Roderain, train with Ford some more...

    Dex got Vira the orb, put it in his brown leather bag, messed with his chocolate- colored hair a little, turned up the collar of the gray coat he was wearing, and stepped into the isle leading out of the train. People were pouring out of it at an unbelievable rate.

    It was slower than a turtle could walk, Dex thought. He had no choice but to stay stuck in this traffic of people. He wished he could do something to make them go faster.

    "Don't cause a commotion in here, Dex," he heard Vira say. "Not good on yours, Roderain's, and the Circle Alliance's image on the people."

    "Yes, Vira," Dex replied as he let out a defeated sigh and waited for another few minutes to pass before he moved...

    One step forward.
  5. Eli flies and flies, eventually gets to the Circle Alliance and lands in front of the doors.
  6. Xullos hated waiting for this line to move and bumped into some boy. "Oh sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you."
  7. Eli looks down at her, his face emotionless. "Its alright. It was an accident." he looks at her face, She doesn't look like a fighter, he thought.
  8. She looks at the boy. "Please don't stare. I know already. The gray skin and everything. I'm a troll."
  9. Looks at her and blinks "No that doesn't bother me. You just don't look like a fighter." all of a sudden Eli hears his name "Eli." the voice sounds rough and he looks at where he heard the voice. A man in a black cloak appears. The leader... " So glad you could make it." Eli rolls his eyes "Its not like I had a choice." he said. Then the leadrer looks at Xullos, "Glad you could make it to." he said.
  10. "Why does the line keep budging? Someone should really mind their movement back there," Dex mumbled as he felt the whole line move from behind him. It was terrible that they were waiting so long in line, and yet... Geez.

    "Well, well, well, I sense a Circle Alliance presence around here," said Vira. "Look at those two at the back of the line. The one with horns and weird eyes, and that other flying boy. Wow, wings. Jet-black wings, Dex!"

    "Whatever, Vira," the boy said in reply, but he looked at the back anyway. Indeed, there were two people who seemed to be in conversation at the back. Someone was apologizing, it seems. Maybe that was where the bumping came from.

    They do seem like Circle Alliance people. They seemed very different from all the people in the train. They seemed... powerful.

    Hah, after all, the Circle Alliance only sent the best people from the places that made it up, Dex thought as he smiled to himself. Maybe he should get to know them a bit more.

    Dex looked at his watch. Time was flying by so slowly, and he felt a bump from his bag.

    "What, Vira?"

    "Get out through the window and explain to the people that you're in a hurry," Vira said. "Meeting should start in a few hours and you need to find a place to crash for the night. You need to get a few hours of rest, too, Dex."

    "Hey, you guys," Dex said over the people's noise, addressing the two strange people at the back. "We should get out of here, like, now. We can't wait this long before the Meeting begins."
  11. Eli turns around to look at the young boy. Then the leader looks at Dex, Xullo, and Eli. "You three! Come with me!" Eli raises and eyebrow.
  12. But I'm so far away from them. Dex thought. And who's that guy? Why should I follow him?

    "A Circle Alliance member, see?" Vira said. "And you have friends to meet already."

    "Who said they were going to be my friends, again?"

    "I could see it in the way you look at them that you want to be."

    "Haha, really, Vira?"


    "You're not wrong. But should I trust that guy already?"

    "Well, it seems that your 'friends' are getting along with him just fine, don't you think, Dex?"

    "Well, yeah."

    "He's the leader."

    "Oh. All the more reason for me to go with him, then?"


    Dex made his way through the crowded line to get to the trio at the back. One silly question formed at the back of his mind. He already knew the answer, it just slipped out of his mouth.

    "Are you Circle Alliance guys?"
  13. Eli looks at the boy and The CA (Circle Alliance) leader looks at all of us and smiles. "Yes." The leader says, "Now follow me. You three are perfect for the job." He heads inside and Eli hesitates, but then follows, scowling.
  14. "You go and follow them, Dex!" Vira says from inside the bag, and Dex follows closely, still in awe of the black wings and the funny horns and eyes of his fellow CA. Why don't I have any of those stuff?

    "Oh, I'm Dex," the boy introduced. "I'm from Roderain, I mean, I'm representing the place and I think we should get rest somewhere..."

    Dex only realized that he was tired upon saying that, and he was starting to get a headache. He felt dizzy-- no, that's not it. Must be the heat-- not either, there's barely any sun showing here.

