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  1. This RP is a tribute to young heroes of the fictional world, Marvel, DC, or otherwise. Though keeping everything within a superhero style medium just for a solid overall theme. Comic book characters, cartoon characters, manga/anime characters, video game characters, even fictional book characters, if you can get them to fit into the superhero ideal, they're fair game. You can even change their details around to let them fit into the world better or in the sense of Marvel's Ultimate universe (minus nearly everyone getting killed in stupid story lines). The world this takes place in a mish-mash of the DC and Marvel universes. Gotham City is the capital of New Jersey, serving almost as New York City's darker counterpart, while Metropolis is located in Delaware. A beacon of modern know how with classic feel.

    The goal is to have plenty of interacting between characters, so solo adventures are highly discouraged but not completely banned. The RP is set to take place during the fall of 2016.


    Obey your GM at all times, GM's word is law.

    Keep the amount of characters you wish to join with at 2 maximum.

    Don't be a dick.

    There is no calling dibs on a character. If more than one person wants to make a character they will be asked to provide a sample post of said character on top of a character sheet. With GM and peers deciding which is better.

    No time traveling unless you get permission from the GM, it complicates stuff.

    Don't be a dick.

    With two teams more than one storyline will probably be going on at a time. I'll try to help keep everyone updated on whats going on where. But if someone does not want to be involved in someone else's story line, that is perfectly fine. Remember communication and collaboration are the keys to awesome PC to PC stuff.

    No killing ICs or godmodding unless you get permission either from the GM or the person playing the character. Unnamed NPCs however, are much more fair game.

    Do not post an incomplete character sheet. If you have questions or want the GM to review it send a private message first.


    The Avengers: SHIELD's pride and joy, the legendary superhero team that operates out of the Avengers Mansion in New York City. A team that has completely given up their private lives in the name of protecting the public, the team is beloved by the general public thanks to their routine good deeds and strong public image. Even if said public image has gained the ire of Daily Planet's CEO J. Jonah Jameson. The team have SHIELD not only providing them comfortable living conditions and pay, but help to clean up any damages the team inadvertently cause during battle.

    Leader: Captain America – Steve Rogers
    Iron Man – Anthony 'Tony' Stark
    Quicksilver – Pietro Maximoff
    Hulk – Bruce Banner
    Ant-Man – Hank Pym
    Wasp – Janet Van Dyne
    Green Arrow – Oliver 'Ollie' Queen
    Power Girl – Kara Zor-L
    Aquaman – Arthur Curry
    Elongated Man – Ralph Dibny
    Oracle - Barbara Gordon (Doesn't go on missions, works from base providing intel and hacking assistances)

    Young Avengers: With the growing number of young metahumans SHIELD began the Young Avengers program as a means to help hone and train young heroes willing to participate on the grounds of potentially becoming future Avengers. Just like the Avengers themselves the young heroes are kept monitored and have lost a bit of their private life. They operate out of a New York City building designed to look like a YMCA where they are given comfortable living quarters. They often also spend time aboard SHIELD airships getting training and college level education from SHIELD staff and Avengers taking time away from their active duty.

    ~ Ben 10 – Ben Tennyson (drewvonawesome)

    Justice League: A group of superheroes who became privately funded through Wayne Industries CEO Bruce Wayne. With their headquarters both in a secret base in Washington DC, as well as a base located out in space. They operate in secret even to SHIELD with secret identities. Though SHEILD does label them as an illegal terrorist organization for this. They know the team has no ill intent, as they're just as beloved in many circles as The Avengers. Still Avengers members have been warned about interacting with this group of rouge heroes. Leading to seeing any interaction between the two very rare. Still the Justice League continue to do good work, though because they don't have the kind of backing the Avengers do, they are much more cautious about causing any destruction when they are at work.

