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    The OOC is under Construction.

    The Justice League. A name that's known all over our pale, blue planet.
    Where almost 8 billion people all know, and feel very strongly about the league.
    Some think them to be bad, but most think they're good.
    They're legendary heroes who's saved the world more times than you could keep count of, each of them with their own amazing talents and gifts.
    But it started with seven people, all from different walks of life. Those seven changed the world forever, they inspired others to be like them, to be better. To be Good.
    Someone in the league did something for you. Something that changed you. That altered your very core, and it made you want to be like them. And sooner or later, your gifts started to show. And you joined a leaguer's side.
    People called you sidekicks, and while that wasn't incorrect, it wasn't very flattering.
    Now, in the sixth year of the League's existence, it's time for you, the sidekicks, to rise up to the occasion.
    Step out of the Shadows and into the spotlight.

    Today's the day.


    Donna Troy
    Zachary Zatara
    Kid Flash

    Da Rulez (open)

    Rule Numbero Uno:
    Always be respectful, keep the thread civil. If not, well, I've got a pretty big bat.

    Rule 2:
    The GM's - My - Word is law.

    Rule 3:

    2+ Paragraph posts in the IC. Each paragraph should be 6 sentences or more. No exceptions..

    Rule 4:
    I will expect you to post twice a week, unless you give me a reason why you haven't posted, we'll move on within five days of your last post. Snooze you lose.

    Rule 5:
    Follow the RPA rules. Common sense also applies. Don't Godmod, don't Metagame, etc.

    Rule 6:

    Be creative, and try to socialize and cooperate with your fellow RPers, people won't bite!..
    That much..

    Rule 7:
    I have the right to change these rules at any time so check back often.

    Character Sheet (open)

    [CENTER][fieldset=name, color][left][B]| Identity |[/B][/I][/CENTER]
    [CENTER]Name and Superhero Alias

    [B]| Origin & Backstory |[/B]

    [B]| Character Notes |[B]
    - Is there anything you want to elaborate on? Extra lore for the city you are home to? Notable NPCs?

    [B]| Powers |

    | Skills|

    [b]| How is this character different? |

    | What is your goal with this character? |

    | Sample Post |[/b]
    3 - 9 Paragraphs, please.

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  2. Names and Superhero Alias: Wally West/Kid Flash
    Age: 16
    Origin: Wally West the nephew of Barry and Iris Allen. He tried to recreate the Flashs experiment from his uncles paper work. He succeedded. He has worked in Central City with the Flash for 6 years now.
    Notes: Wally hasa very high metabolism so he eats alot, he can also sustain injuries and heal pretty fast. At this time Barry Allen is preparing Wally to be the next Flash by teaching him the speed force and the ability to vibrate through walls.
    Powers: Super speed
    Skills: excelent chemist, smart even though he acts stupid.
    Differences: the differences ive made to Wally are , since he is a teenager i feel he should experience the common fits of random attitude and ive decided to have him in a new suit.
    The suit is as follows, same goggles as always. He now wears a yellow top spandex styled , flash symbol on the chest, flash symbols on shoulders just smaller, sides and under side of the arms is a scarlet red . The spandex pants reman the same except they have two streaks of yellow lightning down the side. He wears a utility belt that carries snacks for him. He has his normal boots and gloves.
    My goal with this character is to make a beautiful recreation on my terms, just think of me as the Kid Flash characters mind.

    A sharp beeping rung in Wallys ear as his alarm rang amd he realized he was gonna be late. He jumped up and ran to his closet throwing on a white tshirt and red hoodie with red skinny jeans and yellow vans short tops. He sped downstairs to the table."Wally dont use your powers in the house." His mother scolded "Sorry ma just excited since we get new team mates today." He said before he started chowing down.

    His watch beeped and he got up "Gotta jet see ya for dinner!" He said as he sped out the door to Happy Harbor. He reached Mount Justice as he ate a protein barlike it was his last meal. He sat on the couch and laughed."Today'll be interesting well im gonna go running!" He said as he put on his suit quickly and ran the track outside of Happy Harbor Highschool at his medium speed which would still blow away anyone who tried to race him. He ran the track 80 times and could still go again if he wanted to but he decided to go lift weights then.

