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    Canada. Oh Canada. If there were something to represent you it would be a brick of ice. Or at the least that is what most people thought. Though most of Canada was not habitable, closer to the America's it was nice, and cool, and a great place to be. A prime example of that was Crosstown. A small city in the boonies, what could be considered nothing more than a flake of dust on the map. But it was here where our story takes place. True, there aren't many people around, but it was enough to have it's own ripe eco system. One filled with populars, and nobodies. And it so happened these nobodies were the most interesting of the bunch.

    One of those nobodies, in fact most of them lived up in the woods, on acres of property. Land was cheep out here, but they didn't use it to make a giant swimming pool. They left most of the area covered in tree's aside from a large house sitting next to the river. This was Silverwood Pack house, home to a few tame wolf bloods. Once being a proud pack the house has stood in the same spot for generations. There are structures out there older than most people know. However, this pack house feels empty now. For it's size, few people inhabit it. One of those people is Nova, Silverwoods one and only alpha. Passed down from family member to family member, the Silverwoods had been living in that house since before the town even had a name on the map. And now here they were. All there was was Nova, Cress, Diego, Adam, and Adrien. That's all her pack was, unless you included Chris, a human. Acording to most wild wolf bloods humans in a pack was pretty much suicide. And here they were.
    Nova woke up from her deep sleep in her slanted roofed room. The sky outside was grey and overcast, as it almost always was. Nova didn't care. It didn't take long to get up and grab a set of clothing. Spike roused slightly on the end of her bed but simply put his head back down. No eagerness to take a run after all the rain. Scoffing, Nova slid on a comfortable and flowy t shirt along with sweatpants, stretching it out. Morning runs were her favorite, but she wasn't about to start in her pajamas. walking next to the window, Nova pushed open the door to her small balcony. She leapt over the railing and took off, setting out for a nice run.
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    "What do you think you're doing?" Erik snarled, a low growl rattling through his throat, a long red lighter gripped in his right hand. He was looking down at a child just starting his teens. "Adam. Where did you get this from?" The younger boy was looking at him defiantly, but without words. The whole pack was gathered around, watching the display. Erik, the alpha of the pack, had been leader for only a couple years now, having succeeded the pack from the man who had found him as a child, wandering the woods with apparently no family... and no memories. The previous leader. His surrogate father. Disobedience was not an uncommon phenomenon, but for some rules, he had to lay down the law. "Did you take this from the humans?" This was a tough law particularly because their pack was so close to town. The human settlements here were small, true, but they were still close. The forest had been encroached upon slowly, but the wild pack had been here longer than them. His father had been good at making sure their laws were kept, but he was still too young for their respect, it seemed.

    It was just so damn tiring sometimes. How long would it be before they truly saw him as their leader? He swung the lighter on his finger. Still growling softly, eyes turning red, he spoke loudly enough for the whole congregation to hear. "Admit or deny your crimes." Still, the defiant silence. Everyone knew he had been the one to take the object. He had been curious about the humans lately, straying from the pack. Erik had turned a bit of a blind eye because nothing had happened before now, but this was too much. Let the pack get into the habit of stealing from the humans, and it wouldn't be long before the humans started hunting them back. In face of the silence, Erik gave one last snarl and said, "Fine." He gave a nod of his head towards the other pack members. "Punish him."

