Young And Beautiful

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  1. we live in a crule world. where true love is hard to find. and the world is full of greed, lust, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Pride. it seams that the demons have taken over. and there is no one to save them. or is there. love can save the world. We need to find true love. or have they already won?


    (you have to be human, vampire, or demon (but not the sins))


    NAme: Chi nokomo
    age: 19
    small bio: Chi has a think about singing. she sang when she was young and never stopped. The 7 sins have loved her eversince they heard her
    likes: Piano, drawing, singing.
    dislikes: Rudes people

    Chi walked on stange waering a long flowing out fit. and started to sing her song 'young and beautiful.' she sung with grace and love in it. no one would think of the world out side.

    Will you still love me
    When I'm no longer young and beautiful?
    Will you still love me
    When I got nothing but my aching soul?
    I know you will, I know you will
    I know that you will
    Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful?

    she started to cry once she was at the Bridge. she hated think about the lord why could he not save them. once she was done she cryed once more.
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  2. ((
    Name: Aruya Nataki
    Age: 20
    small bio: smart, arrogant boy who has stayed alive, fighting for his soul. Quick on his feet and to speak.
    likes: Hunting, fighting, and walking.
    dislikes: being alone

    Aruya heard crying. That's what that was. He pushed his way past the brush and stared at the lovely girl. He smiled and slowly approached her. "What's wrong?" He crinkled his thin eyebrows in concern.
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Not open for further replies.