    Wally was happy the way his life was . He was an intern at Star Labs working with Victor Stone, but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was at the time developing a new type of spandex that can stand up to any damage. He has made it fire proof and acid proof so far. He wants use the material for the teams suits later. Speaking of suits he actually loved going polar stealth. He always that cold weather was fun as long as it was natural.
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  3. Donna Troy, gold
    Image source credit: Kat

    | Identity |
    Donna Troy A.K.A. "Wonder Girl"

    | Age |
    She believes she's about fifteen, close to sixteen years of age, but she doesn't know for sure.

    | Origin & Backstory |
    Donna was raised by Diana, who is her sister, and Hippolyta, who she thinks of as a mother, on the Island of Themyscira. Because Donna is an Amazonian warrior she has the same superhuman aspects as all Amazonian women. (See Powers for more) As a young girl when Diana left the island she lingered for a while longer. Though Diana did return frequently and the two girls went off on quite a few adventures together. After a while Diana eventually decided to take Donna with her off the island.

    Off the Island of Themyscira was a completely different place for Donna. Though at this point Diana was part of the Justice League and introduced Donna to the sidekicks as it was. She was first introduced as Wonder Girl, a play on Diana'a superhero name, Wonder Woman. The first superheroes "sidekicks" she ever meet were Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqua lad.

    | Character Notes |
    Donna might have been raised on Themyscira but she wasn't born there. She received her superhuman abilities through the the Island itself. She was told when she was younger that Hippolyta and Diana were not her actual family, but the little girl still continued to think of them that way. When she got older she was told that Diana found her in a building that was burning down. No one survived but Donna so Diana brought the young babe to Themyscira. Now that Donna's off the Island she wants to find out who her real parents are and what really happened.

    Her costume I'm having her use is the one pictured above. I didn't want to go with her very original costume because it consisted of a tank top and underwear... At least the red one covers her up a bit more.

    | Powers |
    As granted to her by the Gods as with all Amazonians, Donna has super human abilities. These are strength, speed, endurance, and the power of flight. She also has a higher resistance to injury.

    | Skills|
    Donna, like her Amazonian sisters, was trained for battle since she was old enough. She knows how to use a wide variety of weapons and martial arts. She was also a trained strategist. She has the ability to accurately mimic any voice she hears. Her main weapon is a lasso like Diana. However Donna's lasso has no powers, it's just really durable, and can stretch to really long lengths, having been created by S.T.A.R. Labs. She was also gifted with bullet deflecting bracers as part of her uniform.

    | How is this character different? |
    Well, I used a lot of the Marv Wolfman origin for Donna. She's been retconned a lot but I was always fond of Wolfman and Perez's work in the New Teen Titans comics. I did get rid of some of the campy silver age stuff like Donna getting her power from the Amazon's purple ray. Which can heal people (both men and women, it saved BB's life once!) and give mildly superhuman abilities to women. Donna originaly had this done to her and her powers grew as she did. I just eliminated it and said she got the powers as a gift from Gods on the behalf of Diana and her mother.

    I did leave the power of flight because it's such an integral part of her skill set that everyone uses.

    | What is your goal with this character? |
    My goal with Donna is to have her become friends with the Young Justice group and hopefully find out who she is and what happened to her and to have that let her grow as a person. Because at her current development she is a little stuck because of her obsession of finding herself. She's not allowing herself to grow.

    I would like to avoid the who Darkstar thing with Donna and some of her weirder power-ups. :\

    | Sample Post |
    "Left!" The little girl heard her older sister shout. Donna twisted her torso and barely dodged a BO staff coming at her. The girl raised her own BO staff and the wood made a loud crack as they connected, on the right.

    "Left really?" Donna panted. Sweat ran down the girl's body as she looked up at Diana. Donna strained to hold back Diana who was smirking. They were both dressed in minimal clothing, their dark hair bound tightly away from their faces and to keep anyone from getting a good hold on their manes. The white cloth was long since dirtied with dirt and sweat from exertion. Neither girl wore shoes to fight in, instead bracing their feet firmly in the gravel below.