    Leader: Superman – Clark Kent/Kal-El
    Batman – Bruce Wayne
    Wonder Woman – Diana Prince/Diana of Themyscira
    The Flash – Barry Allen
    Plastic Man – Patrick O' Brian
    Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner
    Thor – Thor Odinson
    Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers
    Spider-Man – Peter Parker
    Hawkeye – Clint Barton
    Scarlet Witch – Wanda Maximoff
    Amadeus Cho (Doesn't go on missions, works from base providing intel and hacking assistances)

    Teen Titans: Batman for a while had a young man who he trained and worked with named Dick Grayson. The two had a kinship that was stronger than even the Justice League itself to them. However recently Dick Grayson wanted to finally rid himself of the 'sidekick' demeanor that had plagued him. With Bruce's blessing and assistance Dick Grayson began Project Teen Titans as a means not only to give himself distance from the Justice League. But a means to mentor young heroes just like Bruce Wayne had done for him. The team has been given a base in San Francisco and adhere to secrecy of their identities but don't have the same level of regulations put on them as their young hero counterparts in the Young Avengers. By and large though they are considered separate from the Justice League.

    ~ Peter Pan – Peter J. Barrie (drewvonawesome)

    Character Sheet
    Full name:
    Team: (Young Justice or Young Avengers)
    Brief Bio:
    Abilities: (Powers, skills, training, and knowledge)
    Appearance: (Both picture and description would be preferred)
    Affiliations: (Mentors, close friends, if the character isn't 'well known' a brief bio would be nice, if the character is a PC please contact the role player playing as said character first about it)
    Notes: (Anything extra things you'd like to add)
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  2. Name:

    Peter J. Barrie


    Peter Pan



    Brief Bio:

    A long time ago, in a part of the history of London. A family welcomed their first boy into the world. Named Peter, they dreamed up many things he could accomplish. However still an infant, Peter wound up leaving the house while unattended one day. Seeing a beautiful fairy fluttering around the streets. When he got fairy dust on him. It enabled him to fly, where he traveled the skies until he reached a far away place known simply as Neverland.

    Although he grew in age, it was seemingly snail paced compared to what the real world was going through. Peter ended up meeting a group of other like minded kids his age that became known as The Lost Boys. All of whom tutored Peter in the ways of this land. As Peter grew he eventually became the Lost Boys’ charismatic leader. Where he worked along with the indian tribes, and fought the vicious pirates led by Captain Hook. Peter Pan eventually even became able to fly on his own without needing fairy dust.

    Occasionally some members of The Lost Boys would travel out, seeking new members in the world. Some of the kids would stay and join rank, other kids it was a simple few days or weeks playing. However that all changed when Peter himself met a young girl named Wendy. When Wendy arrived she didn’t seem to have fun like they did. She asked them questions about their real lives. Peter and the boys became confused by what she was talking about. Until finally Peter took a moment to return to London. Where he realized not only his parents were long gone, but according to what he could find on them, they had gotten another boy, all records showing they had forgotten seemingly about Peter.

    The Lost Boys and Peter Pan tried to continue to play and live their lives on Neverland. But things were not quite the same when Wendy seemingly left in disgust. Slowly, members of The Lost Boys began to return home, Peter tried to stop them at first. Valiantly but only to have more and more leave. Soon Peter was all that remained. Peter dreaded in the pit of his stomach the idea of going back once and for all. To have to have these ‘responsibilities’ Wendy had mentioned. Finally though, with his head hung in shame, Peter left Neverland for the last time.
    It took some years to be able to create an identity for himself. Peter Pan became Peter Barrie, a young man who after a few years of schooling was able to get work at a toy shop in downtown London, along with a small but livable apartment. He worked a comfortable shift, and was a huge hit with the regular customers and their kids. Peter has since reconnected with some of his old friend in The Lost Boys, but after letting Tinkerbell pass away peacefully from age, and getting used to modern life as he now aged a few years into his late teenhood. Peter Barrie felt like he was able to leave life as Peter Pan behind for good.

    That is until Peter suddenly became bored with just a normal life, and seeing as how he knew he could have something better. Now with a new craving for adventure Peter has split his time between working at the toy shop, and being Peter Pan once again.


    The biggest ability of Peter is his ability to fly. Able to achieve top speeds of about 100 miles per hour. Which he had gotten through constant exposure to fairy dust. On top of this despite his young age, Peter has eons of experience with combat, in particular swords. As Peter carries a cutlass with him into any battle. On top of that Peter’s seeing and hearing are second to none. As well as his ability to understand and speak languages.


