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    Metropolis: 5
    th Of July, 2014

    9:45 A.M

    Toyman was on a rampage in Metropolis. His rocket car was blasting through the city, the cops chasing him. He had just robbed a bank, his car filled with money. The psychotic being obsessed with gimmicky toys laughed his usual laughter as he drove onto the Metropolis Bridge, the cops behind him. His car armed with weaponry that kept the police at bay. Once the cops were on the bridge, he fired two rockets, that would aim to take down the foundation of the bridge, tearing the bridge apart. The bridge would collapse under the vehicles, but something, Someone help the bridge together. The man clad in blue and red held the bridge up. While another person, a smaller one, wearing black and blue would latch onto the foundation, using his heat-vision to repair one of them.

    “Superboy. Take Toyman. I'll clean up here.” Superman ordered the younger Kryptonian, whom with a nod jumped up into the air, one clean leap that sent him flying through the air. While in the air, Superboy calculated his trajectory. Toyman would be at the end of the bridge, sure he got away, when he saw a shadow grow bigger in front of his car. And in the next second, the jeans clad teenager landed on his hood, collapsing his tires and wrecking his car, making the criminal be launched out of his windshield. The boy, however, grabbed Toyman when he flew out of his car, his grip firm, but safe. In the process of being thrown out of his car, Toyman broke his arm and passed out.

    Superboy used his X-ray to see that his wounds weren't serious. “Threat Neutralized, Superman.” Conner said, as Superman flew next to him. “Good work. But, come on. You're a little excited, aren't you?”

    “I suppose so. Ma and Pa talked a very big game about today's events. But I suppose, after all, Today's the day” Conner said, Superman scoffing, before signaling that the two should get a move on to DC.


    Hall Of Justice Washington DC. 5th July 2014

    11:00 A.M

    The Justice League were all waiting at the Hall Of Justice. Well, most of the league, at least. Some were absent, most certainly on a mission. Superboy was wearing his civilian clothes. His hair was water-combed to the side, glassed with heavy frames, taped to keep them together sat on his nose, his shielded shirt was hidden behind a nicely ironed flannel shirt. He wore clean jeans, and nice leather shoes. On his left writs was a watch. And around his neck hung a camera. One with keen sight would see that on his shirt hung a laminated pass. “Daily Planet Junior Photographer – Conner Kent.” Read the pass.

    Clark had told Conner it was best for him to show his Superboy identity as little as possible in the public eye, and the Hall of Justice was a very public place. Hence the disguise.

    Conner walked into the Hall Of Justice, photographing everything he saw. He had never actually been in here before. In fact, he had very rarely been anywhere. Most of his time was spent either in the fortress, or at the farm in Smallville. This was all new and exciting for Conner, and excitement was a brand new feeling for the Kryptonian.

    Soon, once everyone of the sidekicks had arrived, they would be allowed into the inner sanctum of the Hall Of Justice. Away for the public eye. And their new lives would begin. And Conner? Well, Conner couldn't wait.
  2. Gotham City:
    July 5th, 9:55 AM
    "Two arrows, target below, catch his-" Green Arrow shouted out orders but Artemis saw what she was supposed to do. She quickly brought out two arrows, aimed them below, and caught the thieves tailcoat and sleeve against the wall he ran past. Artemis flipped down from her post and grabbed onto the guy's collar with one arm, ripping the arrows from his coat. She spoke to him in a whisper, "What do you have their, buddy? Some jewels that don't belong to you?" Her grip tightened around his collar.

    "Artemis!" Green Arrow's voice came out in a boom, "Nicer?" He muttered at her. Artemis sighed, she was trained to punish people from her father. Even though she had been fighting crime for three months now, one month under Green Arrow's watchful eye, she still found it hard to not harm her captives as much as her father would have liked.

    "Today's the day. You don't want to feel guilty surrounded by heroes, do you?" He chuckled at her as he grabbed the thief. He was right, today was the day. And Artemis couldn't be anymore nervous.

    - - -- - - --

    Hall of Justice:
    July 5th, 11 AM
    Green Arrow and Artemis headed to the Hall of Justice now. Artemis had a hard time deciding if she wanted to arrive in her little superhero getup or in civilian clothes. Green Arrow suggested she wore whatever was comfortable, but he didn't seem to get it. This was the first day Artemis was being introduced to anyone in the Justice League. She only knew Green Arrow and Batman and not another single soul. She wanted to make a good first impression on them and wasn't sure if hiding behind her mask would be a good idea. So she decided on her signature dark green colored top and green pants. She also braided her hair over her shoulder to make her more presentable. "This okay? Or should I be in reg-" She asked Green Arrow but he stopped her abruptly, "Hey. Don't worry about it. They are going to love you! Get excited!" He slapped her on the back in a friendly style, obviously trying to make her seem more comfortable.

    "Thanks," she stopped and stared at him, "uncle."

    Together the two walked to the Hall of Justice where cameras flashed around them. She tried to cover her eyes from the glaring lights and flashes, this made her even more nervous for this day. Green Arrow wrapped an arm around Artemis's shoulder to direct her in the right way. Artemis noticed one other sidekick was already here. She took a deep breath in and reminded herself that she was supposed to be a part of this team.

    A team of people she was trained to kill almost her whole life. But nonetheless, a team she would now trust and respect. And help save people with. And that was her purpose now, to save others.
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  3. Gotham City
    11pm. July 4th, 2014

    Tim pinched the bridge of his nose as exhaustion threatened to claim him. Twenty-six hours with only the barest amounts of sleep did strange things to the mind and body. Tim knew that Bruce could could go with only three hours of sleep per day due to enhanced training and willpower, but the older man also had the advantage of a stable body. Tim had no such luxury.

    Standing at 5'7, the seventeen year old had recently begun a growth spurt. The hormones and growth of his body had left the normally controlled teen with a tiredness that combined with his long hours left Tim on the brink of passing out. Thankfully, years of training in meditation left Tim with a control of his body that allowed the young man to move beyond normal human limits. Years of training....and the hyper stimulant known to the common man as coffee. Luwak Coffee beans, also known as the Civet Coffee, were among the tastiest coffee beans in the world. At nearly two hundred dollars a pound, the Luwak Coffee bean was considered one of the most exotic and expensive beans in the world. Thankfully, money was a non issue for the young man.

    Tim closed his eyes beneath his black domino mask and went through several tantric breathing exercises before opening his eyes suddenly. The Boy Wonder turned his attention back to the holographic computer resting upon the dashboard of his 'Redbird' motorcycle and his gloved hands skimmed across the screen as five red dots pinged upon a map of the city.


    Tim grimaced and lifted his hand to his the comm in his ear,

    "Batman, the scan is done. The Joker has five bombs over the city. I'm sending you the map now."

    "Confirmed. I need you to defuse the bombs in Uptown and South Channel Island. I'll take care of the other three."

    "Acknowledged," Tim spoke as he gunned the engine to his motorcycle. The young man was soon flying down the street at insane speeds to reach the location of the southern most bomb. As he sped, the young man heard the voice of his mentor come over the comm-link.

    "Penny-One, contact the Commissioner and tell him to have the police begin evacuation of the areas immediately. We don't know what kind of bomb the Joker is dealing with."

    "That is going to be somewhat difficult, Sir. The Joker is currently holding the police station hostage."

    ".....Understood. Robin, I need you to take the bombs. I'll deal with the Joker personally."

    "It will be difficult to get to all of them in time, but I'll do my best. Robin out."