    "Never trust your enemy." The older woman pointed out. Diana was right. The enemy would seek to distract and trick Donna. That was why they were the enemy. Even though this was just a sparring match it needed to be taken seriously if only because making light of the situation would earn Donna new and painful bruises.

    Donna's stick shifted and the little girl moved her feet to try to balance. Diana pressed in wards. Donna leaned backwards, about to fall. She could see Diana's triumphant look, assuming she had won with the girl off balance. Donna's staff moved down and swept Diana's feet out from under her. The victor danced back a few steps with a gleeful cry.

    "Don't trust your enemy." Donna taunted back. Her wide smile showed off her pearly white teeth. Hippolyta clapped from the edge of the ring. The mother of the duo was dressed in immaculate white robing. Her blonde hair was pinned up in elegant curls, with just a little veil of hair handing down her back. The Queen of Themyscaria was a sight to behold. And she looked nothing like her daughters.

    "It's true daughter." The woman said to Diana. "You indeed feel for her feint. You allowed her to unbalance you."

    Diana sighed resigned and jumped easily from her back to her feet. "I know." The older sister allowed finally as she brushed herself off. Diana then picked her staff back up. "Ever think I let you win?" Now it was time to Diana to smirk at her little sister.

    Donna's smile fell. "You..." The younger girl said unable to formulate an articulate response. Instead she just shifted back into a battle ready stance. Diana followed her lead. Then Hippolyta stepped between the two girls. She extended a pale arm in each of the girl's direction.

    "Stop." Their mother's voice was quiet but the command was unmistakable. "This was a training exercise. Neither of you won unless you both learned from the match."

    Both, suitably chastised lowered their heads. Donna shuffled her feet in the dirt making small clouds of dust. "Yes mother." They said almost together. Hippolyta dropped her arms. "Alright." Then she smiled. "Go wash off and get some lunch."

    Diana and Donna looked up and smiled at each other. Then the young woman took off leaving the little girl behind.

    "Wait!" Donna shouted as she dropped her BO staff and took off after her sister.

    I think I got everything. Including the formatting!! Of course if someone picks up Cassie Sandmark I'll be more than happy to make whatever edits are necessary to Donna's story to reflect Cassie's story also. Also, if something doesn't match up with Diana, I'm willing to make the necessary changes there too. Diana I assumed was in her early twenties when she found Donna, and since she's a Demi-God she wont age like other people, leaving her looking like she's in her early twenties.​
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  4. Oh yeah. I need everyone to involve Age in their CS, I kind of didin't make that clear.

    And of course, they need to be below 18 years old, as they'd be qualified to join the league if they were older.
  5. Wallys 16
  6. I made the change.
  7. Is it fine to join as zatanna? :3.
    Young zatanna of course.

    Or even zachary zatara who never showed <_<

    Or both.
  8. Compose a sheet of either.

    " I am a narcissistic douche. Take pride in who you are. "

    | Identity |
    Zachary Zatara

    | Origin & Backstory |
    Zachary Zatara was born under a human mother and a homo-magi father. Only his father had the magic bloodline, therefore he became a homo-magi. Born a descendant of the homo-magi line or a 'natural born magic user' like his cousin, Zatanna zatara, Zachary was taken at a very young age by Zatanna's father, John Zatara and raised under his wing growing up, seeing as his own father was an awful lot busier then john. However unlike all the Zatara's, the males powers were in a comatose state until he turned nine, making him a 'late bloomer' as well as giving him merely a less than favorable opinion on magic.

    While being taken in by John Zatara himself, Zatanna seemed to be fairly fond of Zachary, the two treating each other more like siblings then cousins. However it wasn't john whom taught him magic and how to control his powers and abilities, rather it was Zatanna instead who would help and teach the then little zachary some magic as he grew up. Being taught with some more spells that would help during shows or life whenever needed, Zachary was often grateful of his cousin for helping him succeed in the spell training and it wasn't long before Zachary was able to see his father again after a whole year to show what he has learned.

    Zachary's father (A brother of John's) took great pride in his skills, but when he compared his own son to his cousin on the other hand, a chip started forming in his shoulder. She could do anything she wanted, yet dear Zachary was still unable to use spells that affected people directly, no matter how hard he tried. His jealousy only fueled him more, and caused him to seek out trouble to prove he could walk away from it. Yet despite being scolded by his father, it was then that john truly took zachary under his wing in order to keep him more in check, seeing the jealously over Zatanna's skills.