    Still considerably a little kid in a grown man’s body. Peter has matured since his time on Neverland, but still has a long way to go in being completely mature. Peter is a boastful lad, always one to mention his own greatness even when the claim could be questionable. Though he never means to be arrogant by doing that, its just a personal running joke he likes. Brave almost to a fault, Peter has a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to handling situations. Though with that his sense of justice and fairness is strong.
    Although he has pretty much been all of his life fairly self-centered and selfish. Peter has matured from that after giving himself real issues. Although he can still be a bit childish for the wrong reasons at times. He gets sadden if someone brings up his parents, and although he gets along best with children. They can remind him of his days in Neverland and also dampen his mood a bit. All that said though, Peter is someone you can be proud to have as a friend.



    A fit, handsome young ginger haired man. Although Peter could be considered almost thousands of years ago, because of his time in Neverland and subsequent years back on Earth. Peter is technically 18 years ago. Possibly more or less, but he frankly can’t be bothered to look into it. Having a nicely fit frame, even though Peter’s eating habits should make him a sumo wrestler (he claims he has a high metabolism… though it could be argued he doesn’t even know what metabolism even means). While Peter has a polo shirt, with name tag, and pants with sneakers for work. Typically Peter outside of any kind of work doesn't really dress very mature at all. T-shirt with some wacky thing on it, jeans or cargo pants, and flip flops no matter what the temperature is. Yes, his gone out in freezing cold winter temperatures in flip flops and never thought twice about it.

    As for the costume Peter wears as his Peter Pan persona. Originally when he was little the suit was actually made from leaves and other natural things. Stuff which doesn’t provide much protection, not to mention decency. So Peter got a new outfit made from clothes, a bit of spandex, and a bit of leather. He has with it a holster for a sabre sword Peter was able to buy from an antique shop. He chose it due to having a similar weight and feel to the one he regularly fought Captain Hook with. Though he swears on a sneaking suspicion that it’s not a coincidence. As he feels like he’s seen the sword elsewhere before, but can’t place a finger or where or when.


    ‘Tootles’ - Former Lost Boy, now works as a police officer in Washington as Chris Allport. Friends with Peter through internet.
    ‘Slightly’ - Former Lost Boy, now a stand up comedian living in London as Edward Slight. Him and Peter go get a cup of coffee once a week and is Peter’s closest friend from Neverland.
    ‘The Twins’ real names Josh and Aaron Binky - Former Lost Boys, now they live in the US in different locations. Both internet friends with Peter.
    Leonard Aster - A mid-40s aged man who runs the toy shop Peter works at. A kind man who adores Peter’s commitment to work and ability in handling the young clientele. Has no knowledge about Peter’s life in Neverland.
    Teen Titans: The group Peter Pan has become affiliated with.

    “It’s hero time!”


    Benjamin Kirby Tennyson


    Ben 10


    Young Avenger

    Brief Bio:

    Ben was born in 2001 to Carl and Sandra Tennyson, a fairly normal couple in a fairly normal town. He lived near his cousins, Gwen and Ken Tennyson, as well as his loveable grandpa Max. He grew up a generally normal kid, completely and utterly the class clown, but still a fairly normal kid.
    When the school year ended in 2011, Ben got blindsided by having a summer RV trip with his grandpa and cousin Gwen thrown on him. By ‘blindsided’ it was more ‘repeatedly told but kept forgetting’. Having made plans with his local friends of various shenanigans, Ben tried to plead his way out until he was told either he was going on the trip, or grounded for the whole summer.
    Naturally Ben was in a very sour mood as the trip started. Refusing to have any of the fun things Max wanted to do. This infuriated Gwen which all came to a head when the three of them spent a night camping out in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin in Grandpa Max’s RV lovingly known as ‘The Rustbucket’. Gwen dragged Ben out to the forest where a screaming argument could clearly be heard for miles around. Finally Ben absolutely furious stomped away into the forest as Gwen went in the opposite direction. It took Ben a moment to finally cool off and realize he was completely lost.