    The Boy Wonder gunned the throttle and sped away into the night. Hopefully Gotham would not be experiencing any fireworks of the more unpleasant nature this Holiday.

    Nearly an hour later found the young hero zooming across the streets of Gotham Uptown. The previous bombs had been left unguarded and were easily disable with a minor EMP jolt of the alien variety. Despite his mentor's dislike for using non-earth tech in Gotham, the man allowed it for things of a less combative nature. The law of escalation was ever present in the Dark Knight's mind.

    "Redbird, initiate Echolocation Gamma One," Tim spoke to his motorcycle.


    Robin's mouth set into a thin line at the scan and gunned the motorcycle faster. The young man quickly cut the corner and his suspicions were correct. Two of the Joker's henchmen in clown masks stood guarding the bomb alongside Harley Quinn. The woman was dressed titillatingly in a loose top and bottoms in addition to the pig-tails.

    Tim took no notice of this as he jumped from his Redbird Cycle. The bike continued forward and slammed into one of the henchman, knocking the burly man out cold. Tim glided through the air to land firmly against the more scrawny henchman. The man fell backwards and hit is head against the concrete. Two down.

    "Aww!!! Birdy has come to tweet mommy a song! Come to mommy!!"

    Tim pushed himself off the unconscious thug and into a back hand-spring as the heavy hammer swung through his previous location. Several bat-a-rangs flew through the air towards the woman as the teen landed, but the insane woman batted them away with her hammer.

    Tim grimaced as she advanced with heavy swings. The agile youth dodged the attacks fairly easily as Harley was not quite the martial artist he himself was, but the woman's insanity caused her to be quite erratic in movement. Finally seeing an opening, Robin ducked beneath a swing and launched a solid upper cut to the woman's jaw. Numerous encounters with the female villains of Gotham had dissolved any preconceptions Tim might have had about women being the weaker sex. Harley Quinn lay unconscious upon the ground.

    The Boy Wonder quickly moved to the bomb and deactivated it with a quick EMP bolt. He sighed and brought his hand up to his comm-link.

    "The bombs are neutralized as is Harley Quinn. Batman, do you need back-up?"

    "Negative. The Joker is also neutralized. Good work."

    "Thanks," Tim allowed the smallest smile to cross his face at the praise. The Batman was not one to give praise unduly and even the slightest acknowledgement was equal to winning the Nobel Peace Prize in Tim's eyes. His adopted father was the one to whom he looked up most, "Mind if I head back to home base? Or do you need me to help with clean-up?"

    "Why so eager to get back?"

    "Well considering that I've had maybe three hours of sleep in the past twenty-seven hours, I'm exhausted. Also," Robin looked down at his watch. 12:01am, "Today is the day."


    Hall of Justice, Washington D.C.
    11am, July 5th 2014

    Tim leaned against the wall in one of the back corner's of the Hall of Justice. Despite the brightness of the Hall, Tim had managed to find what he thought to be the most inconspicuous place to stand. A red hoody covered his torso along with baggy tan cargo pants. Black boots covered his feet. Beneath the outfit was a less protective version of his Robin Costume, but it still allowed him to carry the majority of his gadgets. Black sun-glasses covered hid his blue eyes as he observed the numerous patrons visiting the Hall. His eyes gazed over several until resting upon one very awkward looking young man.

    Flannel shirt indicates someone of a more 'country' lifestyle to better shield from the elements. Photographer. Daily Planet. Metropolis. Most likely has spent a lot of time in the surrounding area. Smallville perhaps? Conner Kent? Definitely Smallville then. Keeping the same name as Clark then? Ah, Superboy. Prepare for similar if not identical powers as Superman. If forced to fight, retreat. If forced to engage, obscure sight with smoke pellet. Slow heartbeat. Don't make any noise. Head to more secure room for magical artifacts. If similar to Superman, he is weak to magic though not to the degree of Kyrptonite. Assume nothing. He seems...Nice.

    Tim shook his head at his thoughts and slumped against the wall further. While the sleep had been welcomed, having to get up early to make his way to DC had been a major downer. Several deep breaths and a sip of coffee from the cup in his hands sent warmth shooting throughout his body. Thank God for Alfred Pennyworth. The man was a divine being sent from above to make such coffee. Tim's eyes turned back to the Hall and his eyes narrowed beneath the glasses for a moment as two blondes entered the room.

    Green Arrow. Oliver Queen. Member of the League. Something of a maverick. Bruce is not a fan of his flippancy, but Bruce is not a fan of anything. If forced to engage, also obscure sight. Move in close. Open with kick to the knee to destroy mobility. Get behind and use staff to counter superior strength in a choke hold. Keep body between myself and other possible assailants. Hold until he passes out.

    Artemis Crock. Niece to Oliver Queen. Except until a few months ago Oliver Queen did not even have any siblings much less a niece. Paperwork trail indicated Bruce's handiwork. Why? Asking Batman would achieve nothing. Method of action? Observe and analyze. Dedicate time to mystery later. If forced to engage, use similar tactics to Green Arrow; assume nothing about her capabilities. Attack. Observe. Adapt. She seems confident and....attractive. Last point irrelevant to engage tactics. Relevant to team dynamics and personal interaction.

    Tim took another sip of his coffee and scowled for a moment at the tepid heat. It appeared that his coffee had cooled while he thought too much. The young man sighed and threw the styrofoam cup into a nearby trash can. It almost seemed sacrilege to throw away the nectar of the gods, but it would be even more of a heresy to drink it in it's unholy form. He would need to do penance to the Pennyworth later. Most likely chores.

    Tim chuckled at his thoughts. A smile graced his face for the first time that morning. Today was going to be a good day. The young man smiled and began walking through the Hall as he waited to be called. He appeared as just another tourist observing the statues, even as his eyes really waited for the viewing of more of the 'sidekicks.'
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  4. The Allens Home, Hillcrest
    10:30 AM

    Two souped up muscle cars hauled through backwoods roads outside of LA. Large plums of dust and rocks getting kicked up by the back tires as in the car in the back Wally West gritted his teeth clinching his controls. Barry, his dad, had pulled ahead on a small jumping shortcut and was starting to get away from him as the finish line came closer and closer. “No no no no...” Wally muttered leaning himself in his seat forward as they got to the finish line.



    Player 2 wins.

    Wally leaned back on the couch while his dad held his arms up in triumph sitting next to him. “Boom! In your face son!” Barry gestured at Wally with two index fingers. Wally just shaking his head as he grabbed at the temple of his nose.

    “Man why didn't I go with the other car?” Wally moaned quietly to himself. Truthfully though inside he was still all smiles, as it came out after a breath and one more shake of the head. His smirk as he looked back at the large flat screen in the living room.

    This was typically the routine when Wally's dad didn't have work, either kind really. The two would usually go out and do something, or often times just stay at home, order in a pizza or Chinese food, and play video games until bed time. After the time the had have had bonding in their unique new father/son manner. Wally has really enjoyed the time with his dad his had. Sure he can recall the time he resented, hated his dad. Back when Barry Allen came into Wally's life for the first time in years. Wally resented the man who ran away a long time ago. Though through sheer perseverance, not to mention a strange twist of fate, the two have had plenty of bonding time.

    “Here we should probably get ready to go.” Barry clicked off the TV as he got up from the couch, still in the sweater vest, dress shirt and slacks, and shoes of his work clothes. He had gotten off for the day early saying him and Wally were going camping that weekend. The excuse was admittedly a little flimsy since Wally hated the idea of camping. Pooping in the woods, bears, no electricity, what was the point?