    Invited to truly tag along with Zatanna and John for shows to perform and whatnot, living with John and his cousin surely helped. Although he was born under the Zatara's directly, he wasn't as goodly acknowledged as Zatanna at first upon being in one of their shows to perform. Be it John zatara or Zatanna Zatara giving and/or sharing the spotlight to Zachary, as much as being a true Zatara magician naturally meant fame-- the male was mostly less then credited for compared to his cousin, and therefore was considered 'under credited' towards the crowd or Zatara fans. Secretly jealous, Zachary strived to make his own name known without causing trouble, and as a result while trying to pull away from 'sidekick' to 'soloist' it was a long process that he didn't succeed in so easily.

    Before becoming a soloist young male magician, John decided to drop zatanna and pick up zachary for the time for missions, fearing Zachary will cause trouble again and magical accidents as he did when he was a child. Keeping Zachary for as long as he could at his side. Seeing his envious and competitive nature to be better and as highly known as Zatanna, he tried to be fair by making zachary his sidekick during missions and main sidekick during shows, to which Zatanna understood and didn't mind. It would be a fresh start, a new beginning before becoming his own solo magician right? Therefore he would perhaps be more acknowledge as John Zatara's first... Apprentice.

    Zachary whom was only fourteen at the time,was of course very eager to be finally realized as someone who exists, someone who had the same skill sets and potential like his cousin, or Atleast was getting there. He gradually accepted being called a sidekick, but when it came to performing and being out in the real world--He finally realized that 'sidekick' and always being remembered as one, wasn't for him any more. Therefore he signed up to participate in the young justice league as a try to put himself in better use.

    | Character Notes |
    - Zatara Family: The male is obviously a member of the known family of magic, the Zatara's. His cousin the ever more famous, Zatanna Zatara 'The mistress of magic' while the man who took him in was John Zatara, the master of magic.
    ☑ Astute | Clever | Nonchalant
    ✗ Bratty | Snarky | Snide
    - According to Zatanna, Zachary was born 'out of the closet', therefore he has a refreshing outlook on life despite being some bratty child compared to her.
    - He is seventeen
    - Although he is envious towards Zatanna and her skills, they have a dicey relationship at best. He considers her the only member of his family he could really relate to, and merely just admires her. But they’re there for each other when it counts.

    | Powers |
    - Backwards Magic: Like many of the other Zatara members or 'homo-magi', Zachary Zatara was naturally born with magical powers for as long as he can speak backwards in order to manipulate magic. Though the power seems 'unlimited', in truth for him in particular he and his powers together has it's limits as his powers are 'weaker than zatanna's' stating in addition that he cannot affect 'complex organisms' like humans, meaning he is still learning 'that part' of magic. Another weakness of Zachary's magical abilities would be he must say his spells clearly with no interceptions (such as strangling him tightly, punching his liver, etc).

      • Can summon simple objects into existence and transmogrify one object into another.
      • Can teleport himself.
      • cannot use it to affect/influence people directly unlike Zatanna— only objects and some animals.

    | Skills|
    - Hand to hand combat (advanced): given by the young justice as well as his god father, John Zatara-- it was a 'just in case' thing if for any reason his magic were to fail. As Zatanna would say to him -from her father-."Rely on your wits as well as your fists should your magic fail."

    | How is this character different? |
    From how I will be playing Zachary Zatara, I will be making him 'different' by sexual orientation. He will be Pansexual however will lean towards guys more considering that DC has made lessly known homosexual guys and more lesbian ladies. So I figured why not make a character who is truly prideful about himself, just not his magic.

    | What is your goal with this character? |
    My goal while playing Zachary Zatara is to get and make his own character and presence known amongst the DCU and show others that there's another Zatara besides Zatanna who can also use magic. Zachary Zatara is known however under credited, having few yet temporary roles in the comics, almost like he's an underground hero. So I want him to get the acknowledgement he needs unlike the other famed magician, Zatanna. Another goal I also have is his pride for himself, since I tried to make his background story angst-free somewhat, I still want him to be prideful about his life and himself--Even in a bratty rich kid way he is. Thus, allowing him to be comfortable, more open then others, and positive about his sexuality and who he is.