    "Don't be such a weakling," said Vira from the bag. "Just follow them! And don't defy the leader's orders, got it?"

    "Y-yeah, Vira, 'course not."

    "You better not."


    Dex follows.
  15. The leader turns around real quick to face the others who are in the line "You guys may leave! I have no use for you!" He then goes inside. Eli looks at Dex. "I am Eli Storm." he says simply and his wings disappear in his back. One they all get inside, the leader gestures us to take a seat, Eli does. "Now," the leader began, "My name is Axe. I am the leader of the CA. I am sure you are wondering why I brought you here." Eli leans back in his chair and crosses his arms. Yeah, you want us to kill innocent people you sick bastard., Eli thought to himself. Axe looks at Eli, "Those 'innocent' people are not innocent Eli." Wha- he read my mind? Eli looks surprised.
  16. "Hello, Eli," Dex says with a friendly smile. "Nice to meet you."

    And then there's a commotion in the train. Woah, the people line got faster to move! Leader does know how to order people around. Vira was right, he was quite powerful for a CA. Is this how all CAs are?

    "Take a seat," the leader tells us. I take a seat beside the funny-eyes girl and we listen to the leader.

    "My name is Axe. I am the leader of the CA. I'm sure you are wondering why I brought you here."

    Yes, I am wondering why I am not with Ford, training my body for battle and protection for Roderain when the time comes. And I'm wondering when I'll get some food.

    "Those innocent people are not innocent, Eli," Axe said out of the blue. Did they have a conversation about innocent lives earlier? Was this a crime thing? What are we doing?

    I waited for further explanation.
  17. Eli then smirks "Hey kid. Just so you know. Axe can read your mind. He just read mine." Axe smiles " Now. Lets get down to business." he sat down. "Listen. There is a kingdom I want you to destroy. Kill everyone in it." Eli looks at him disgusted, then builds a mental brick wall so Axe cant read his mind. This man is sick! "Why?" Eli asked in a harsh voice. Axe looks at him "Because it is an order Mr. Storm! Do you wish to be executed?!" Eli's mouth twitches and Axe sighs, "Look. The kindom there is in the way of my plans."
  18. "Oh, cool, mind-reading. Just rad, man," Dex commented. "So, what's this kingdom we have to destroy, anyway? And why, just like Eli asked?"

    "Psst, Dex!" Vira mumbled, only loud enough for Eli and Dex to hear. "Don't even think."

    "How exactly are we supposed to do that, Vira?" Dex asks with a look throwing stupidity at Vira.

    "Don't think deep," said the orb. "Think about a wall in your head. Go far away. Think negativity so he doesn't bother with your thoughts or something."

    "I think-- oh, it's a great idea, I'm not supposed to think."

    "Yeah. Exactly."

    Dex stopped talking to Vira upon hearing a slamming of Axe's fist on the wall.

    "Listen up, punks!" he almost yells.

    Dex could only keep quiet and a disagreeing face.
  19. Axe says, "It is the Flame's Kingdom. And like I said, they are in the way with my plans." Eli scowls more, attempting to ignore what Vira said, he didn't know who the hell said that, but he didn't trust it. "Which is..." Axe look at him "That is confidential."
  20. "So, what are your plans, exactly, Axe? What happened to the CA meeting? Unless you call THIS mission the meeting, but we're supposed to be plenty of people doing this, right?" Dex asked, many thoughts coming to mind. Shut up, Dex! You are not allowed to think at all! "And why is it confidential? Can we trust you with your secrecy? And where's the rest of the CA?"

    "Wow, Dex, you've got so many questions in your mind, don't you?" Axe said in mock wonder. I frowned at this. "You should ask someone else, not me."

    "But you're the leader of the CA, and it's can't be just us," Dex argued.

    "Well, that's too bad for the other CA if they can't come and do the first mission of the year, which is to destroy the Flame's Kingdom!" the leader almost yelled. "They've been a burdensome bunch, and as I've said earlier, these aren't innocents. They've been taking down other places and burning them to ash. Hell, they are the first group I'd point to for burning down Roderain."

    Wow, this escalated quickly.

    "So much for that," Vira said with disappointment.

    Dex still frowned. He didn't want to trust this guy, but he's the leader. Leaders must be followed.