    Still though Wally beamed as he remembered that today was special, today was THE day. “Oh man!” Wally squealed in joy a little as he got up from the couch himself. Almost instantly both Wally and Barry were gone in a flash. Fittingly as the two came back downstairs dressed in suits of red and yellow. Outside of normal life, both Barry Allen and Wally Allen were known as The Flash and Kid Flash respectfully.

    “Wally your top's on backwards...” The Flash said chuckling at the sight of his son's uniform on wrong.

    Wally looked down, realizing in his excitement that he did in fact put his clothes on wrong. “Oops.” In the span of a nanosecond Wally had the top of his uniform on right as he shook his head. “Little amped up for this.” He told his dad.

    The Hall of Justice, Washington DC
    11:00 AM

    The father and son superhero combo left the house after Wally's mom and Barry's newly remarried wife jolted out the door. Despite being many many MANY miles away from the Hall of Justice in Central City. The travel only took a minute of their hard incredibly fast running. Wally lagged a bit behind, but was able to keep up as they eventually sped into Washington DC. Making good time as the two screeched to a stop in front of Superman. “Sorry for the wait we uh...” The Flash paused realizing what excuse he was going to use. “Captain Cold was up too his old tricks again.” He told Superman with a sheepish grin.

    Wally meanwhile though looked around at some of the others, he saw Artemis, who he had heard of. Boy, pretty fine... Wally felt drool forming in his mouth when he was seeing her curves in that green suit she was wearing. Finally to stop himself he turned around, seeing some kid in glasses and a flannel shirt. The kid had a press badge and was holding a camera. Good enough for Kid Flash as he dashed over. “Oh hey media folk right? Hold on I'll get you a good shot.” Instantly Wally transitioned from pose to pose. All clearly practiced as he used a nearby small pillar for some of the shots. “Make sure you're getting my good side!” He told the camera man.
  5. 4:55 a.m., July 5th, 2014
    Diana's Apartment, Near Washington D.C.

    Donna groaned as she pulled herself out of bed. The spring mattresses here in the Patriarch's world were something she's never get used to. Back on Themyscira their beds were hard yes, but they also had some soft ones. Like the down beds in her mother's palace. Somewhere down the hallway Donna could hear the sound of cooking. The teen levered herself up into a sitting position. Her bedside clock, another thing she wasn't quite used to, read 4:56 in red glowing numbers. She rubbed her eyes and pulled open her blinds.

    Donna stifled a yawn as she climbed out of bed. Her blinds were still closed so she couldn't yet see the sun to know if the time on the clock was proper. However Diana had told her over and over that technology like this was reliable. Donna knew it must, for there was also technology on Themyscira but it was hard to not compare the two. The girl staggered into the shower and reappeared a while later. Pants were one thing she didn't mind so much, even if they were restricting at first compared to her toga. And the t-shirts were nice too. She was wearing the one Diana had bought her specifically. One with the Wonder Woman logo on it. Her sister had just laughed when she had saw it in the store and said Donna had to wear it today. Knowing her sister, when they got to the Hall, everyone would probably laugh too.

    Donna tied her wet hair back into a ponytail as the smell of food slowly pulled her to the kitchen. Diana stood in front of the stove in plain clothes and an apron. Upon seeing her younger sister she smiled.

    "Ready yet little sister?" Diana asked.

    Donna grinned back. "As I'll ever be." Not. The girl mentally added in her brain. She was still trying to figure out how to fit in as a "normal" girl in this world. Let alone a superhero's sidekick. She'd been helping Diana only for a couple of months now. Sure she'd been tutored a little by Robin, on behest of their mentors, but he was in Gotham and she was here. And she was weird according to most people her age. Diana told her not to worry, but then again, she didn't have any problems fitting in. She knew who she was. But who was Donna?

    11:15 a.m., July 5th 2014
    Hall of Justice, Washington D.C.

    Diana and Donna disembarked from the invisible jet. The two were dressed in their typical costumes. Donna in her one piece red suit, thigh high boots, her lasso attached to her side. Diana in her uniform which left her legs completely exposed. Not exactly fitting in battle, but she wasn't allowed to complain about it. Or so Diana had told her. She had also said that Donna would understand the use of such an outfit when she got older. Donna had just rolled her eyes.

    Anyways, the two hurried their pace. Earlier when they were on time, they got a distress call coming through in Wonder Woman's invisible jet. The little detour had made them quite late. Though they had saved a few people from burning to death on top of a building. Now they hurried up the stairs to the Hall two at a time, ignoring everyone in their path.

    "Quickly." Wonder Woman said to her little sister. "We're late."

    Donna, who was keeping up pretty easily because Diana wasn't going full speed for all her urgency, just rolled her eyes. "It's fine. Even if we are late it's still fine."

    Diana glared at Donna before she stopped in front of the doors. "This is important." She lowered her voice so people couldn't hear her, only Donna.

    "I know it is." Donna said spreading her hands in an appeasing gesture. "But what is done is done. Those people needed us more than we needed to be here."

    Diana scowled. Donna smiled and slipped into the Hall. "Anyways," The teen tossed back over her shoulder. "Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?" Her laughter made Diana shake her head and follow her sister inside. Wasn't Donna supposed to be the one who was too excited, and was supposed to bemoan being late? She wasn't supposed to be nervous and feel like this was too soon. Much too soon. Was she even a proper Superhero?

    "Here." Diana said as she pointed out a door that was marked Authorized Personnel Only. Beyond those doors were the other Mentors and their Sidekicks.
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  6. Superman had left Conner a few moments earlier to engage in conversation with the other leaguers. He had vanished into the restricted areas with the others, leaving Conner to fend for himself. The boy hid behind his camera whenever someone came up to him, asking for their photo taken. Until a certain speedster came up, hogging the camera from a couple of kids who wanted their pictures taken.

    "Uhm.. Excuse me, Child Lightning.. But which side would that be?" Conner said, while his words seemed sarcastic, the boy's tone was genuine. "No one's got a good side, unless your face is horribly unsymmetrical, kind of like that villain in Gotham, I believe." Conner said, snapping a picture of Kid Flash, as he began walking down into the hall of justice, keeping his eyes on the heroes and sidekicks that arrived. Diana and her Ward arrived. Conner smiled, he always admired Wonder Woman, she was a strong female, and he realized that there were quite the lack of those in the world. Why? Well, like with most things, the boy didn't quite understand why.

    As his eyes were at the two amazons, Conner took a step towards the stairs, not seeing a trashcan, he felt his knee bump into it, and the trashbin bend under his strength, to improvise, Conner made it look like he fell, tossing the trashcan a few feet over him, making it roll down the stairs, the teenaged boy following the can down the stairs. Luckily for the stairs, there were only four steps. The Camera and his glasses both fell off of him, the camera laid on the ground with the lense aimed at him. This made Conner realize he hadn't taken off the lid.

    Scrambling to put his glasses on again, he realized he had caused quite the scene. Don't think this is what Superman said when I should act clumsy and sheepish... This doesn't divert attention at all, quite the opposite, in fact.. Conner thought to himself, rubbing his head as if it hurt.
  7. Paris, France // July 5th, 2014
    3:00 PM currently (9:00 AM back in Gotham)
    Le Grand Rex

    Two males in suits and top hats walked out greeted by many adoring fans. A man, possibly in his mid to late thirties and a young man who was merely a late teenager. Some fans even at this time, crowded around the outside of the grand theatre, staring at the suited men, women and girls screaming their lungs out--Males admiring their reputation and flawless magic. It was the wonderful Zatara's, Known to be The worlds greatest magicians if born into this line of homo-magi. John Zatara was apparent as he signed and talked to some fans for a bit kindly, joined by not Zatanna Zatara--But rather her younger cousin, Zachary Zatara. Another magician descendant of the bloodline whom always wished to be acknowledged and in a way received acknowledgment.