    | Sample Post |
    It was about 8:00 PM and wonderful slow instrumental music was playing in a fancy five star restaurant faintly. Looking into the restaurant, circular white clothed tables were everywhere, fine crimson red curtains draped on one side of the restaurant from the ceiling down to the smooth white marble floors, and the smell of different types of foods can be caught. As well as faint talking from the other clothed tables that were circling one particular table in which two people sat. A female and a male, baring similar resemblance somewhat to be siblings. It was the Zatara cousins, Zachary and Zatanna Zatara having a fancy dinner for tonight. They were dressed in their classic suits, Zatanna wearing black shorts, a yellow vest, and her button up shirt while Zachary wore the same thing only black slacks. They left their suit jackets behind their seats as well as top hats under their seats and for the most part, Zatanna was almost scolding him, they were arguing like true siblings.

    "You blew three cues out there and left me holding the bag! Literally! The bag with the rabbits!" Zatanna hissed at him, obviously angered. She couldn't yell considering that the restaurant would hear her and therefore talked in a voice only her and Zachary could hear. Zachary, rolled his eyes at her angered comments, caring less.

    "Your stage craft was abysmal! Your professionalism is nowhere!"
    "Tell that to the standing ovation that was back there." Retorted Zachary as he picked at his chicken Alfredo, Continuing to listen yet at the same time not caring. Zatanna was always so 'OCD' on shows, seeking perfection and when Zachary had deliberately messed up a few times, now was the time to get one of his 'bitchings' from her. It was like looking at half the wrath a mother would have in truth, and a mothers wrath was even scarier then any other woman's wrath.

    "That is not the point Zach! The point is you're not taking things seriously!" She dropped her fork and knife down on her plate and pointed at the males face."You don't take anything seriously!" She scoffed. Zachary grinned on the other hand at her anger as she picked up her utensils to eat her steak and raised a hand Infront of her face. The male sighed."Nope, and I'm making a pretty sweet living at it!" Commented the male with his wit, much to Zatanna's dismay,

    "You're my cousin, zee. Not my dad, or your dad." Explained Zachary, having his turn to talk."No one gives a rip about a few over looked details." He shrugged as he spun the fettuccine Alfredo around his fork to form a ball like roll and popped it in his mouth as he ate. The male then grabbed his cloth on the side to wipe his mouth and looked at Zatanna, who are the already sliced pieces if her steak and glared back at him, taking a sip of her water momentarily.

    "You may wanna rethink that, given the trouble our family attracts." She said as a wait or came by to refill their cups before walking off, giving back their privacy."I'll put it tops on my to-do list tomorrow morning." He commented calmly drinking from his cup of coke, attempting to already dismiss the topic and out out her anger. Zatanna then leaned over to him as he loosed his Bow tie."This conversation isn't even half-over Zachary Zatara!" She said slightly loudly. Zachary leaned to the side a little as she leaned over him before sitting back down and he rolled his eyes."Good. Because I was worried we'd run out of things to talk about..." He sighed sarcastically looking down at his food and taking his last bite before some sauce spilled over his white button up shirt as Zatanna continued her stupid bickering.

    "Oh come on, will you just ever shut up already Zatanna?" He sighed raising his hand for the check. The check then flew by from the waitir before he walked away and zatanna quieted down before continuing, to which Zachary began ignoring as he told her he was paying."Christ, we're the same age. I take you out for a fancy dinner.." He muttered to himself."I'm paying for all of this, and yet you're still angry and yelling.."

    The two then stand up and zatanna thanked him as they walked out together." Sheesh show some appreciation other then a thank you." He said to her."Like shutting up and not yelling at me." Scoffed Zachary hands in his pockets as they walked back to the limo.


