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  1. Claira stood in the middle of her dorm room, sighing as she lifted her purple tank top, eyeing her hole above her bellybutton where her piercing used to be. She couldn't believe they made her take it out.
    She and a few other newbies had just gotten out of orientation, and she's already starting to hate this place. If they think they can change her, or think this going to help, they're sadly mistaken.

    She chooses how she wants to act. No one is holding a gun to her head. She just wished people would get off her case and leave her alone.

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  2. As for Oliver, that lip ring just left an eye sore, and an awkward spot that he couldn't ignore no matter how hard he tried. Strangely enough, he was more mad at Joey, than the cops that had put him here. He had done the crime, and he was willing to do the time, no matter how long that time may be. Unfortunately, hacking into a government site gets you into a shit ton of trouble. Twenty years, in fact. And then on top of that, his other crimes.. Yeah, he probably wasn't leaving here anytime soon. The best he thought he could do was to do what he was told, suck it up, and possibly get out on good behavior. Not like he'd have any future outside the bars. He kissed any hope goodbye when he committed his first crime. He'd have more of a life behind bars than he would out of them, in all honesty. Oliver was never one to psyche himself out, no matter how hopeful the psyche would make him. In his eyes, any spark he had was stuffed out, it was better to be locked up silently than going out kicking and screaming for absolutely no reason. So there he sat, his chin resting on his hand, watching some pissed off looking girl lift her shirt up. "Let me guess, belly button ring?" He asked, arching an eyebrow. He wondered how many kids would be walking around with unnatural holes in their body from removed piercings. It was a stupid rule, but in worst case scenarios, it saved someone from getting a nose ring stabbed into their eye. Personally, he would never resort to such child like violence, but you never knew what kind of disturbed kids were dragged in out of here like rabid cattle.
  3. Johnny MacThaidhg is the name of the man sitting just outside of the gym. Originally Johnny had come here to lift some free wights but ended up jumping over a lounge chair and sitting just outside the door. It wasn't that he didn't want to lift weights today, it was the fact that apparently the gym was closed. Normally he only needed to ask the security guard stationed nearby to unlock the door for him and he was set to go, but apparently today the normal security guard was sick and the one filling in didn't have the key. That was dumb... The jerk probubly didn't want to sit around and make sure he didn't anything without permission...

    He leaned back in the chair and let out a sigh and draped his arms over the back before glancing at the security guard who avoided eye contact. 'Wimp' he thought to himself before absent-mindlessly checking the clock. Honestly Johnny didn't even let the time register, he didn't care, it was just something to do. Letting out another sigh his head fell back and he closed his eyes. He wasn't planning on napping, he just needed to think, "What to do... what to do."
  4. [​IMG]

    Lingering in the cafeteria. Not the best way to spend the day, but it seemed like one to London. Cross-legged, she sat in the corner of the mess hall. She clasped her water bottle in her hand tightly, paranoid that if she let go, it would take flight. Her hallucinations were getting worse, even though she took her medication everyday.

    Fear, dread, perturbation.

    She felt nauseated at the presence of these thoughts in her brain. With her disorganized thoughts, she didn't feel like doing anything. Hope was lost, very lost indeed. Her mother. The thought of her drove London up the wall. That cowardly old hag didn't even admit her fault of doing this to her.

    She gritted her teeth as she clenched her plastic water bottle even tighter, it felt like it was going to break any second.

    LOCATION: Cafeteria

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  5. Chrissy Jones sighed and stood up, flushing the toilet and pulling up her yoga capris before heading out to wash her hands and leave the restroom. She looked in the mirror, her face devoid of giving any fucks. She didn't have any makeup on, though her long eyelashes made people assume she was wearing mascara. She would have done something more, primped her hair for a second or bit her lip to give it some more color, but she didn't really feel like doing that in front of her jail mirror. She would have loved to go to the computer lab, but she'd had her google permissions revoked when she'd been caught on websites that were technically blocked on the internet by disabling the program that blocked them. Apparently that wasn't 'broadening her horizons' or 'learning about computers' but 'breaking the rules'. She huffed before leaving the bathroom, if she wasn't so goddamn bored.

    So, since she was still kicked out of the library for taking books from other kids there and hitting them with them (for various reasons) she was resorting to her last resort, her plan z, her plan right before getting knocked up for the kicks: going to the gym. That's why she was in the gym shirt from her old high school (Gooooo Ravens!) and her tennis shoes. It wasn't that she'd never gone to the gym, obviously she had or the girl wouldn't have been able to beat up guys so much she'd been admitted here. It was that she really really didn't like the guard that was usually in charge of the gym. He freaked her out, and while she wasn't certain she also didn't think that teenagers in a gym required that much observation.

    Upon arrival in the gym she was happy to find that the usual guard wasn't there. Then she frowned, looking at Johnny MacThaidhg and realizing that the gym was closed. 'Course, can't let us do physical activity without some fat guy preventing us from throwing the weights at the window. SHe put her hands on her hips for a second in frustration, looking at Johnny and knowing she didn't want to resort to plan 'get knocked up for the kicks' she knew she'd have to get a better idea.