    "Damn it." Having returned to his tent, Erik slammed one fist against his knee. Calla, one of the younger pack members and a friend, poked her head inside his tent. "Erik?" She asked, but he stood up abruptly and pushed past her. "Not now, Calla." He should probably stay, make sure the rest of the pack wasn't getting antsy with Adam's punishment, but he needed to be out, to just be himself right now. He started to run through the forest, thoughts chasing themselves about in his head. Perhaps they should leave, make their way deeper into the forests, where the humans were much scarcer. He'd been debating it since he'd become head of the pack, but every time he decided it would be too much. They were wild, yes, bu this was their ground, their territory. Except for the humans and the tame wolfbloods coming sniffing around. The tame ones.... A nagging suspicion in his head whispered that that was perhaps another reason why he didn't want to leave. He ran faster, trying to leave the thoughts behind, unconsciously drifting just a little closer to the Silverwoods.
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  3. Nova's favorite thing in the morning was racing through the woods. Marking the territory. Making sure nobody got too defiant and tried to come close to her territory. Anyone who did had the right to have their head removed, that is if she could follow through with that. Shaking out her shoulders, Nova continued to let her feet beat across the ground, leaves kicking up as each foot landed against the soft earth. But something was beginning to raise the hair on her neck. A familiar smell came wafting up to her nose. It smelled like someone familiar. And if he was anywhere near the woods it would spell trouble for them both. Snapping her head, Nova started to follow the smell cautiously, trying to find where the man trespassing close to her woods might be.
  4. Lost in his thoughts as he was, Erik didn't realize as his feet led him closer to Silverwood. The blood pounding in his ears masked the initial instinctive response to the scent of another, especially as the wind was blowing towards it, away from him. He was running quickly, wind speeding past his face. There was just so much to WORRY about. So much. He stopped suddenly, feet grinding to a halt, and leaned over slightly. He hadn't been running fast enough to be panting loudly, he was drinking in the frustration. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then with a roar of frustration sent the side of one fist into the nearest tree. Two years. Two years and they still did not understand he was trying to protect them - protect the pack his father had protected for so long. For a second, his whole body was tense. Then, he let it go, standing up and taking another deep breath as he opened his eyes.

    His eyes widened with alarm. That smell. He was close to the tame wolf territory. Shit. He tilted his head to one side. She was coming. He hadn't done anything wrong. He hadn't crossed the border to her territory yet, but it was still a stupid thing to have done. Slowly, he backed away from the Silverwoods' territory. At the rate her smell was getting stronger, she'd still find him if she decided to, but it was better than running like he'd actually been trying to do something....
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  5. Nova could almost taste someone new at this point. The distant roar of frustration only confirmed it. It was all pointing to someone who was stupid enough to get this close to her lands. So stupid she was about to smack some sense into him. Or end up doing something else that was entirely unprofessional for two separate pack leaders to be doing. Letting her feet fall lightly against the ground, Nova weaved in and out of the trees easily. She had grown up here. She knew that he knew she was coming. She wasn't going to kill him, but he was certainly going to need to go back. She also didn't like him getting close to her area.

    By the time Nova was at the edge Erik was slowly backing away. Her gaze narrowed. "You should know better than to come poking around my side of the woods." She snapped, crossing her arms. He still looked the same as he did when she last saw him, maybe a bit more rugged. Still baby faced somehow, but that was something she didn't want to get into right now. "What the hell are you doing?" She snapped, glaring at him.
  6. Erik looked at Nova with dark eyes, face somber. The frustration, anger, anxiety that had been there moments before had disappeared in a flash. A defense mechanism in the face of another alpha. Despite him remembering her as a friend, he knew better now. She was just another rival pack leader, and rival pack leaders did not deserve his open emotion. She was eyeing him with equal hostility. Aaand, asking very good questions. He really should know better than to come poking around her side of the woods, shouldn't he? What was he doing here?

    "Leaving." He said, quietly, still backing away casually. One step after another, further back into the trees. "I didn't mean to encroach upon your territory. Technically, I didn't, so you have no reason to start anything. Do you?" His red eyes were trained on her, even as his body moved farther and farther from her territory, albeit slowly. "See you.. later? Tame wolf." His voice wasn't mocking, nor was it really questioning, it was simply rough and quiet, up for her interpretation.
  7. Nova stared back at Erik with equal force. She wanted to cave and give him some sort of joke, play it off like they weren't two opposite packs. Packs that hated each other to be exact. She should have ripped him apart for even being there, but she was feeling somewhat nice today.