    While John talked, Zachary ignored his fans. Hands stuffed in the pockets of his tail coat, and making his way down to the white limousine that awaited them. "Seriously.., It's always him stopping and talking.." Muttered Zachary as he leaned down wrapping his fingers under the limo door's handlebars. Something felt off, and he looked over his shoulder."Let's go Master magician. Have you forgotten? Paris is six hours ahead, today's the day!" He called in a complaining tone. John stared, then merely gave his boy a chuckle and walked towards him, slow as usual."I'm coming, I'm coming Zachary!" Assured the male as he was then stopped by interviewers. Zachary rolled his eyes turning back to the limo, and to his surprise was greeted by a female all to familiar. She sat cross legged, a smirk apparent across her face in her one pieced outfit of red. Her claws were long and sharp and she soon grinned at the sight of Zachary.

    "Surprise!~" mused the girl
    "Good bye!" Zachary mused back abruptly slamming the door shut and closing it with his back against it, only to see his master stare at him confusingly, eyebrows raised."Care to shed some light?" He asked. Zachary let out a nervous chuckle, but soon the female had simply escaped using the other door and jumped over the limousine, going after John first and over Zachary's head. Her name was Kitsune. A assassin from Japan.... And succubus trying to possess Zachary -Though she already failed once from almost controlling his body to kill Zatanna-. John didn't have time to chant any magic words, but in return was punched roughly -but not severely- in the throat causing him to not be able to use any magic. The crowd shrieked in horror, even yelled as they scattered in all sorts of directions.

    Seriously, this bitch as Zachary would put it, was making him late for a special event. As John grabbed the females wrist ultimately forcing her to stay on him, Zachary climbed above the limo to get a good aim and look at his target so that he wouldn't hurt anyone else. He looked at a nearby tree then back at the female and let out a groan of indifference."Sevael dnib reH!" He merely changed. Soon the leaves of the trees gathered and magically pulled off and away from the tree it once rested and grew on, binding the female down. Zachary quickly outstretched his hand in the direction of the now naked tree, chanting a spell to cage the woman--But being to quick Kitsune had managed to rip through the leaves with her claws and ran over to zachary, jumping rather high enough and kicking him roughly in the stomach with her crimson heel causing him to fly and hit the ground flat on his back. A direct hit below the rib age zachary noted mentally--Which can only mean one thing as he slowly gestured himself up and sat there. She was aiming for his liver. A direct hit which means any second from now the vomit will--

    "Wait w-what did you--" but before Zachary dared to finish his sentence which was rhetorical, he looked off to the side and was on his knees, back hunched over to cover what he was doing and Kitsune merely smirked over the limousine staring."HuCHH.." Retched the male puking on the ground. He was able to do anything--Or almost everything with magic. Cause the ground to shake and render his opponent defenseless, but only of he can utter the words out. And the female smirked.

    "You can't utter any enchantment out! Not unless I keep interrupting!" She scoffed kicking him off to the side. But to her surprise just as soon as she did that, a large tree went her way growing from it's place and caged her. Once the branches grew thicker and stronger, it lifted her up about ten feet from the air like a caged bird. The branches were to thick for her to cut or break through as well and she growled."How?" Zachary said chuckling."After puking.." Panted zachary."I quickly uttered the words out--You didn't kick deep....enough to affect me." He muttered spacing out before retching a bit only to no longer puke."Disgusting,..." He muttered shivering.

    It wasn't long before John appeared beside him, grabbing the boy by the back collar of his shirt and helping him up."Let's..." He cleared his throat, but the raspy voice he now had from the direct hit didn't cease down."Go." He finished, voice still raspy as he placed his top had down on the concrete ground and nudged zachary."Huh? Oh." He said raising his gloved hands up in the air."NaelC me pU" Zachary said, magically in different clothing and cleaned up. Much to johns dismay, before Zachary chuckled."ekaT su llah fo ecitsuj" he said before johns hat teleported them to the hall of justice, then the hat disappearing with a puff of smoke after,

    11:20 AM
    Hall of Justice

    Finally, the magicians arrived. Zachary in a simple white t shirt that had all the suites of the cards in black, and a black blazer over with fitted yet slightly loose red jeans and some black botas made by toms. Though there were the snapping of pictures zachary looked up at Zatara raising an eyebrow with hands in the pockets of his blazer."Can we go inside now?" He asks eyes rolled.

    The others seemed to be impressed by wonder woman's apprentice, but Zachary had ignored the girl. Why? Because everyone focused on her, and he wanted to be the 'different' one. She had a nice figure though but he resisted to look and saw another girl--Artemis. She was pretty too and Zatara walked his boy in with a sigh.

    "Fine, let's go." He commented as they walked."And be nice." Hissed john."Please, I'm already nice." Scoffed zachary as he retorted the comment chuckling.
  8. Hall of Justice, Washington D.C.
    11:20am, July 5th, 2014

    Tim walked around the Hall of Justice with a small grin on his face. Despite numerous visits to the Hall, the wonder of being in this place never ceased to amaze him. Here, right here was the place where the greatest heroes of the world formed and showed themselves to the World. This building was a bastion of Good and Tim found himself in awe of belonging to such an Order.

    His mind wondered to the other Sidekicks he had observed while walking through the Hall. None of the other Sidekicks had noticed him, which Tim took more to be a testament of his own skills at blending in rather than any fault of their own.

    Kid Flash. Wally West. Immature. Appears to take nothing seriously. Will cause problems in Team Dynamics. Plan of action? Find some way to relate to him and get across what his role is in a team like this. If forced to combat? Attempt to retreat or negotiate. If failed, use sonic emitter. Hard to run if you're puking your guts out.

    Tim felt a buzzing on his watch and looked down. A single message appeared across the high-tech gadget. 'Ten minutes.' Tim stretched and cracked his back as a yawn threatened to emit from his body, but the young man forced it down. He leisurely began walking towards a bathroom where he could change and use a secret passageway to enter the room.

    Wonder Girl. Donna Troy. Interaction with her was pleasant. Seems to switch between awe and wonder of this 'new world' and traditional defiance to change. Of the ones observed so far, most likely suited to take a leadership role. Training in Amazonian tactics useful if somewhat brutal. Despite this, she will be the 'good cop' during interrogation. If forced to engage, once more obscure sight. Set explosives. Force into traps. She is durable enough to handle it.

    Zachary Zatara. I hate magic users. They complicate things. He appears jaded and somewhat petulant. Could be defiance against mentor. Will need to observe further to determine team dynamics. If forced to combat, sonic emitter. No need to get close and prevents him from speaking.

    Tactics against entire team? Retreat if at all possible. 88.3% possibility of defeat. 62.1% chance of severe injury. 44.8% chance of death. If forced to engage. Sonic Emitter. Obscure sight. Take out Zatara and Kid Flash as quickly as possible. Retreat to magic room. Set traps. Ambush Artemis. Use traps to take out Superboy and Wonder Girl. Plan is Optimal. Optimal plan has 11.7% chance of success. Shit.

    Add mental note to Superboy, completely socially inept. Avoid putting him in social situations until better trained in negotiation.