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  10. SuperBoy, gold

    | Identity |
    Experiment 13 - Conner Johnathan Kent - Kon-El - Superboy Of Earth.

    | Origin & Backstory |
    Experiment 13 is the success of Project KR, as it was called at Cadmus was a Anti-Metahuman program. A way to fight the rising meta-human population. The Justice League included. The heads of Cadmus, Amanda Waller and her squadron of scientists created a being from scratch, that would be able to battle the most powerful of all. Superman. Project KR yielded the success of one subject. Number 13.

    Number 13 proved to be off the charts on all of their tests, just like they had hoped for him to be. He was all they had hoped he would be, and more. But Cadmus needed a fieldtest. Putting the creation in a solar absorption suit and by manipulating him with telepathy, they set him out upon the world. Armed with the full arsenal of his powers, the project would, after a few hours of searching, find a certain detective in Hub-City, whom wasn't what he seemed.

    The Kryptonian attacked the Martian completely uncalled for, making the Martian react in a similar manner. The Kryptonian using his heatvision to wound the Martian, chased the Martian into the atmosphere, where the being that he was designed to fight against was just returning, from a off-world mission. The two Kryptonians fought, the fight was brief, but intense. Superman knocked Experiement 13 out cold. And the Manhunter destroyed the Cadmus programming in his brain.

    He spent several weeks in Superman's fortress of solitude, being taught by Superman his values, and what life on Krypton was like, according to the temple. Superman also taught him about the human world. He taught him how to hide, and how to restrain himself to not hurt someone.

    Eventually, Clark would accept the clone as his brother. The boy was named Conner Kent, taking on Clark's own last name. Conner spent a few days with Clark's adoptive parents, the Kent's being glad to have the teenager at home. Saying that he reminded them of Clark, even if the boy was more docile and more distant than Clark was at his age.

    Clark would, when he saw Conner to be ready, dub him Superboy, and Superboy would help people whenever he could, and when the League decided they wanted to make a second team, for the next generation of heroes, Superboy was at the top of the list of recruits.

    | Character Notes |
    Conner lives in Smallville, on the Kent Farm.
    He reacts to Kryptonite in a similar manner to Clark.

    | Powers |

    All of his abilities are not yet made available to him*
    *Powers marked with stars are not available to him yet.

    Super Strength:
    Superboy posses superhuman strength. While it's only a fraction of the strength of the elder Kryptonian, he's still hundreds of times stronger than a regular human. He's able to jump buildings in a single leap. His strength makes him incredibly durable, making him a very formidable foe.

    Superboy, like other Kryptonians under the yellow sun, posses incredible durability. Nothing short of a rocket launcher even phases him. Few things can truly wound him. Someone of equal, or superior strength can hurt him, and magic hits through his durability, as people on Krypton never experienced magic, nor did they ever fight against it. Conner's ability to heal is also multiplied.

    Superhuman Dexterity
    Superboy cannot trip, fumble or make other "silly" mistakes in his movement. He can, of course be forced into doing any of these by an outside factor.

    Super Sense:
    These include, but are not limited to:
    Superhuman sense of smell.
    X-ray vision*
    Telescopic vision
    Superhuman hearing*
    Optic energy projection.*

    Super Speed:*
    Superboy is capable of moving at speeds much faster than that of sound, physical limits are at 4,000 Kilometers per hour.

    Superboy's capable of flight at much greater speeds than he can run.

    Tactile Telekinesis:*
    Superboy is able to generate a telekinetic forcefield around himself that can increase his powers further. This power would allow him to send out psionic waves of telekinetic energy, make shields for himself, or others.

    | Skills |
    Superboy's been taught College-level science. Meaning that despite him being in the body of a 18 year old, he posses the knowledge of a bachelors degree in the fields of science, math, language and medicine. Making him a incredibly impressive academic. However, the people at Cadmus did not take into account such things as pop-cultural references, or any first hand social experience. As such, his interactions with people are, a bit odd.

    Superboy's been taught combat tactics and martial strategies to defeat his opponents, but he's never gotten to put these tactics to true use.

    Beyond that, Superboy holds very few skills. He understands the basics of driving, and unknown to him, he's an impressive pilot.

    | How is this character different? |
    His anger problems are minimal. His relationship with Superman is much less estranged in my version, as I always thought it was stupid for Superman to reject Conner, when he always welcomed Kara with open arms.

    | What is your goal with this character? |
    To show a.. Stranger, version of Superboy. One where he's not always hotheaded and charging in, but one where he puts thought into his actions. One where he's not just oblivious to social structures and signals, but also pop-culture and worldly news.
  11. Donna Troy's accepted.