    "Yeah, well leaving doesn't explain why you were here in the first place. Now I have to cover up your scent so nobody thinks we were going to run off into the woods or some shit. Seriously, you must have had a lapse in brain function as you wild things mostly do." She said, glaring back at him. It was a jab for calling her tame. "At the least the tame can think before they go running off in a fit of furry." She added, setting her jaw as she waited for a response.
  8. Erik continued to back off, though he bared his teeth a little at the "wild things" comment. But he gave a little snarl of laughter, and said in a low, husky whisper. "Now why would anyone think we were going to run off into the woods? Wouldn't they more likely assume I was spying and you scared me off? Or better yet, rough up the trees a bit and they might think we go into a little fight. Running off into the woods together, now that's a stretch." His red eyes watched her scornfully. "Except it's not with you, is it?" He turned his back on her and ran. If she chose to give chase, she'd fall deep into their territory soon enough. Hopefully she was right, and the tame could think before running off in a fit of fury, because if not, it was her funeral.

    Calla met him halfway back to the pack, breathing hard. "Where did you go?"

    "Nowhere." He brushed her off. "It doesn't matter." But as he passed her she caught the faint whiff of a familiar scent.

    "You've got to let her go, Erik. She's not one of us anymore." Calla said quietly. He snarled lowly and turned towards her, but she held up her hands. "I didn't come here to tell you that. It's Marnie." Marnie was Adam's younger sister. At five years of age, she was the youngest in the pack. Erik instantly went on alert. "She's run off. I think because of what happene-" The look on Erik's face killed the words in her throat. This and that everyone and everything. They were all damn trouble. He had to find Marnie. The whole pack would have to spread out and search before she strayed into other territory or got hurt.
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  9. Nova looked back at the wild bozo in front of her. He liked to try and get things out of her, with that low stupid tone of his. Back in her wild days, Nova had been good friends with him. He might have a good threatening voice, but if you knew the right words getting to his gentler sides was easy. They used to get into a lot of playful arguments. But with them on different sides, seeing him as both a friend and an enemy was messing with her head. And apparently to the point she suggested people might think they would run off together.

    Groaning, Nova growled back at him, even as he took off. Git. "I hope you have to come begging for my help." She snapped back, watching him run off. She knew better than to follow him. Gritting her own teeth, she flipped around, hair floating gently in the wind. "Son of a bitch doesn't even bother anymore." She thought to herself, pursing her own lips. She decided walking the border area would be a good idea. Make sure no one else got any funny ideas. The last thing she needed was both the alpha scent and other wolves on the border. That would rouse her pack up for a fight and having them try and go after the others would mean injuries, lost territory, spilled blood, risk of exposure and possibly death. She wasn't about to bring them into it. She made sure to cover Erik's scent well, smothering her own scent glands over the areas he was in. Extending it out from there, she started to remark her border, making the scent fresh. Doing this after a fresh rain established her dominance.
  10. The pack was agitated. While it was rare that they all agreed on one thing, Marnie was that exception. She was Adam's sister, but everyone's child. No one wanted to lose her. "Spread out, but be wary of the borders." Was Erik's directive. Shit. He shouldn't have aggravated Nova earlier. Not that she would have helped, but he'd given her a reason to be aggressive. Now if any of the pack came near her territory, looking for Marnie... And he couldn't very well search the whole area on his own in the fear that she might bump into someone and start a war. None of them wanted that. They just wanted Marnie back. "And no matter who you meet, don't start ANYTHING. Remember, we're just looking for Marnie. That's all." What if they alerted other packs to their weakness? The insidious thought crept into his brain, but he shoved it aside. The cub was all that was important right now.

    Before he could say anything on who would go where, Calla spoke up quickly, "I'll join the wolves heading towards the Silverwoods' area. Erik?" She looked him straight in the eyes, her golden ones meeting his red ones, warning him. It was a warning he did not like, but understood to be correct. For now, anyways. He couldn't bump into Nova like this. Not again.

    He gave a short nod and continued, "I will stay with the camp and check for any more detailed clues as to where she could have gone. If any of you find anything, you report directly back to me, understand?" Marnie's scent should still be relatively fresh, but the rain from the night before, while helping clear other scents, would also make it easy for the young wolf to splash herself in mud or water, dulling her scent, and she was young, so it would be much fainter anyways. A majority of the pack morphed into wolves and ran in there respective directions.