    Tim shook his head as he walked into the bathroom. A quick visit to the stall left him outfitted in his costume. He smiled as he placed the domino mask against his face. Soon it would be time to actually interact with his new peers. He was looking forward to it.

    The young man pressed his hand against the walled side of the stall and a blue glow surrounded his hand. Across the wall appeared blue words.


    Tim stepped back as the wall to the stall opened and he walked through a darkened corridor. Several minutes passed as he walked silently through the halls. His movements were sure and precise as he entered the room.

    Nodding at Batman first and then to the other Leaguers assembled, Tim took his place against the side wall and waited for the other sidekicks to enter from the official entrance. Today was going to be interesting at the very least.
  9. Hall of Justice, Washington D.C.
    11:20am, July 5th, 2014

    Wally paused at Connor's comments. Suddenly getting grumpy and frowning as he watched Connor go past. “Hey least I'm not...” Wally looked over and realized Connor's lens cap was still on before he watched Connor hit a trash can and take a nose dive. “Man this is sad...” Wally muttered to himself as he shook his head. Just seeing that made Wally wonder who the guy was and how badly Daily Planet needed employees.

    Wonder Girl came in a bit later, along with... seriously Zachary Zatara? Wally groaned looking at the 'magician' before sighing. What, was he going to confuse people with slight of hand card tricks to death? What the Hell would a 'magician' be able to do for them? Wally started to really have second thoughts about this. One of the possible members is a clumsy idiot, another is a liar with good hand eye coordination. Even with Wonder Girl and Artemis what good were they going to be?

    Soon as he said that Robin came into the scene. Even though Wally never saw the fellow young hero come in, it was a welcome sight. Though his never gotten to meet or even see Batman before today. If his dad is to be believed though... that might be for the best. Even from a distance the man from Gotham was intimidating.

    As Wally joined with his dad at the main entrance he got one more look at all of the heroes, both young and old, assembled. Certainly a weird group of people to say the least. Aliens, amazonian babes, 'magicians', creepy people...
  10. Continued from here.

    The Mariana Trench
    02:27am, July 5th, 2014
    The sound of Lagoon Boy's conch horn echoed throughout Black Manta's submarine, despite the fact that alarms were sounding all over the place. Aqualad and Lagoon stood and waited for a second in the sub's brig, with all the other "rescued" Atlanteans around them doing the same. That thought snapped Garth back into action. Rescued? No, not yet. Springing into action he took command.

    "Ok everyone! We er..." Garth looked around nervously, rubbing his neck. "I need you to follow me and Lagoon Boy here!"

    He was met with a series of nods, among other signs of understanding. With a half smile, He turned towards the entrance, only for the door to slide open, revealing a group of armoured goons, their guns aimed directly at them. Barnacles. It was all over. There was no way that he could somehow dodge all those bullets and take them out! Not even if La'gaan helped. He only hoped that they were spared. Sure most villains were idiots, merely capturing the hero before give some world domination speech, while they managed to escape, but Black Manta was different. He was ruthless and from the multiple times him and his Mentor had battled this guy, Garth knew he wasn't one for showing mercy, or taking chances.

    That was when Spotty arrived. The submarine shook rapidly as the sea creature hit the side of it, with it's monstrous roar sounding over all the alarms. Garth felt so lucky that La'gaan's pet had arrived, so soon after he had blown the horn. His arrival had knocked a few of the guards to the ground (as well as quite a few of the Atlanteans), allowing Garth a single opportunity to strike. Remembering his training, Aqualad sprung into action, swiping his leg out, sending guard number 1 stumbling forward, only to receive a hit from Aqualad's elbow to the side of his face as he passed, moving onto his second target. This one was met with Garth knocking his gun to the side, allowing him to strike his helmet with his open palm, cracking the red visor severely. He was about to move on to another guard, when he was knocked from behind with the butt of somebodies gun. Kneeling over in pain, he waited for the inevitable end yet was surprised when it never came. Instead came the sound of a man roaring in pain. Looking up he watched as La'gaan sent his buffed up fist into the guard's ribs, causing the man to topple over in pain.

    With a smile, he pulled Garth to his feet as he deflated. One of the many things he loved about his friend was how easily he could use his buffed up puffer fish form. It came incredibly handy during situations like these.

    "You alright there chum?" La'gaan asked, knocking back down as guard who was slowly getting back up.

    "Never better!" Garth reassured with a grin. Together, the two led the way down the dark metal corridors of the sub, recovering every so often as the ship lurched under Spotty's attacks outside. Within minutes the group had arrived in the submarine's hangar, where they were spotted immediately by a group of guards who were manning a control panel next to what appeared to be the hangar doors. Before they could react to the Atlantean's, Garth thrust his hands forward and concentrated. With a strengthly pull, he brought his hands back, and with it, the ocean. The hangar doors burst open from the outside from the force of the water, with it shooting everywhere in the room, taking out the guards as it did so.

    As the room began to flood, the Atlanteans cheered as they dived into the rising water, bursting forward and out into the ocean. La'gaan and Garth followed suit, diving forward and as they swam away from the ship, they turned to watch the carnage as what looked to be a many tentacled beast brought havoc. Giving Garth a pat on the back, La'gaan left to accompany his pet Spotty, swimming eagerly to the beast who grabbed the amphibian looking man with a tentacle as he approached and seemed to squeal with delight. Garth was about to laugh when an explosion came from the sub, accompanied by what appeared to be some kind of smaller escape sub shooting off into the distance.

    Before Aqualad could do anything, his mentor began to speak into his ear via a communication piece. "Garth?"

    "Here, my King!" Garth replied smiling. "I got everyone out, Sir!"

    "Good job my boy!" Aquaman exclaimed. "Unfortunately as you may have seen, Manta escaped. He could be anywhere! That's a problem for another day though! Now lets get back to Atlantis. Today is the day after all!"

    "Indeed it is. Today is the day."

    11:23 a.m., July 5th 2014
    Hall of Justice, Washington D.C.

    Aquaman strolled out of the Zeta Beam chamber with a smile, leading his protege Garth behind him. The youth wore a simple blue zipped up hoodie with a pair of slacks over his "costume". He never understood the need for what his mentor called civilian clothes. Back in Atlantis he would just go about his business as usually without the need to remove his uniform. Garth chose not to argue though, since when Aquaman had first taken him to the surface, he himself had worn a brightly coloured flowery shirt. He called it Hawaiian if Garth wasn't mistaken. The memory brought a smile onto his face, something which Aquaman spotted.

    "Today's exciting, I know my son!" Aquaman pointed to a door to their left which led into the Hall of Justice's entrance hall. "You should find the other members of your future group out there. You may recognize a few of them from those New Reports we managed to intercept a while back. Bond. Have fun!"

    The thought didn't sound fun. Mainly since Garth wasn't the best at making friends. He looked longingly at his King. "And where will you be?"

    "In the Inner Sanction with the other Leaguers. We'll collect you when we're ready!" And with that, as well as a little push, Garth arrived in the entrance hall, which was full of bumbling tourists taking pictures of statues and other apparent memorabilia. The teenager made his way to the centre of the room, where a group had started to gather. Not just any group though! A team of teenage superheroes! His team!

    Nervously, Garth approached one of them. Kid Flash he believed. Raising his hand, with an awkward smile he spoke. "Err... Hi." He laughed nervously for a second. "My names Garth. I'm er... I'm Aqualad."
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  11. Hub City
    Winchester Race Track​

    The two supercars were nose to tail on the track for the second to final lap of the Grand Prix for charity sponsored by none other than Gotham's Bruce Wayne. Covering the race was none other than Hub City's star reported, Vic Sage. The cars had just gotten onto the final lap, and the crowd was going crazy. Antonio Santafiera, the Italian motors-god was in the lead, but Michael Bartsos, the newcomer in the motorsports world wasn't far behind. Less than half a car length in between the two.

