Young delinquents escaping reality!


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Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in! This is just an interest check, but something I think could develop into a great roleplay if I had a good group of people to work with! I’ll start with telling you a little about the plot I have in mind.

The Story
The story is based off of a series I read many, many years ago, called Uglies by Scott Westerfield. If you have not read the series, I do recommend! But to give you a little idea, it is about everyone being “Uglies” until they are 16, when they would be turned into a “Pretty” with intense cosmetic surgery. The people had no choice to be changed, and there was a group of “uglies” who decided to run from the “pretties” before they turned 16 to avoid being changed.

The idea I have is a very rough draft, but I’d like to work something similar to this. It would have a lot of slice of life, drama, and some occasional action. Romance would of course be allowed, just not the center of the plot. This is something I just started brainstorming today, so I have no pieced everything together. It would not be an exact version of the series, however I do like the idea of it and I feel would be interesting to play.

Extra Notes
I am just getting back after a long personal break with lots of different challenges, but I have been role playing for many years. With this in mind, I have so many ideas I would like to put to use since I am finally doing something I love again. However, with a group roleplay, if this is to get interests, I would be interested in finding a partner to help run the show so that for my first big roleplay back, I have someone I can work with to make it the best story it can be!
If you are interested, please let me know! I look forward to role playing with all my future partners! :D