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    As some of you know Young Justice a team of teenagers who defeat evil and help out the Justice League. You can make up your own character or you can be anyone from the show.

    Reaper (A.K.A Vanessa) hides in the city streets waiting for her signal from Black Manta and his son Aqualad. She had no clue why they needed to rob a bank but she didn't care. she was doing what she was told to do. All because they promised to let her talk to Klarion the Witch Boy.
  2. Maximillion Madigan never really imagined what life was like being a cosmic champion, let alone a superhero on Earth. But then again, it was highly beneficial that he had came across the 'shooting star' that changed his life forever. His molecules, and his subatomic structure were forever altered, and he could feel the forces that had driven this universe coursing through his veins, being one with the world around him.

    And then, he could shoot energy blasts, use flight and a couple other tricks via energy manipulation, and also be taken in as the protege to a classic hero: Captain Comet, the Psionic champion of Earth back in the days after the Justice Society, but before Superman and the Justice League. Comet was a space-going adventurer and sometimes hired gun who knew his way around a space station, and could draw his blaster faster than a Green Lantern Corpsman could think of a construct.

    Yessir, life as 'The Star-Son' was great. What now made it even better was the fact he was with the Justice League's Black Ops division, as well as a teenage super-team.

    I mean, at least until he decided to try and ditch patrolling gotham with the others, seeing as most major crimes were being handled by the Bat Family. And then by chance, Starson happened to come across a bank with a lone girl in strange garb trying to enter.

    "Finally!" He exclaimed in a low whisper "My first Bank Robbery. Now I can start making a name for myself!"

    The science hero descended to face 'Reaper,' arms folded and his usual red aura about him as he looked down on the criminal with his steely gaze.

    "Gotham Bank is closed, miss." He informed her sternly. "Unless you're here to deposit some stellar fury, I suggest you cheese it."

  3. Reaper says nothing her face not showing any emotion. She straightens out her right arm to the side and her scythe appears. "I must see him. It's my one and only wish."
  4. "I'm sure the bank teller is real nice, kid. But they don't operate at this hour. Vacate the premises at once, or I'm going thermonuclear."
  5. Reaper shakes her head. "I mean I must see Karlion the Witch Boy. This is only way. If I fail they will hurt me. I must see him and I must not get hurt."
  6. The Youthful Spaceman blinked once. Klarion? Getting hurt? The bank? Just what did this girl want with a punk like that, anyway?

    "Take it easy now." Assured the young man. "Why don't you put down the scythe, and we find a more semi-legal way to settle this. And preferably someplace less open? I mean, the police don't always take kindly to our sorts of folk 'consorting,' as they call it."
  7. "Aw! Your a hereo. Let me guess Justice League or are you a solo? You see Karlion is my idol and the cutest villain ever. " Reaper smiles and her eyes light up. Her face quickly goes back to being serious and holds the scythe up to his neck. "Now please back down or die."
  8. Salas teleported to every bank he knew. He was within the vaults grabbing stacks of money then teleporting out. His last one was the one at gotham. He tried to teleport inside but something forced him on the outside. "God seriously Bruce? You gotta ruin my fun!" He kicked a nearby coluumn and wagged his tail around.

    He sighed and decided to get some food. He turned and saw 2 individuals conversing they were definitely supers. He quickly teleported on rooftop and watched the 2 figures.
  9. Reaper sighs. "Fine then. No answer then die!"
  10. And there it was: a shiny, and rather lengthy tool of the deathly trade up to his neck. While such a weapon wouldn't kill him immediately, it'd probably come close. His first instinct was to raise a glowing fist of pure (100%) cosmic energy to keep her at bay, but instead, raised a hand to gently push the blade away from his neck, and then moved backwards to make some space between the two of them.

    "Nah. Space adventurer. Imbued with cosmic energy. Y'know, glue of the universe? Nevermind. Just do your worst, Ace."
  11. Reaper shakes her head and turns back to back. She runs in turning into black smoke and finds the green crystal Manta told her he wanted. She snatches it from its stand. Alrams immeditly go off. "Oh great."
  12. If there was anything Max despised, it was a coward. And certain types magic. It was just as unfair as those higher up cosmic entities, like the Guardians of Oa, or The Phantom Stranger. At this point, negotiation was useless, so he decided to be a little flashy. And by flashy, that would result in the front doors being blasted apart, Max zipping on in guns blazing as furious blue bolts of energy flew from his outstretched palms and towards Reaper in an attempt to try and subdue her.

