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    I love the comics, and personally, I think Young Avengers would make an awesome RP. Hopefully I'm not the only one!

    I'm thinking we would need at least six or seven people - four at an absolute minimum - but the more, the merrier! I'd be perfectly fine with up to a dozen. I don't really have any solid plots in mind, so that's definitely up for discussion.
  2. I need Wiccan/Hulkling with Speed on the side lovin... I'm in.
  3. I'm down for anything YA.
  4. Yay! It's only been a few hours and we've already got interest! I'm so happy.
  5. So... who were you thinking of making for this anyways Pulchritudinous?

    I'm willing to wager Kid/Teen Loki... not really based on any sig/avatar assumptions, just thinking aloud.

    Also can we only pick between current members or are Patriot, Stature, or Vision allowed?
  6. Current members, past members, I'm fine with any!

    And yeah, I have my heart pretty set on Kid/Teen Loki. Good guess!
  7. Alright, so I'm looking at either Wiccan or Hulkling, depending on who anyone else wants, and Stature.
  8. That sounds great! We'll see who else shows up and what they want, too.
  9. Well, Im hooked on the idea. Not knowing too much, but Ill take a wing at it.

    What you guys think about a bad guy? Ill be happy to take him. And it will give good drive to the plot.
  10. If he doesn't want villains I'd be happy to help you explore the magical world of Young Avengers...

    I'll need my top hat, cane, and minions to help create my musical masterpiece.
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  11. A villain's good! I mean, the YA will need something to punch, won't they?

    Totally happening.
  12. Also, how much creative freedom do we have with the characters?
  13. A decent amount. I mean, you can't go changing a character so much that it's just not canon anymore, but I'll be pretty flexible.
  14. Sure, I've done stuff with Hulkling in the past where his mom was a SHIELD agent and had him more open with his alien side. So I might go in that direction if that someone else wants Wiccan.

    As for Stature I don't know what I would really change with her. I like the costume, personality is fine, either or...
  15. hello I'm interested, but is there any oc's allowed?
  16. Erm. I want to say yes, but it's a little early. Not all the canons are filled. And if I say yes to one OC, I'll have more coming, and we'll never get any more canon characters. Trust me, I've had it happen in a previous RP. It turned into all OCs with like two CCs and it was chaos.
  17. I think that'd be fine. It's more of a tweak than a change, really.
  18. okay so...May i have the one OC?
  19. Okay. One. And one is all I'm allowing for now! Go ahead, Fox.
  20. okay thank you