    As she ran, Calla prayed that none of the other wolves would bump into Nova. She was upset about Marnie, yes, but her head was cooler than most, and she did not hate Nova like the others did. In fact, she was rather grateful the girl had gone. Two alphas were no good, anyways. Erik hadn't needed the distraction.
  11. Nova was happily doing her border patrol, her head hung low to the ground. She was checking the area along the edge but about half way through her run one of her pack mates had come to check on her. Naturally, all of them were out here now. As soon as they caught a slight whiff of the other alpha they were all ready to establish dominance. She had to hold them back of course, but that didn't keep them from pacing the edge, marking, scratching, and growling. She knew she couldn't stop everything, but as long as they didn't start anything they didn't need, they would be fine.

    Currently Nova was alone, letting her dark fur rake against the rough bark of the pine forest. The smell of Erik still lingered in her nose. She wanted to make this whole thing clear, but it was never going to be that way. They didn't live together anymore. She smelled like humans. Any sort of interaction would cause hackles to raise and jaws to snap. The last thing they both needed was a war.

    Nova had the humans on her side, well some anyway. If she alerted her friend patrols would be set. It didn't take much to spook the vulnerable creatures. But it was a dangerous game to play, not that she had any choice. If they had stayed wild, they would have been slaughtered, driven out of town. She had her back against the wall, and they did too. Erik was just choosing to ignore it like always.

    She could feel something different, and muddled come to her senses. A pup of some sort, something familiar. It was defiantly wild so it couldn't have been from around these parts. It could have been from Erik's pack. Regardless, she wasn't about to hurt the pup. Picking up the pace Nova started to track along the scent, pausing when she reached the border so as not to cross it. It weaved in and out of each territory, clearly quite lost. Nova continued to hunt for it.
  12. Marnie was very staunchly not crying, but she was sniffling. The small girl's short brown hair was swept around softly by the wind, and her icey blue, wolfish eyes were slightly reddened from the tears she was not shedding. After hearing that Adam had been punished and Erik had left, she'd run, not thinking where she was going. And now here she was, very very lost. She was lost, but not unable to smell. She could tell she was getting close to some kind of border, and kept trying to pull away from it, but she was feeling very confused, not to mention still upset about Adam. Why had that happened? Why couldn't they all just get along? Human things were pretty, and interesting. What was so wrong with poking at them? They didn't want them, either. Adam had taken it from a dumpster, she'd seen it. It didn't work, anyways. Stopping abruptly at an area where the scent was faint, an area where Nova had yet to mark. She stomped one foot hard on the ground. No one was here to see anyways. She was youngest in the pack, but she was not the child. She didn't want to be anyways. She sat down cross-legged, in human form, lips pouting slightly.

    Calla was anxious getting close to the border of the Silverwoods. Nova had strengthened her scent after the rain and it was making her and the others antsy. Worse, it made it a little more difficult to try to find Marnie's scent, but she could pick up something... something faint. If it was Marnie, that was good, but she couldn't be certain. She leaned towards the scent, and as she ran, she could tell it was getting stronger. She lifted her head to howl, but they were so close, oh so close. She didn't want to alert the tame wolves to Marnie's presence. Quietly, she slipped closer, smelling Nova's scent nearing, and knowing the other wolf could smell her as well.
  13. Nova could smell that she was getting closer. It smelled like Adam, but she knew it couldn't be. It was to weak, too flowery to be Adam. A sibling maybe? She didn't know. She hadn't bothered to ask Erik about his pack, not that he would tell either. Letting her nose drop to the ground, she sniffed around, her ears soon picking up the soft sounds of sniffling. A child. Considering it was sniffling and not whimpering she gathered the child must have been in human form. Changing out of her wolf form, Nova stepped carefully towards the child.

    Not a second before she got into earshot did the wind shift, and the smell of Calla wafted up her nose. They were looking for her. She certainly did not want any of them crossing into her territory right now, not with her pack on high alert for intruders. They would probably pick up her scent soon enough. She needed to get the child out of her territory and too Calla quickly. She knew the wolf had a level head on her, Nova just hoped Calla knew she wouldn't hurt a pup. Walking past the tree, Nova lowered herself towards the ground, approaching the child. "Hey, what are you doing all the way out here?" She asked in a gentle tone, not touching her in case she lashed out. "This isn't a real safe place to be hanging out in the middle of the day." She mumbled gently, trying to soothe her and not make her cry.
  14. Marnie smelled someone coming closer and she scrambled up just in time to see a woman, around Calla's age, with pale grey hair. The woman smelled like a wolf. Adam and Erik had always told her to stay away from other wolves. They were dangerous. The woman spoke gently, though, so even though the pup backed away, she was not so much scared as wary. At that moment, however, she smelled someone else, someone familiar. She turned around just as Calla appeared from the woods in human form. "Calla!" With a little squeak of relief, Marnie jumped into Calla's waiting arms.

