Young Justice

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  1. Just to notify. You don't need to know the show to play.
  2. I've seen nearly all the episodes up to the latest one, and I do read some comics and stuff, so I'd be a good quick database for anyone interested.
  3. Can Reaper's scythe seriously deflect anything, break superman's hands, etc?
  4. No. She's just trying to scare him buts she can deflect lasers and bullets. Her scythe is pretty strong but not that strong. It would be unfair if it was.
  5. Bullets AND Lasers? And what counts as a laser by the scythe's standards?

    Also, why didn't she react to the fact she had several energy blasts fired at her? There wasn't even an attempt to block/dodge/etc, nor being affected by it in any way negatively OR positively, as if the things just didn't exist.
  6. I didn't see that part. I'm sorry.
  7. Maybe this RP really just isn't for me. I think I'm done.
  8. Oh my. I suck at this...
  9. You don't.

    You simply need to seek out help in roleplaying and writing better. You have the potential to become greater than what I've seen now if you're wiling to try and improve.
  10. I know. This happened before though. I'm not good explaining or saying the right things though.
  11. Trust me when I say there's a way to get better at it. And when you start to really develop, you'll enjoy it so much, you'll naturally write that way without difficulty.

    It could all start with steps as simple as better regarding other characters, the environment, and all the factors that make up the world around your character. Add that sort of thing to your posts.