    "They're taking the first corner, Antonio still in the lead, but Bartsos's hanging in there, not letting his senior get the best of him. Oh, but what is this, Bartsos is pushing forward, catching up on Antonio. This is very close folks!" Vic said in the commentators room at the stadium, when suddenly, the atmosphere in the statdium changed. And just as the two cars were about to cross the finish line, the entire track turned dark, covered in a black shadow.

    "What's going on there on the track?... Vic? You there Vic?" The guys in the newsstudio asked their reported, whom had left his seat in the chaos of the track turning black. But in a few minutes later, the track opened up again. But this time, it was empty. The two cars, and their drivers were both gone without a trace.

    Hall Of Justice

    "We're ready for you now." Conner heard with his super hearing, Batman's voice. Conner rogered, putting his Daily planet pass into his pocket. Moving into the crowd as a red and black blur moved through the lobby, as Conner, in super-speed changed his hair, removed his glasses and his contacts, removed his clip-on tie, and pulled the Flannel shirt off of his body, folding it nicely before he put it into his black dufflebag, the camera going into the bag last.

    Superboy then emerged out of the blur, the civilians completely unaware of his movements. All stopped to stare at the boy that now stood in the middle of the room, wearing the red shield that was so iconic for the world's greatest superhero. Conner heard people whisper amongst themselves "Who's that?" "Is it a fan?" "Did Superman change his costume?" Along with other things like "He's kind of cute." And "Daaammnn gurl, check out those buns." Conner shrugged it off, moving into the main hall, following the others, making himself the last to arrive.

    The Superboy gently opened up the door, not making too much noise, as he gently walked into the backstage area of the Hall Of Justice. The Gateway, they called it. As it had Zeta-Beamers to every city with a Leaguer in it.

    Superboy moved into the middle, standing next to the other sidekicks, a few of the leaguers looked at him, strange. He hadn't met all of them before, but all of them had heard of him, he was sure of that. Some of them still hadn't gotten over his first encounter with the Justice League. Neither had Superboy, he remembered the fight with the Martian Manhunter in great detail.

    Superman was the first to speak up. "Glad to see you're here, too. Everyone, this is Superboy. He-" Superman began, only to get caught off by the Caped Crusader "Any questions regarding Superboy's origin should be saved for another time, our focus is on something more important." Before allowing the Man Of Steel to talk again. Superman chuckled "Indeed, it's not. You eight are the biggest and brightest of your generation. And that's why we've decided to bring you all together. Some of you've been doing this for years with your respective mentors, others, are more new to this, but all of you have proved yourselves."

    The Warrior Princess, Diana stepped forward
    "Which is why, we, the Justice League have decided to 'award' your valiant efforts. The Justice League, are, like you could see very well watched by the public. We can't do everything we'd want to. And despite the size of the league, sometimes, we're just stretched too thin."

    "And that's, where you, young ones, come on." The Martian Manhunter said. "You will be our eyes and ears where we cannot be. You will be our covert unit, run by Batman and managed by Mr.Terrific, the latter which is on a mission right now. You will operate from the shadows and handle threats before they require the League's attention." The Martian explained.

    "The choice is yours, and yours alone. I can't make it for you, and neither can your respective mentors. This is your call, and yours alone." Superman spoke. His eyes looming over each of the eight, stopping for a few seconds at Conner, his facial expression still neutral.

    A silence set over the room, for a few seconds, as one of the eight stepped forward, soon to be followed by the others, instantly bringing a slight smile to the Man Of Steel's face.

    "I'm up for the task." Superboy spoke, awaiting the reactions of his teammates.
  12. Hall of Justice

    Before the other Leaguers were ready for the young team to come into the Inner Sanction, Artemis examined the crowd to pick out her team members. Green Arrow had left her alone to go in with the others and left Artemis with only one glance, a glance that said: 'Don't freak out, play it cool'. Artemis and Green Arrow had known each other for a month and he already knew Artemis better than her own father. Large crowds weren't Artemis's forte, let alone large crowds with people judging her because of her new found status of Green Arrow's niece. And the fact that she was here to become a hero, Artemis's long term goal. To freak out now? That would be bad.

    'So.' Artemis began to exam the people here, 'We have one boy who obviously has problems with looking natural. He ran into a trash can, nice. One guy who, I can't get a read on him, he's either part of the team or a tourist. But the way he is trying to blend in isn't normal. I'm sure I'll know him later once he's done with whatever he is up to.' Artemis was trained by her father to be an assassin, her reflexes in noticing small details was Green Arrows favorite thing about Artemis, 'Okay, that kid is a magic user. Awesome!' Artemis thought sarcastically, 'I love people born with some kind of super human power. They don't have to work as hard as everyone else. But, I shouldn't be so quick to judge. Moving on, oh, she's hard to miss. The only other girl here, I'm guessing. I don't have much information on her, weird. I know the others pretty well, all of them being on my father's register. Moving on, that's obviously Wally. I've heard of him. Some kind of goofy show off, stay away from him, Artemis. And finally, we have the lovely fish kid. I mean-Garth? Is that his name? Aqualad? I think he's a pretty cute kid, he needs some roughing up though. Life experience. But, once again, don't judge to quickly, Artemis.'

    After Artemis shallow thoughts were done she knew it had to be time to join the others in the Inner Sanction, so moving past the crowd she found her way to the other Leaguers.

    Hall of Justice -- Inner Sanction

    Artemis cursed in her head, afraid everyone could hear her heat beating right now. 'A special team? Valiant efforts? Why do I get this feeling I am the least qualified for this?' She gave Green Arrow, her mentor, a wearily look. All he did was smile though and nod is head. Artemis dreamed while she under the supervision of her father that she could become something somebody would be proud of. For a long time she thought becoming an assassin was the only way to make anyone proud of her, even if it was only her father. But her love of human kind and helping other's blossomed while Sportsmaster was away, and soon her dreams turned into being a cold blooded killer into being a hero. Her change of heart came from out of nowhere and that led to Artemis always questioning if she could have another change of heart and turn her back on being a hero. If she accepted this responsibility now- a responsibility which almost came as a surprise to Artemis since Green Arrow didn't really talk to much about this day, within the month of training she was mostly trained on the differences between assassins and heroes- she couldn't have a change of heart because getting out of this deal to follow her father and mother's footsteps would be impossible.

    But she wanted to be a hero. She wanted to be a tactical person and invaluable to people around her. She wanted to save someone from a burning building, figuratively and literally. She didn't want to have a change of heart and that's all that mattered, right? If she believed she is good, and she does good things, that means she is good. And no change will happen. 'Be confident.'

    "Count me in." Artemis finally decided, she stood up straighter and looked at Green Arrow proudly.

    Tim observed the conversations taking place silently in the corner. His eyes took in each person in the room carefully, looking for insights into their character. Some were more expressive than others. Naturally he still could not get a read on anything about Bruce from the man's base appearance. Which typically meant that it was Bruce. Superman was the easiest to read of the Leaguers, but that was simply because the man had very little to hide.

    Tim's attention soon turned toward Aqualad and his lips pursed in silent thought. The protege of Aquaman seemed quite...young in his mannerisms. Nonetheless, at least his words and movements belied a potential maturity that some within the group lacked.

