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  1. The story didn't make the top news that day, but for those who knew about it, it felt like an unavoidable disheartening situation. Jack Power, third youngest of the Power family, was reported missing one night after last being seen leaving the house around 11 pm. Where he went, and who he last spoke too not being known. Police have found themselves in a complete stump as too any leads on the case.

    Those who know about Jack Power, and his siblings well enough, know that this story has more to it than the news, police, and even Jack's parents have said. A while back Jack Power was a part of the superhero group The Power Pack. Formed with his brother and sisters, they fought crime and criminals alike using powers given to them by an alien race. Two people who know this are Franklin and Valeria Richards. Franklin most of all, after all, for a period of time he was a part of the group. But still being close friends with all of the Power kids, Franklin and Valeria started snooping into the situation themselves. Slowly things began to show up to them. Jack the night he vanished was planning on meeting a girl his age with the name 'Alraune'. A superhero supposedly who had the power to sap power from plants of the Earth.

    However, things began to become strange once Franklin and Valeria started looking into Alraune. Not only was there nothing on the mysterious superhero. No one older than 18 even knew her existence, like she was just the punchline of some joke between all the young heroes in the world. Valeria sensed something much deeper was at play, with her knowledge of the mystical arts. Leading to Franklin and Valeria to decide that maybe this calls for something more than just the both of them and the resources of their parents Fantastic Four empire.


    Captain America and Iron Man never really seemed like the type of people who can let something get under their skin so deep. However two words seem to be doing a perfect job of it.

    Young Avengers.

    A group of young superheroes, formed over their dreams and glimmering eyes to the older superheroes of the world. They've become something that Captain America and Iron Man have tried to stop with little to no success. The group were never given any right to use the name they helped forge. They saw it as kids going too far playing pretend, and potentially getting themselves, or worse, others hurt.

    Still, a group of young superheroes might have their uses after all.


    1 – Obey the GM (me and Auntie Phaz) at all times.

    2 – This RP allows both canon young superheroes of the Marvel universe AND OC characters.


    If you want to make an OC, you MUST make a canon character to go with them. That way the RP still has plenty of canon characters and isn't just another RP of OC superheroes doing whatever.

    3 – You're welcome to remold the canon heroes however you please within reason. Mainly you need to keep the spirit of the character in tact through any changes.


    Billy Kaplan – Wiccan (Drewvonawesome)
    Tommy Shepherd – Speed (Auntie Phaz)
    Franklin Richards – Fantastic Lad (Drewvonawesome)
    Valeria Richards – Doom (Auntie Phaz)
  3. Sounds interesting my only issue is I know very little about the young avengers so I'd have to do some research into the heroes etc of that story line before I'd feel okay playing one of them.
  4. I'll join, I will just have to think of which cannon I'm gonna do with my cs
  5. Well just off the top of my head there are plenty of young superheroes in the Marvel universe that can fit the mold. At the very least heroes who started young and would fit okay with me.

    Spider-Man Peter Parker
    Ms. Marvel Kamala Kahn
    Hulkling Teddy Altman (Who is dating Wiccan *hint hint wink wink*)
    Justice Vance Astrovik
    Speedball Robbie Baldwin
    Nova Sam Alexander
    Patriot Eli Bradley
    Hawkeye II Kate Bishop
    Stature Cassie Lang
    Anole Victor Bartowski
    Cannonball Sam Guthrie
    Mercury Cessily Kincaid

    Those are just people off the top of my head, when I get back from board gaming I'd be happy to provide more. Not to mention like I said in the rules I'm open to modifying the character and even rule 63 (any male character has a female version and vice versa). You guys can hit me up through skype (PM me and I'll give the details), or through a titanpad chat session or something.

    PS Motherofcthultu your avatar is going to haunt my dreams for the rest of my life... GOOD JOB THANKS.
  6. You're very welcome, sweet dreams. ;)
    I'll look some of those guys up as soon as possible.
  7. I forgot about the three other Power kids; Alex, Julie, and Katie.
  8. I'll be Molly Hayes from runaways, just thought posting it here would make it more official.
  9. Do we have to make a CS if we are doing a cannon character?
  10. Yeah, since details can and will probably be changed around. That way its clear how exactly the character is even if they're canon based. Like how I suggested Molly's mom marries Wiccan's dad and such. Never happened in the source material but for this RP it is happening.
  11. I'm looking for two to four more characters in this and we'll start. So far we have Franklin and Valeria Richards, Wiccan, Hulkling, Speed, and an OC. Come on and join people!
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