    "I bet that scythe's just for show, right?" He asked. "Because You're gonna need something better."
  13. "This scythe can deflect anything and break Superman's hands if her ever punched it. Its a work of art no longer in progress. Perfected it just last night." Reaper smiles.
  14. "Pffft." Scoffed an unimpressed Max. "Say whatever you want about the thing, but even I can't tag supes. He's on another level, dude."

    (So, Max just fired energy blasts at Reaper. I'm going to guess you want me to assume she just blocked the attack, given her statement?)
  15. Reaper looks at him confused. "Never heard of him. Sorry but I don't care what you say to me."
  16. "You just said you could take on Superman. Now you're saying you have no idea who he is?…" Asked a confused Max. "…"

    Max kind of just stared at Reaper for a moment, and scratched his head. Things grew rather quiet for a moment, before the young man attempted to say something, but literally just gave up. There was now a haunted, soulless look in his eyes that reeked of not only the previously mentioned confusion, but an infinite void that said that he was just done with life. He levitated upwards, and just headed back through the doorway he blasted through, leaving an 'I.O.U.' note for the owners of the building to let them know that the Wayne Foundation would cover the damages by superhuman conflict.

    He looked upwards at the sky, and sighed to himself, before preparing to fly, bolting off towards the atmosphere as he left behind only a cone-shaped white cloud, the air pressure dropping at that spot as Starson broke the sound barrier, and began to approach Mach 1, flying back home towards Metropolis...
  17. Reaper smiles and walks out with the crystal. "I finally get to to see you Karlion." She runs off in glory.
  18. Show Spoiler

    Gotham City

    June 12

    22:36 EDT

    Eve Tsing touched down on the roof of Gotham Central Bank, the helicopter that had been her transport taking off silently, its black paint job allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the inky darkness of the starless night sky above. She wasted no time making her way over to an air duct. Removing a short-bladed sword from a sheath on her back, she used it to quickly pry open the vent before crawling inside and dropping gracefully down the shaft to a crossway between several other ducts. She glanced in all four directions and then scurried on her knees and elbows down the one that would take her to the vault, remembering to keep her head down in the cramped space. According to the schematics she had memorized, this route should take her directly to the room outside the vault door.

    Within minutes, she had removed another vent in the ceiling and descended to the floor. Scanning the room quickly for any signs of security, she saw none and relaxed a little, returning her sword to its sheath. If there were any security guards on duty, they would probably be more concerned with the little distraction outside her partners in the Light were supposed to be supplying than the vault. That should give her the time and space she needed to work. Still, she only had a limited window of time in which to get the job done, so she couldn't afford to dawdle.

    Walking over to the massive vault door, she pulled a small, thin cable from a compact device strapped to her wrist. After pulling off the cover to the security terminal situated next to the vault door, she plugged the cable into its exposed circuitry and tapped a few keystrokes into her own mini-computer. It would take a few minutes for the program the client had given to her to crack the access codes to the vault. As the small holographic display projected by the device on her wrist showed its progress gradually cycling in what seemed like a never ending loop, Eve counted down the seconds. 45. 30. 20. 15. 10. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1...

    Done. With the click of a button, she switched off the display, the hologram blinking out of existence, and the cable retracted, slinking back into the port on her wrist. She could now hear the mechanisms within the vault door coming to life, the sound fully audible despite the several feet of solid steel separating the inner workings of the door and herself. With a final click and a hiss of escaping air, the vault door popped open, although this only left an opening a few inches wide. She struggled to push the massive seal aside, leaning against it with all her strength. In the end, she only managed to expand the opening a few feet. It was enough, however, for her to slip through and into the vault itself.

    Walking past the numerous shelves that lined the inner walls and completely disregarding their contents (mostly lockboxes and safes), she made her way to the back of the large, high-ceilinged room. There she found what she had come for; a nondescript black case about the size of a hat box in the shape of a perfect cube, its outer surface unmarked except for a narrow seam that ran all the way around it. Eve grabbed the box and immediately headed back out through the gap she had made. Her getting paid was hanging on making a quick escape without any holdups, and she hadn't come here tonight and risked getting caught breaking into Gotham's most high profile, well-protected bank to not get paid.