    She didn't get along with Johnny much, his dislike for being corrected came off as ignorant in her mind and his greasy hair was reason enough to stay away, if only just to avoid contamination. She was bored though, and being bored made teenagers such as herself do very stupid things. Right now, that meant she was actually going to talk to him.

    "Hi," She said, sitting to have her back leaning against the wall across from him. "So you've been here longer than me, what do you do when you're currently kicked out the library, lab, and gym?"
  6. A voice rung. He knew this voice well and sure enough her tone made him feel like he had been stung. With a huff he lifted his head and opened his eyes, "After'nun princess." He replied with a lazy grin before returning to his original position. "Well you can pig out in the 'mess hall', talk to some one, cause trouble, play with your hair, or complain about your problems to the therapists." He listed off before lifting his head and looking at her again.

    Chrissy Jones, a short girl (when compared to Johnny who makes everyone around him look like dwarfs) and a fairly beautiful one at that. Only problem is her bad attitude. She walks around like she's better than just about everyone, and loves picking on a guys choice of words. The only thing they had in common was their love for their own hair and even then she couldn't stand the fact he uses blue magic to grease his hair. Honestly though, he couldn't care less. A little grease gives his hair a nice shine and helps retain moisture. Not that it mattered at all the the princess.

    "You've been here for a while yourself and you still haven't figured things out? Why don't you go find Dr. Ear creep (his loving nickname for Dr Vonnegut) and see if he has anything new for you?" He sighed before finally sitting upright, "Or we could mess with the kid guard over there and see if we can swipe his key?"
  7. Chrissy waited none to patiently for Johnny to reply, all but tapping her foot as he moved at his ever-so-leisurely pace. He listed off the options as he saw it: eating? She wasn't hungry. She had no desire to resort to eating for entertainment. She'd rather just sleep, but that would freak out the Drs and she didn't want to be forced to take antidepressants again. Talk to someone? What a novel idea, but wasn't she doing that? Besides, there was no-one in this compound that provided the intellectual intensity she needed to simply talk. Cause trouble, obviously, but how? Idea escaped her, maybe it was his stupid voice, she couldn't be sure that stupid wasn't contagious. It didn't help that they had her on some basic psych med and her creativity was down below zero. Play with her hair? She scoffed openly at that, braiding was only so entertaining. Complain to the shrinks? As it was she avoided them, and when she did talk to them she mostly made up a bunch of shit. At this point, most of the doctors thought she was a pathological liar. Which, of course, meant that if she did tell the truth they probably wouldn't believe it....

    No, if she felt the need to 'express herself' she would write in her journal.

    She was pulled out of her melancholy thoughts when he spoke again, and gave her attention to Johnny. He had a point, how had she not figured out this place? She'd been here for years yet the boredom still threatened to kill her on a daily basis. She very nearly flinched at the reference to Dr. Vonnegut, the doctors were her enemies in this place. Always putting her on new meds, never bothering to actually care. Besides, the things they said...

    The guard? She looked over to the guard, between the two of them they could probably get his key card and then have a free-er reign of the place. She was already in jail, so worst case scenario she got entertained. She nodded, "First of all, don't call me 'Princess'." She critiqued, the statement bugged her and she really didn't want to have to kick this guy. not because he didn't deserve a good kicked but because she wasn't wearing boots, so the pain wouldn't be worth it. "Secondly, bugging the guard? Count me in."
  8. Claira's head yanked up to see the voice that spoke to her. Not too bad looking, and he looked a bit older. He could be someone she could possibly hang around.

    "Yeah, what's it to you?" Her voice lingered with attitude, though it wasn't necessarily directed towards him.
  9. Jane had just finished helping out in the cafeteria and was getting ready to introduce herself to the newer students... well, if she could find them. Trying to find a specific student was like trying to hit a target in the dark... especially when she hadn't gotten to know them yet. "Claira and Bexaley." She mumbled to herself as she looked over the notes in her hand. It held basic information on the two of them. Crimes, medical conditions, and medication. Things that an RA was expected to memorize. Honestly this was the easy part. Just read it over a couple times and she'll have it completely memorized. "But where are they?" She mumbled with a frown as she rounded the corner.

    Jane looked up only to see she was about to walk into Chase. "Chasey!" She squealed before running up and hugging him. She considered Chase her gay best friend... although she wasn't sure if he was actually gay. "Say, have you run into Claira or Bexaley yet? They supposedly arived here today but I wasn't invited to show either of them around..." Her eyes widened, "Wait! Do you think they feel I haven't done a sufficient job with giving new students tours?! Oh, thats my favorite part of this job too!" She said playfully. Of course she wasn't really concerned about any of this. The reason she didn't give the tour was because she was busy... but she did actually want to meet the new students.
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  10. "I could definitely go for a small meal right about now. Like a sandwich or something," Chase thought out loud as he made his way around the facility. He was speed walking a bit, wanting to satisfy the ever growing hunger inside of him. He had just rounded the corner when Jane appeared out of nowhere. Eyes wide at the squeal of his nickname, the brunet soon relaxed as he returned the younger girl's hug, laughing softly. "Hello, Jane," he greeted her with a bright smile.