    In the skies above a sudden massive meteor shower coated the night sky in lights and motion. Gwen and Max tried to hurry up looking for Ben. Ben was in a panic, especially when an asteroid suddenly crash landed right near him. Knocking him off his feet and almost unconscious. When Ben came too, he hurried down into the crater the asteroid made. Finding at the bottom a strange wrist watch looking device. It seemed alien, glowing with some kind of energy that seemed to warm Ben to his core. Suddenly the device wrapped tightly around Ben’s left wrist. Infusing itself with Ben. When Gwen and Max finally found him, the device had turned Ben into a three foot tall alien, who promptly asked how the both of them grew so tall.
    Ben found out that night a lot of things that blew his mind. Grandpa Max was former a plumber, something he knew already, but it was actually a secret organization designed to protect Earth from dangerous alien forces. It got even crazier when Gwen even ended up revealing that friends of Grandpa Max were teaching her magic. Finally the topper of it all was the wristwatch looking thing stuck on his arm. Max explained it was an alien device known simply as the Omnitrix. With it, the wearer can turn into any alien species that the wearer has contact with. It was a device that was deemed almost mythical in nature, something that held such power it could save entire species from extinction.

    The three tried to continue their summer trip in peace, but quickly found themselves at odds with Vilgax. An alien overlord obsessed with taking the Omnitrix and using it to rule the galaxy. The three of them found themselves at odds with Vilgax repeatedly until finally with help from Max’s old allies in The Plumbers, Vilgax and his men were sent away for good.
    Unfortunately for Ben, the real world rushed back into his life when the summer was over and it was back to a normal life. Even still the experience had made him a more mature… to an extent at least… person. However Ben constantly found himself needing over the next few years to use the Omnitrix to help out in various problems that arose. When people asked him about the wristwatch. He’d panic and stammer a bad answer with his lack of skills in lying. Soon some years later people finally pieced the puzzle together that Ben Tennyson happened to be those aliens.
    Ben worried about what he would do now that his normal life was completely over, but Grandpa Max had an old friend who owed him a favor. Soon Ben was brought out to New York City where said friend gave him a spot on SHIELD’s newest super hero squad, the Young Avengers.

    Ben himself is a fairly healthy young man who is athletic, with backgrounds in baseball, soccer, and golf weirdly enough considering his spaz like behavior. However otherwise he’s just a normal guy. Ben’s biggest ability stem from the Omnitrix, an alien device strapped to his left wrist. With it, Ben can turn into a multitude of various alien creatures. Generally when activated Ben can stay in his alien form for 10 minutes, and have a five minute waiting period. But some aliens allow for more time and others less. Depending on how big they are and Ben’s own energy. If Ben comes into contact with any alien DNA the Omnitrix automatically saves it and stores it for later use. Any alien made with it having the black and green hourglass logo that the Omnitrix has on its chest or other such area. However, the watch can absorb the DNA of Mutants, Inhumans, Martians, Asgardians, Skrulls, Krees, Rannians, Thanagarians, and other species both humanoid and nonhumanoid. While Ben has numerous alien forms to choose from, he does have personal favorites…

    •Brainstorm: Based on the Coluan race from the planet Colu, Brainstorm has incredible intelligence and can interface with electronics by extending quasi-biological cords from his fingertips. In this form, Ben has a green complexion and blonde hair.

    •Heatblast: Bases on the species called Pyronite from the star Pyros. The transformation gives him a body composed of localized magma with a 'skin' of dark red charcoal. He gains the ability to toss balls of magma, immunity to heat based attacks, and the ability to shape some of his magma into stones by allowing it to rapidly cool.

    •Riot: Composed of an organic sentient slime, Riot is a red form that is capable of reshaping itself for short periods of time. It is based on a species of Symbiotes (exact name unknown) that can attach themselves to hosts and amplify the hosts skills, abilities, and more, but at the cost of making the host become more aggressive. Once he is attached to a host, he can either allow them free will or dominate them

    •Warhawk: Absorbed from the Thanagarian male Hawkman, Warhawk is capable of flight through the use of two large wings. He is unfeasibly strong and can fly at astounding speeds. He also has enhanced sight and vision.

    •Water Hazard: Water Hazard's planet of origin and species is unknown. But he is a red-shelled alien capable of withstanding brutal blows and using impressive strength along with hydrokinesis and proficiency at swimming.

    •Wildfire: Absorbed from the Tamaranian girl Starfire. In this form, Ben's skin tints into a shade of orange. He gains the ability to fly, blast bolts of energy out of his hands and eyes, super-strength, and immunity to many poisons as well as a resistance to energy based attacks.

    •Wildmutt: Based on the species Vulpimancer from Vulpin, Wildmutt is an alien with the basic appearance of an orange reptilian canine, except he has a lack of eyes. However, he is capable of using an acute sense of smell and can detect heat signatures, which compensates for his technical blindness.