    Seeing that everyone was getting ready to the debriefing, Tim methodically made his way to the line; he made certain to stand closest to the exit as any attempts of combat in the room would soon turn deadly for the fragile non-meta. The young man noticed that Bruce himself stood close to the secret exit and mentally chuckled. While their minds might be the greatest in the room, neither Batman nor Robin stood a chance against most in this sanctum without methodical preparation. And even then they would be hard pressed to win.

    As the debriefing began, Tim listened to carefully to the words. While he had a general idea of what was to occur, the Boy Wonder found himself in awe of the trust being placed in the younger heroes. Awe...and a slight sense of worry.

    His eyes narrowed slightly behind his mask at the mention of Mr. Terrific. That was not information he was aware of. While he did not know much about the man, he was aware that Mr. Terrific was probably almost as smart as Bruce. It would be interesting to match wits against the "Third Smartest Man" in the world.

    Tim watched in approval as both Artemis and Conner immediately stepped forward. The young man believed the choice to be simple. It would be foolish to give up this chance to grow. Slowly stepping forward, Tim spoke for the first time,

    "I'm in."
  14. "Here." Diana said as she pointed out a door that was marked Authorized Personnel Only. Beyond those doors were the other Mentors and their Sidekicks.

    Donna and Diana both stopped in front of the door. Diana turned to her sister with a smile. "You'll have to wait here for a bit until we call you." And with that Wonder Woman left. Donna watched the door close then sighed. Here we go. She thought. Then her training really kicked in since she was on her own. She looked over the teens gathered and over the crowds. Of those that were dressed in an obvious superhero fashion, she recognized only two. Aqualad and Kid Flash. Neither of them were people she knew well. That was reserved for those back home and Robin. Not that she knew much about him anyways.

    Donna fidgeted with her lasso for a few seconds as she looked over the one she didn't know. She was a stern Blonde who looked like Circe (Not the Goddess, but named after her). Donna and Circe had never been friends, but the Teen always admired the woman's physical prowess. If this blonde was anything like Circe she'd be a very valuable ally. Or a worthy foe.

    Donna had heard Robin was supposed to be there and was disappointing to find him missing. She didn't display it outwardly, but she was missing home and her friends. The loss of her sister, if only temporary, and the absence of a friendly face served to drive the fact she was alone home. When the new one joined the group Donna studied him too. Tall skinny, and obvious dressed like an old fashioned magician she had seen photos of. And he swaggered, like he owned the place, confident in himself and his ability.

    Then a man appeared. Donna stiffened and her hand tightened on her lasso. The only thing that kept her calm was the emblazoned S on his chest. Superman's apprentice? Donna watched him walk off. The other followed after him including Robin who appeared just as suddenly as the teen with the S. Donna figured it would probably be best to join the procession.
    Hall of Justice- Inner Sanctum
    Donna walked into the room and paused right by the door. There was Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter. Only two of which she had met before. One was her sister and the other Batman. Donna forced herself to stop staring and to fall into line with the rest of the teens. She listened intently as they began to speak. At the end there was a short silence before the one named Superboy agreed. Then the stern Blonde. Then Robin, which wasn't surprising.

    Wonder Woman smiled at Donna, encouraging. Donna din't feel ready for this. Zeus, if she had known the full extent of this, even Wonder Woman couldn't have pried her into the Hall of Justice. But deceit was one way to win the battle. From one warrior to another Donna understood. But that didn't mean she had to like it. Who was she to stand with these people without even knowing who she was.

    Diana's smile didn't waiver and Donna took a step forward, giving in to the inevitable. She needed to be here, in the man's world. She needed it and if this was her way to gain independence from under Diana's watchful eye, then it was worth it.

    "I'll do it." Donna said looking at her sister. And by the Gods, this would lead her in finding out who she was.
  15. Hall of Justice – Inner Sanctum

    As Kid Flash traveled with the other heroes deep into the hollowed halls. Though his attention got turned to the young guy in... the hell was this guy wearing? blue swim trunks with an orange top? Tacky... just plain tacky. Kid Flash did his best to stifle any laugh or joke at the guy's expanse. Either about the questionable costume, the pale complexion, the... well there wasn't much Kid Flash couldn't joke about with the guy based on first looks. Still this was someone he was going to have to work with, and probably will be a good teammate. Besides its no good to get off on the wrong foot with someone. That was something Kid Flash had to learn a while back the hard way, and oh was it hard.

    “Yeah nice meeting ya Aqualad.” Kid Flash returned the handshake in turn. Beaming that confidence and smile he had that beamed out especially compared to Aqualad's shy disposition. Kid Flash didn't know a whole lot about the aquatic hero, his never even met Aquaman himself. Still the speedster wanted to be nice and show no ill will towards his fellow hero. “So uh...” Kid Flash scratched his chin trying to think of something to talk about. “What... what kind of fish do you like? I've always liked catfish, fried and in a po'boy. Good stuff.” Kid Flash noted patting his stomach, thinking of that time him and his dad ended up saving New Orleans and got a Crawfish boil out of it. Good times.

    Superboy showed up, looking an awful lot like that weird reporter kid from earlier, as well as Robin who was clearly sneaking around like Batman probably has ingrained into the kid's brain by now. Still Kid Flash was too busy geeking out over getting to go into the chamber of the hall. Seeing all the zeta-beams Kid Flash desperately wanted to get time to find out how they worked, just the sheer awe of the possibilities tickled his brain. Still he was here on business, business that the big heroes explained to them about.

    Hearing the others heroes speak up about wanting in, Barry noticed his son didn't seem that eager to hop in. Sure, Wally LOVED being a hero, more than anything on the planet. Ever since he got his powers Wally never truly seemed to be happy until he was in his spandex and coming up with new ways to horribly beat up criminals with super speed. But Wally liked all that not just because of the rush, the pleasure, the good will it all brought. It was the fact it was all that, and he was getting to do it all with his dad. Someone who he hadn't seen in years but now enjoys every second his around him.

    Still Kid Flash looked over at his father, who looked back at him a bit shocked his son wasn't chomping at the bit to join. Quietly Barry mouthed to his son 'Are you okay?' Which got a nodding response from his son. Wally silently thought about the offer for another moment. He had to grow up sooner or later right? Spending time with dad has been great, but sooner or later he needed to get away from it. Wally scratched the back of his head. Taking a deep breath and remembering to himself that he wasn't going anywhere, his dad will still be there. Now though, now Kid Flash needed to step up, it was time to be a big kid. It was time to be MAN FLASH...

    ...That name sucks... need to think about that later.

    “Yeah lets do this!” Wally proclaimed with a fist pump.
  16. "Fr.. Fried?"

    Garth could only stand and stare at the child hero named Kid Flash, the atlantean's eye twitching in rage every couple of seconds. He didn't wish to fight or argue with the teenager, especially if the two were to be part of a team of sorts, like his king had hinted at weeks ago. However this Kid Flash had crossed the line! You can't eat fish! What made it worse was that Garth could speak to them. Control them. How would this Kid Flash kid feel if he saw someone chowing down on his best friend. Fish are friends, not food.

    Before Garth could unleash his rage and disapproval apon Kid Flash, he was gone. Darting his eyes around, Garth notice the yellow costumed redhead head towards the central door into the heart of the hall, an assortment of other young people following. For a second he was confused, then it hit him. It was time. Sucking in his anger and wiping his now sweating brow, he half walked, half ran towards the door, eager to not disappoint his King within.

    Hall of Justice- Inner Sanctum​

    Approximately Five Minutes Later

    Neptune's beard!