    At her questioning, he shook his head, eyebrows furrowed. "I haven't seen either of them. We could search for them together, though." His stomach protested against the idea, but he ignored it. He could get food later. "You? Giving insufficient tours? I doubt it," he stated at her playfulness. He briefly wondered what these kids were in for. He had yet to look at their information, too preoccupied with getting something to eat. "Maybe they're in their dorms?" He suggested after a moment of thinking.
  11. Johnny couldn't help but shake his head and chuckle, "I'll stop calling you princess when you stop acting like one." He pulled himself to his feet before stretching his arms a little. Honestly he was in absolutely no rush. If he were to rush through everything that might end up being entertaining he'd run out of things to do quite quickly. "Now then, its no surprise that the guards take note of you when you walk in the door, I mean they take note of all of us, but you most of all." He assumed she would realize he was talking about her looks. There didn't seem to be a single male in this joint that didn't find her at least slightly attractive. "All you need to do is talk to him a little. Small talk. Followed up with asking him to let you into the gym. When he says no, assuming he does, just ask him where the key is. Of course he won't out right tell you, but I'd venture to guess this kid guard would check to make sure its still on his person. Where he reaches is where the key is." Johnny had put himself between her and the guard and spoke in a hushed voice. Although Johnny wasn't a mastermind he was still good with people and knew how to ward away suspicion. If there was one game Johnny was good at, it was mind games.

    "Don't look when he checks for the keys, I'll do that. If you look he'll keep notice of it.(he means the guard would pay special attention to his keys) After that turn on heel like your angry and stomp away to this area, leave the rest to me." Johnny took a step back and slammed his hand against the table, "Fine princess, have it your way." He turned and walked down the hall. This was all part of his plan. He would round the corner cut threw the cafeteria, and stop just above the hallway that the gaurd was currently standing in. Chrissy considered herself a genius, she should have caught on to what he was doing, if not, it might be fun to see her reaction. Either way, he'll be entertained.
  12. Stop acting like one? Chrissy was beginning to remember why she'd been put here in the first place. Punching dumbasses. She decided to drop it though, and moved on. He stretched and she wondered if he was intentionally trying to seduce her. She shook the idea out of her mind for being so riddiculous.
    Do they? Of course they do. She knew that the guards loked at her when she walked by, she probably got in the highest amount of stupid trouble out of everyone there. On top of that, creepy guards that were stuck guarding a bunch of 'rowdy' teenagers didn't have much in their life as far as relationships. Everytime she caught some pedo staring at her she wondered how being in a jail wasn't enough reminder that statutory rape was illegal. She'd considered getting fat a couple of times, but she had no desire to gain weight and nevertheless enjoyed physical activity. Regardless, she wouldn't mind getting the attention of someone her age.

    Talk to him? She nearly scoffed, her skill set and she was designated pretty destraction. She was insulted. Why couldn't he destract the guard? He was annoying, and arrogant, and insulting, and constantly providing her amusement by giving the guards and other members of the facility crap. He could destract the guard just as well as she could. Except he had the subtlety of a giant ape in a unicorn costume in a Catholic church. Whatever, she could be a destractor and she'd be damn good at it. She looked at herself in the reflection of the dark gym window, or not. She was still a mess and wearing yoga capris and her high school gym shirt wasn't the most attractive thing around.
    He finished his explanation of the plan and yelled, she knew it was simply so she'd have a reason to go over there but goddamn it if she didn't hate yelling. Talk to him, ask about the key, get rejected, leave in a huff. Don't. Look. At. The. Keys.

    She let out a fake (not not appearing so) huff of frustration and stomped off right past the guard. She back stepped after passing him and giving him a wide smile. "Oh, hi there, I didn't see you." She said, making sure she was almost too close. "Well, I'm doing terrible, so at least tell me that you're having a nice day."
    He didn't look like he had any clue as to what to do or say. He looked starstruck, or like a deer in the headlights, or both. He stared at her for a moment before speaking, squeeking out his words lightly. "I, uh, well my friend Burt's sick so I-I'm not doing too swell myself."

    She pouted lightly before smiling, "Well let me know if I can make your day any better, alright?" She didn't give him any time to ponder what she had said or meant before she continued. "Can you let me into the gym? With you watching it'd be alright, right?"

    "Well-ah- sure, but I can't leave this spot," He explained, sounding seriously apologetic. As if he actually owed her. She worked hard to stop from rolling her eyes.

    "Do you have the key?" She finished with, "I promise I won't break anything." She thought she saw him twitch, but she made sure to keep her eyes on his face.

    "No, I can't do that," He said, stuttering lightly.

    "Well fine," Chrissy finished her conversation. She stormed off then, feeling his eyes on her as she left. Johnny, you're a go, she thought.
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