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  1. Jeff has always been a regular kid. He wasn't considered normal, though. His mother died when he was only a year old, and he was raised by his metal, and rock'n roll obssesed father. People never talked to him, due to the fact he was always wearing ripped jeans, T-Shirts with band logos that could not be read, and a jean vest with no sleeves that had patches with various thrash metal patches on the back of it. His jet black hair hasn't been cut since he was three, and he showed how much he enjoyed the music he listened to.
    He had a childhood friend though. He met her in day care, and they had gone to school together ever since then. Her mother was divorced, and so eventually their parents hooked up. They dated for a good seven years, but broke up because she didn't like how Jeff acted. That was three years ago (the break up) though. Jeff was now in his last year of highschool, and was still friends with that girl he met so long ago.
    "I was thinking." Jeff called from his bathroom which was down the hall from his bedroom to his friend who had come over. "Should i get a new gibson? I know I know, I should be saving up for prom crap, but prom is at the end of the month, and I don't care enough for to get a date."
  2. "I think you'd be better off getting a new Gibson." Audrey called back to him, she was actually looking forward to listening to him playing on a proper guitar; his current one's starting to fall apart and it sounded kinda out of tune... Upon his mention on prom she opened her mouth about to add more onto what she said before closing it, she felt it was much too early in the month to reassure him that he didn't need to save up for new prom clothes; she thought his old ones looked just fine, and come to think of it... She wouldn't really mind going with Jeff to prom if he didn't find anyone else by then, it would probably be better than going with a complete stranger like last time, she shuddered a little remembering that creepy experience.
  3. Jeff walked back into his room, wearing only his jeans that had rips in the knees. He went into his closet and pulled out one of his older GWAR shirts, it was a simple shirt with all the original band members on it.
    "Yeah, I guess my guitar is a bit out dated." He laughed as he pulled his shirt over his head. "How did you want to finish today off? Its Friday, and we lack homework. The world is ours."
  4. Audrey giggled a little at Jeff's last comment "Oh I don't know... I guess we could go out and get that Gibson, the stores shouldn't close for another hour or two." She said, ordinarily she would have wanted to listen to him play on his own guitar, but she thought it would be better to get the new one he wanted this time around... The day he played on a less out of tune guitar was the day she had been anticipating for at least a year now; the way he played made the resulting music sound almost heavenly, even with a rather out of tune guitar, and Audrey had always wondered how great he'd sound with a guitar that wasn't such a pain to use. "I won't mind doing something else if you had something in mind though." She adds just to be on the safe side.
  5. He pulled open his sock drawer that was beside his bed and pulled out his wallet. "Sounds like a plan to me. Wanna stay over tonight? I could get the futon in the spare room ready for you, or I can pull it in her. Either way, you'll have a place to sleep as normal." Jeff had a ramnbling problem, he never got to talk to anyone but her, so he never stopped talking.
  6. Audrey smiled "Sure... I guess I'm fine sleeping anywhere really." she said patiently understanding Jeff's rather frequent tangents he goes on. It was a common occurrence for her, and she didn't mind it too much; sometimes he talked about interesting things if he's on the right subject. Those times were some of her rather fond memories of the time she's spent with him, something that seems to be getting rarer and rarer for her with the few others she still hangs out with nowadays.
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  7. "Well not like I'd suggest the floor. I'd rather you sleep in my own bed before I suggest that." He pocketed his wallet and went into the hall. "Mind if we stop at the CD store? I kind of want to see if my order is in or not." With that, he opened the closet that was in the hall, shifted through all the blankets and pulled out his jean vest.
  8. "Ha! Hopefully it doesn't come down to that." Audrey laughed a little at what Jeff said, but deep down she know she probably wouldn't mind sleeping on the floor either. When Jeff mentioned the CD store she nods "Sure, it's no biggie... Probably a good idea to check up on that anyways, almost forgot." she answered sounding rather casual about it, perhaps they could listen to some of them if the order was in today...
  9. "What do you want to do??" He looked over at her down the hall. "This isn't just my night. Sometimes, I feel like being a social retard makes people look at me like an actual retard." He shook his head and turned to the stairs. "You can either come with me or stay here. I don't need you always with me."
  10. "I'm coming with you just the same." Audrey said following after him "To me you're actually quite fun, even with a few social problems." she adds reassuringly, beaming another smile towards his direction. "I used to be socially awkward myself." She thought, but she didn't dare say it out loud out in the hallway like this, maybe she'd tell him later when they were in a less public place.
  11. He shrugged. He made his way to the front door and slipped his black combat boots on. "You don't see me as having a mental disability, do you? Because I can assure you I don't." The front door swung open by the hand that connected to Jeff's arm. "After you."
  12. Audrey looked a little taken aback hearing what Jeff said "Of course not!" She said giving him a playful punch... Audrey was genuinely concerned that she had given off the impression that she had thought so though. However she just smiled and walked out the door which Jeff had opened for her thanking him as she walked by.
  13. Jeff nodded and closed her door for her. He wet around tl his side and jumped into his side. He made sure his music was turned down as low as it could be, without him not being able to hear it. He pulled out of the drive way, and went towards the down town area.
    "Was ther anything else you wanted to do tonight?" Jeff asked, looking at the road and driving.
  14. "Oh! I think I was gonna stop by a place to get something to eat... So I guess we could go there together?" Audrey gestured, this definitely sounded rather strange even coming from her but she did just remember it just now when Jeff asked her. She smiled a little awkwardly wondering what Jeff would thing of this rather unexpected question she just popped in out of what seemed like nowhere.
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