    Garth only just about ushered himself not to say that out loud. Looking down at his feet, he shuffled nervously, milling over what had just happened. The Justice League, Earth's most powerful warriors wanted him to be a member of one of their teams! Garth couldn't help smiling at the thought. Then that thought and smile receded until his face and mind was imprinted with a frown. What if he wasn't good enough? What if Aquaman saw failure within him and sent him home? Sure he would be delighted to everyone again, especially Tula, but still Garth did not wish to upset his mentor. Especially when his mentor was also his King.

    Running his fingers through his hair, the atlantean teen considered the options. Either he could reject the offer and return to his friends. He would be comfortable. He would be around his friends. Or Garth could accept, embarking on a journey of fun and adventure. At least, that would be how his King would describe it. It would also mean making new friends. He could do it right? Surely surface dwelling teenagers were similar to those down on the ocean floor. Other than the scales and fishiness of cause.

    Garth knew what he had to do, even if it did mean he would have to leave his comfort zone or listen to blasted Kid Flashes discussing how best to eat his people. He had one duty, and that was to serve his King.

    Puffing out his chest, Aqualad stepped forward to speak. Only the did he realize what he was doing. "" He managed a nervous laugh. "I would be honor to join" he finished, his voice quieting to a whisper as he did so, his face strangely brighter from blushing so much.
  17. As Zachary looked at everyone whom joined in agreeably, the male looked around then up at his superiors, especially John Zatara. He rolled his eyes, letting out a deep sigh and shrugged."Sure why not..." He muttered before slowly smiling warmly."I'm in.. To kick some ass as a team that's like me." He added stepping forward with the other 'side kicks'. Zatara whom was raising his eyebrow the whole time at Zachary, soon arranged his face into an exceptional smile as he gave a nod, placing a finger and thumb on the rim of his top hat before putting his hand down.

    John looked at the others and so did zachary, he was mentally observing his teammates. Not many heroes like magic, yet the loved and accepted powers. What difference was there to the two? Magic was also a power, power of powers you can say, but still a power.... Wait... Zachary shook his head at the thought realizing he was only making thinking far more complicated for himself and he brushed his hair with his fingers quietly, just pondering deeply.
  18. Batman nodded as he motioned for the sidekicks to follow him. However, as he moved, he stopped, putting his hand to his earpiece, something was happening. "I understand, we'll handle it." He said, as he turned around "Change of plans. Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Lantern. We're needed in Coastal City, Ocean Master is attacking the city. He's got some sort of magical forces with him." Batman said, nodding to Superman "You've got orientation, don't you?" Batman asked the man of Steel, sarcastically.

    Superman let out a swift scoff "Be careful. Good luck." He said to his teammates, as they walked to the other Zeta Tubes and were sent off to their destination. Superman and Martian Manhunter, as well as John Zatara were the ones left in the Hall, Superman nodded towards the Manhunter, whom bid his farewell to the sidekicks, going to handle his own duties.

    Superman turned to another Zeta Tube, and took a step forward.

    "Authorization Granted:
    Superman, Code: 001A"

    The computer voice said, as the Man Of Steel motioned for the sidekicks to follow him, Superboy did so happily, the device scanning him, and beeping a little bit "Authorization Granted: Superboy, Code: 016A", waiting for the others to also step forward, and once they did, Superman pressed a button on the machine, that sent them all in a beam of light, into the Mount Of Justice.

    There, they were met by the dark-skinned Mr.Terrific, his orbs floating around him. "Hey ya'll the new recruits?" He asked with a cheerful attitude. Superboy scoffed. "Sidekics, I believe." Superman put his hand on the clone's shoulder and smiled

    "No, he had it right the first time. New recruits." The man of steel said, his voice filled with confidence.
    Now, everyone else would have take in the scene, and then they'd start orientation. Superboy did for the first time in his life feel truly excited..
  19. Robin observed the other young heroes carefully as they all chimed in their decisions. He gave a brief smile to each of them as they replied in the affirmative. Despite the numerous personalities on the Team, (Which Tim was certain were going to give him numerous migraines if their initial interactions were any indication), Robin felt hopeful that they could accomplish a lot of good in the years to come. After all...not all of the Leaguers would live forever. The barest hint of a grimace crossed Robin's face at the thought of a world without Batman, but the young man turned to his mentor as the man motioned for them to follow.

    Robin noticed the almost imperceptible tensing of his mentor's shoulders as the older man brought his hand to his ear. He was silent for the barest moment before turning and looking at the others,

    "Change of plans. Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Lantern. We're needed in Coastal City, Ocean Master is attacking the city. He's got some sort of magical forces with him." The Batman turned to the Man of Steel and asked, ""You've got orientation, don't you?""

    Robin observed his mentor's movements and voice tones with a tensed brow. Though he doubted anyone else would notice the slightest inflections in Bruce's tones and movements, something seemed off. The Boy Wonder was puzzled for a moment before it dawned on him. Bruce was disappointed that he had to leave.

    Robin barely heard the words or movements said by the Leaguers due to the swell of emotion and pride that bubbled in his chest. He and Bruce had had their arguments, but it meant a lot to the young hero that his father was so invested in this. Robin shook his head as he saw he was falling behind and moved to catch up behind the others towards the Zeta tube. His lips quirked a little as the computer spoke,

    "Authorization Granted:
    ROBIN, Code: BO1"

    The young man looked over at the others, taking notice of the ones that appeared to be comfortable with the Zeta-Tubes and awaited the sensation of being teleported. He did not have to wait long. And he soon found himself in the heart of the Mount of Justice. His eyes quickly scanned his surroundings as Mr. Terrific approached. The Boy Wonder tilted his head at the orbs floating behind the man and began puzzling out the technology behind the machines.

    A moment passed before he looked over at the others and chose to stand next to Artemis with enough distance to not appear as a threat. She had seemed a little tense in the Hall from his observations. He hoped that standing next to her as the other non-powered hero on the team that she would relax a bit.
  20. Artemis watched as the mentors were all called away, with a quick glance at her own mentor she smiled at him. Showing him she would be fine by herself. She could do this, she could be a part of this team. As long as she kept reciting in her mind to stay calm and breath then she wouldn't freak out.

    The scariest part for Artemis were these Zeta Tube inventions. They made her heart race when she stepped near them, afraid they would detect her as some kind of enemy or not recognize her. She held her breath as she stepped forward into the Zeta Tube like the other team members were.

    "Authorization Granted:
    Artemis, Code: B07"

    It recognized her, she could breath again. Artemis exhaled a thin line of breath and her heart started to beat normal again. She would be okay, she could do this. This is what she wanted. So she stepped out with confidence and looked around at the cave. She was completely awe struck by the sight. And she overheard Superman telling Superboy that they were new recruits, not just sidekicks anymore. Suddenly Artemis could relax a bit, it finally hit her that this is where she wanted to be and nobody was going to hate her for her past or judge her. She was a new recruit to the Justice League.

    Also, what kind of gave her comfort, was noticing Robin standing near her. She wondered if he was purposely standing by her but after a second thought she realized that everyone on the team was some kind of super powered hero, her and Robin were not. They were purely skilled young heroes. It was nice of him to think of her and stand near her, it made her feel better about herself and her abilities.

    Artemis also realized then that Robin had been the strange tourist she made a mental note about earlier and she had to stifle a laugh. she changed her weight to her right hip and thought of some kind of sarcastic comment she could make to him later about his acting skills. Artemis smiled a bit to herself, feeling a lot more comfortable in front of her team members.
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