    Really looking forward to seeing you finish Marvel, I like what you have so far.

    Kid Flash's not up to scratch, I'm afraid. The CS is poorly formatted, making it hard to read and it lacks the kind of quality I'm looking for in the RP. Nightwing, you're free to remake the application, or apply with another character.
  12. Yay. :) That makes me happy.
  13. Grand!

    Need a few more applications people, I'm aiming at getting around 7 characters.
  14. There's plenty of spots left! :3
  15. @Hillan and the scary wait of approval comes...
    I'm finally finished XD
  16. Artemis, green
    | Identity |
    Artemis Lian Crock - Diana Danger - Artemis


    | Age |

    | Origin and Backstory |

    Artemis is the daughter of two villains, the Huntress and Sportsmaster. She has an older sister, Jade, who used to live with her at home. Jade ran away when their mother, the Huntress, was arrested and put in jail for a crime Sportsmaster had actually committed. This left Artemis alone with her father to be raised at the age of 9.

    Before the Huntress was arrested, Jade and Artemis were often pitted against each other. Sportsmaster would make them fight at early ages to prepare them in the ways of being a villain. Sportsmaster was very abusive to the two, verbally and physically.

    After Jade ran away, when Artemis was nine, Artemis became Sportsmaster's second focus. He would be gone for long periods of time working on some new project or scheme. Whenever he was home he was training Artemis in intensive exercises. If she hadn't shown improvement since the last time he had been with her she would face severe consequences, and her routines would become more rigorous. Artemis's heart grew cold, but only towards her father. She found when he was gone she actually loved the human race and a part of her wanted to protect people using her abilities. After she came to the resolve to be something good she trained harder then required of her.

    Around the age of 15 Artemis's mother, Huntress, was released from prison based on good behavior. When she came back to Artemis and Sportsmaster, she saw what Artemis was becoming under her father's eye. Huntress planned on returning to her life of crime with Sportsmaster and possibly Artemis, but saw how her daughter was conflicted between good and evil. Huntress never had a choice herself and decided she would allow her daughter to choose what way she would go with her life, hero or villain. Sportsmaster was not against letting Artemis decide because he fully believed she would choose the dark side. He didn't see what Huntress saw, the light of Artemis's soul, since he didn't know what 'light' really was.

    Artemis decided to run away herself, following in her sister's footsteps, but instead of becoming an assassin like Jade, she decided she would defend the city to the best of her ability. Sportsmaster was disappointed in her and this would end contact between the two. Huntress returned to her works with Sportsmaster, secretly proud of her daughter for being able to turn over a new leaf.

    Artemis was soon recruited by Batman and Green Arrow to join the team. Artemis thought her own merit was the reason why she was recruited, and though that was part of it, the other reason why is because of her mother. She sent word to the Justice League about her daughter, pleading that they would help her so she would remain in the light.

    | Character Notes |

    Artemis lives in Gotham City

    She currently does not have the other alias of "Tigress". She undertook that alias after her death was faked, in the timeline right now that has not happened. If it is to get that far, or even happens, I will make another CS/Update this one.

    Artemis has come to the Young Justice under the alias of being Green Arrow's niece and new apprentice. Only Batman and Green Arrow know her true identity.
    | Powers |

    Artemis is not blessed with powers. She has many skills and some may say her skills are her powers, but to her the word "powers" is more of a gift and not something you had to work for and "skills" are something you actually have to work for.

    | Skills |

    Above average:
    • Speed-Can run a little above the average speed.
    • Endurance-Maintain stamina for a long period
    • Agility-Able to move, dodge, and react to dangers in with fascinating agility
    • Strength-Has shown to be able to lift over twice her own weight, can knock full grown adults out with a punch, and be able to perform tricks with one arm.
    • Intelligence-She's very scientific and finds understanding science terms easy.
    • Has been seen to be able to hit her target, with ease, with many different projectiles.
    • Has mastered the; longbow, shortbow, crossbow, many trick arrows.
    • Can shoot 2 to 3 arrows at a time and still hit her target.
    Ambidextrous-Can use her bow with her left or right arm.

