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  1. I want to do a fresh and new take on the Young Justice cartoon. Remake it different from the show, not because the show was inadequate, but because it wasn't satisfying enough. we didn't get to see the characters we wanted, or we didn't get to see them like we would've wanted them to be.

    So this is gonna be your chance to put your favorite "Young" Heroes into the Young Justice Team, or reinvision the members that made the team the first time. The choice is yours, and the plot will, of course be different from the one in the show. Only thing that will remain a constant is the presence of "The Light".

    More information and what not will be made available once I see interest.
  2. What is your take on [rainbow]Original Characters[/rainbow]
  3. Direct-Original characters, I'm against it. However, if you base an OC on a canon character, you might be in the clear. That's a very case by case basis for me, though.
  4. Well i was sad the way they portrayed some characters. Like i hated the story behind beast boy. I love Kid Flash hes my favorite honestly. Id love to portray him in a rp.
  5. If this is more than a one-liner per post RP, I'd totally be interested in joining.
  6. Ahaha. Me, and one-liner RP's. <3

    Best Joke I've heard all day, pal, thanks for that.
  7. You're welcome? Because I was completely serious (and I just stalked you all over the forum and I see that you don't run one liner games).

    So I'm in.
  8. I'm interested in doing this. I would like to involve Raven a bit more if that's okay.
  9. Yes. Oh please, yes.
  10. Grand. I will start working on a OOC shortly.
  11. Should I call dibs? I want Donna Troy. (Who NEVER showed. I was super disappointed)
  12. I'd love to "call dibs" on Dick Grayson
  13. I wish the dibs on Kid Flash haha
  14. I'm probably gonna do Superboy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.