    •XLR8: Based on a Kineceleran, from the planet Kinet. XLR8 is a black alien who can move at extraordinary speeds by 'skating' on the (literal) balls of his feet and a natural ability to manipulate friction. When he is running, a biological visor automatically covers his face. He has claws and a long tail that add to his appearance of an overall black and blue reptile.

    •Ditto: The copy of a Splixson from the planet Hathor, Ditto turns Ben into a creature roughly the size of a human toddler. With, a black and white head, white face, along with black shoulders. One of the forms that Ben can use for much longer than others. Ben can with this form duplicate himself almost countless times. Each Ditto form operates independently, regardless of what the others want him to do. Though all will commonly work together for the common goal. They are also more flexible than a human, burrow into soft enough ground and out like a mole, and breathe underwater.

    •Metacopy: During a visit to the Xavier School for the Gifted, when Ben ‘accidently’ bumped up against X-Men member Rouge. His Omnitrix stored her Homo Superior genetics into the machine. When activated Ben looks completely the same, only with black hair and a streak of white in the front middle of it. With it, having any physical contact with a mutant allows him to have the same mutant power. This doesn’t work quite like the aliens in that when the time’s up, he loses the mutant power he gained altogether, and can only have one or two at a time before they start getting haywire on him.

    •Way Big: Of all of the alien forms Ben has in his arsenal. This particular form of the rare but very powerful To’kustar alien turns Ben into a toweringly large humanoid alien that is red and white toned, possessing superhuman strength and durability, shoot cosmic rays from his arms when formed in an L like fashion, and can create and manipulate cosmic storms. Which can be used in transportation or inhabiting. For Ben though, using this form causes a severe strain on him physically and mentally. Which leave him borderline unconscious whenever he transforms out of it, and generally can’t be in the form as long. Way Big is generally for him ONLY used in a last ditch effort.


    At his absolute worst, Ben can be considered overly cocky, constantly acts before thinking, stubborn, and if you ask his cousin Gwen, is probably very stupid. However Ben’s heart, bravery, and loyalty are second to very few. Ben generally prides himself on being a good friend to anyone willing to let him be. He has a deep fear of clowns that stems back to a stuffed clown toy named “Mr. Squishy” that kept giving him nightmares. Plus Ben above all other things loves smoothies, especially from Mr. Smoothy's, a small Northeastern chain, and pickles, with the brine and all.


    Standing at 5’8 generally Ben has a pretty well kept body despite a… unique diet to say the least. He is athletically toned and generally when in his super hero work wears the clothes above. The coat, one he bought and detailed himself, has a light kevlar coating in it to dispense any impact on it, as well as sharp or small handgun sized blows.
    Member of the Young Avengers
    Gwen and Ken Tennyson - Cousins
    Max Tennyson - Grandpa
    The Plumbers - Allies
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  3. Totally Joining! I'll fill out a sheet tomorrow!
  4. Full name: Raven Arealla Roth
    Alias: Rachel Arealla Roth
    Brief Bio: Born on Azreath came to Earth to stop her father Trigon. Tiring to do good in the world.
    Show Spoiler

    {tbody}{tr} {td} Agility Animal Control Animation Astral Projection Blast Power Blood Control Cosmic Awareness Darkness Manipulation Divine Powers Electricity Control Empathy Energy Based Constructs Fire Control Flight Force Field Healing Intellect Levitation Magic Magnetism Necromancy Phasing / Ghost Precognition Psionic Psychic Shape Shifter Siphon Abilities Size Manipulation Telekinesis Telepathy Teleport Time Manipulation Weather Control Willpower-Based Constructs {/td}{/tr}{/tbody}

    Personality: Quiet, Stubborn, Shows emotion as you get to know her. Most consider her slightly Gothic personality.
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG] Black long wavy blue/purple hair, purple eyes. Athletic body type.
    Affiliations: Friends the Teen Titans. Dicky Grason/Nightwing, Garfield Mark Logan/Beastboy, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Kori/Starfire.
    Notes: (Anything extra things you'd like to add)

    I hope this is okay I saw the RP Sign Ups and noticed Raven wasn't yet taken so yeah. If I need to add anything let me know I can.
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