    Tracking-Can track enemies or track other markings around her, observant.

    Acrobatics-Proficient in acrobatics

    Martial Arts-Skilled, but not an expert, in martial arts.

    First Aid-Knows basic first aid and can help in quick emergencies where better aid cannot be found.

    | How is this character different? |

    I gave Artemis a more detailed background, making her a stronger character by defining moments with her father and what it was like living as an only child.

    I also changed Huntress a bit, I made her not crippled/injured so when she came back into Artemis's life she would be an even stronger character. By having both of her parents back in the field of evil it makes Artemis even more complicated. This makes her a deeper character all around, which is something I strive for in my characters.

    I also plan to really make her personality go deeper then just the witty and sarcastic remarked girl. I will be keeping these traits but I won't make her so aggressive with her remarks.

    | What is your goal with this character? |

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I want to make her deeper. I really love her character but I always feel like she really lacks depth until much later into her story. I want to show more of a conflict in her life, with both of her parents being Villains, and show more of a struggle to choose good or evil.

    | Sample Post |

    Show Spoiler

    Artemis could feel the small drops of rain against the back of her neck as she sat on a roof top, overlooking a shady street. One of her legs was brought up to her chest where she could rest her chin against her knee while she waited patiently for any sight of movement in the street below. She had heard rumors of gang violence and beatings around this time of night in this particular street way. Artemis wanted to either confirm the rumors or put them to rest, so she planned to spend her night alone watching below her.

    "Please! Let me go!" Artemis perked her head up as she heard the voice of a boy coming from somewhere near where she waited. About fifteen seconds passed between hearing the voice that she saw black shady figures in the alley below her. Someone fought to move and struggled within the group.

    "Your father, boy, didn't make us a payment to protect you. So we got to teach him a lesson." Artemis smirked to herself as she stood up from her perched point. 'You won't be making a point if I can help it.'

    Pulling out an arrow from her quiver and aimed it right above the spot on the largest shadowy figure, pulling back and releasing the arrow into the air with an exhaled breath. Before any of the figures had time to respond to the arrow that clanked above one of their heads, barely missing him, Artemis had already drawn out two other arrows and aimed them in the middle of the group where the boy that had captured sat. When she shot the two arrows they landed in front of the victim and made three of the five shadowed figures jump back in fright. Two of the three who jumped back in fright started to breath heavier, in an anxiety like state, and booked it out of the alley. They didn't seem to like being attacked by strange arrows that were hitting their mark.

    That left three men for Artemis to deal with. They looked around for the attacker, holding their stance but breathing in odd patterns, and as they looked to the roof where Artemis once stood shooting, she was no longer there. She had now made her way down the fire escape,onto trash cans, and into the alley where she ran up behind one of the men and threw him against the wall, knocking him unconscious from the blunt force of his head hitting the wall.

    "Who the he-" One of the tried to exclaim but Artemis was already attacking him. She pulled him up by his shirt and threw him into the street under a lamp. The last guy came up behind her, he seemed to be the largest and in charge of the group, and he attempted to grab Artemis and hold her, but he didn't know about her above par agility skills. She found the man easy to avoid by side stepping. He stumbled forward and Artemis kicked him down. She placed her foot on his back, putting her full weight into her step which rendered him incapable to get up.

    "Now," Artemis leaned down closer to the man, still holding her foot on him, "I want you to realize, even if you were more prepared next time, you will still be no match. You could spend a day or two preparing for a fight with me, like the last group did, or you can give up now. You, with no powers or abnormal skills, are just play toys in my world. I don't want to hear of your group or next time those arrows will not be hitting cement or walls. They will be hitting something softer," She twisted her foot once into his back, "and more vital."

    With that she slowly took her foot off the man and let him scramble to his feet. He looked back at his masked attacker but didn't say a word.

    Artemis stared at the two unconscious men and then to the victim, who seemed completely unharmed. He just sat in complete shock as to what just happened. Artemis made her way over to him and outstretched her hand for him to grab, "I would get out of here. I think you'll be safe now."

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