    Hearing a series of explosions outside, she almost thought the gig was up, but after freezing in her tracks for a few moments and not seeing a S.W.A.T team come bursting in with guns blazing, she ignored the noises and made her way into the bank proper, figuring it was all a part of the prearranged distraction. She darted over to a large stone column, taking cover behind it, the black box cradled under her arm. Leaning out to see if there were any obstacles to her quick getaway, she was somewhat surprised to see there was not so much as a single security guard there. Her suspicion slightly piqued by this, she checked every corner in the room before she came out from behind the column. Dispensing with stealth for the sake of an expedient escape, she took off on foot, racing toward one of the side exits.

    Suddenly, she came across a pile of rubble and dust on the floor. Glancing up, she saw there was a large hole blown out of the ceiling high above. Whether it had been made as part of the diversion or by her extractors she didn't care or have time to figure out, as a long black rope was dropped down through the hole and landed at her feet. Taking hold of it, she paused a second to make sure the box was secure before yanking once on the rope. Without a moment's delay, she began to rise as she was hoisted out through the opening in the roof by the same helicopter that had dropped her off barely twenty minutes before.

    Gotham Harbor

    June 13

    1:36 EDT

    Eve strolled through the main reception hall of the Iceberg Lounge. It was mostly devoid of human presence at the moment, the majority of it's usual clientele having called it a night. Those people that remained were either hired muscle or personal friends of the club's owner, The Penguin. Cobblepot himself was seated on a throne of what appeared to be carved ice, alone save for a pair of skimpily dressed females standing on either side of him, who were hanging over the stunted man and fawning obsequiously, and a single tuxedoed bodyguard.

    Eve placed the box in Penguin's lap, his deformed hands folding over it as she backed a few steps away from his throne.

    "I take it you didn't run into any problems." The Penguin spoke, a long-stemmed cigarette protruding from the corner of his mouth just under the tip of his hooked, beak-like nose.

    She shook her head silently. It was the truth, for the most part. She had avoided the superheroes who seemed to be running rampant everywhere these days, and luckily she hadn't run afoul of Gotham's infamous cowled guardian.

    "Excellent. Now, let's take a look at the little prize you were so kind as to fetch for me."

    Penguin pried open the top of the box, revealing the object nestled in its velour-lined interior. Eve could almost have mistaken it for a large stone, except it was almost perfectly elliptical. It looked for all the world like a cement football there grasped in the fused fingers of the gleefully grinning crime lord.

    "Titanis walleri. Also known as the terror bird. A flightless predator that died out nearly 2 million years ago." he explained. "This is one of the only intact fossil specimens that remain in the world."

    Eve gave no indication of interest or concern. It might have seemed odd to some infiltration specialists that they had been asked to retrieve such a thing, but it wasn't for her to question the predilections of her clients. Or her clients' clients, as was the case. Then again, why should it seem odd for a man named after a flightless bird to be interested in extinct bird species?

    Looking very pleased, Penguin handed the egg to one of his companions who carried it off to a side room. The short man then regarded Eve with a gaze that was almost predatory. "Tell Luthor I will send him what he asked. Ah, but how will I refer to this mysterious new operative? Most of the people who do work for me take on avian code-names like my own personal sobriquet. But what shall we call you?"

    She paused for a moment, considering, before she answered.

    "Call me Harrier."

  19. Reaper met Black Manta at the edge of the docks of Gothom Harbor. "There was a bit of trouble and I got a few hits but that was it. I got what you wanted. Now when can I meet Klarion." Black Manta shook his head. "Not yet. You will when your ready to." He said and that was that. He turned away and and went back into the ocean. Reaper turns away and walks off.

  20. In this pic, her hair is pulled back.
    assassin 3.jpg

    Here, her hair is down
    . assassin 2.jpg

    Jay jumped off the building, landing gracefully on the next roof. Her black hair covered half her face, but her smile was unmistakable. She stalked over to a vent. 'Time for some fun.' She dropped into the building, hovering over the floor as not to set off any alarms. She shivered as she cloaked herself to match the walls. She came up to a security camera and knocked it to the floor. Then, she threw her head back and let out a terrifying scream. 'That'll scare them.' She quickly flew out her entry way and up into the night air, almost hitting someone flying way to fast. "Watch it!" she yelled. She went the other direction, dropping to the ground to walk. She strolled down the road, enjoying the darkness. 'As long as I get home before light.' She thought to herself.