    Calla scooped their pack's youngest and held her close to her chest. Marnie was five, no longer small, but the older wolf held her with relative ease. She was stronger than she looked. She looked over at Nova with a neutral sort of expression, but there was the smallest hint of steel in her eyes. She had liked Nova, when she was one of them, but her betrayal had shaken Erik, and it was Calla's personal opinion that they should have left these woods for wilder territory some time ago. Nova was one of the things holding them back, and possibly one of the things that kept the pack doubtful of Erik's leadership. He'd been close with a tame. "Sorry for the inconvenience, Nova. She was lost. She probably didn't realize she was encroaching on another wolf's territory." She spoke with a polite, if slightly worried, professionalism. "You might want to call your wolves away from the border a bit, though. The others might still be looking. It would be unwise for them to meet."
  15. Nova stared down the pup, judging her by her size. Nova was trying to be somewhat helpful when the child called out a familiar name and bolted upwards. Sighing, Nova stood up, short hair waving in the air as she turned to see Calla. The two had once been on good terms, that once being when she had gone wild. It was a shock that the pack hadn't moved on sooner, still sticking to the areas where humans were beginning to move in. They should have left a long time ago.

    Giving off a gentle smile, Nova walked slightly closer to the woman, keeping her distance. "No worries. Sometimes it happens when they are still pups. With such a chaotic scent trail I doubted it would be one of the older ones. Besides it wasn't familiar." She said, looking at her. "Make sure to try and keep her on the other side, it would be trouble if my wolves caught a whiff of her, or you. The last thing we need is a war between two sides over this kind of thing." She added, with a nod. "I'll cover your tracks and pull them away from the border. They got a bit antsy after this morning." She said, looking over at Calla. She knew that she had probably seen Erik that morning, or at the least smelled where he was as she was looking for the child. Nova grinned. "Now hurry out before they smell you." She added, shifting back easily. Her tail flicked as she passed the woman with ease, rubbing the tree's on her side of the territory to cover their scent.
  16. It wasn't familiar? Calla wondered to herself. Marnie was Adam's sister. Though she had come into little contact with Nova, Adam at least had been familiar to the other wolf, if not perhaps friendly. But Calla shrugged it off mentally. It wasn't her business. She beat a quick, if slightly bitter retreat at Nova's almost arrogant behavior. Alphas. Thought they knew everything. She drew farther and farther back, and as they finally were some distance from Nova's border, she lifted her head, still in human form and holding Marnie in her arms and gave a preliminary howl. Those close by enough to hear her as a human would pull away from the border. She hoped.
  17. Nova nodded and continued to mark her territory, going along the border. She traced herself back to Darek, who was still stalking the border. She ordered him to bring the rest of them back into the pack house. The last thing they needed was a fight. Nova continued to patrol the last of the border though. Criss, the human of the pack, was unaware to this retreat. In fact, all he knew was he was looking for wolves. He had his bow strapped to his back, an arrow in hand in case anyone came close. Unlike his packmates, Criss couldn't smell anything. No invisible border line. He was relying on claw marks, which it seemed the other pack had little of. Unknown to him, he was starting to walk deeper into the other pack's territory, a long ways away from where Nova was, and far enough away from the pack center not to be widely noticed, but still crossing borders.
  18. Hearing Calla's human-form howl, the other pack members sent to that side began to retreat, hopeful and excited that Marnie had been found, and some glad to be away from the border. Others were a little more reluctant... Marx and Elena were both at the border, both relatively older members of the pack, certainly older than Erik and Calla. When Elena heard Calla's cry, she immediately reverted back to her human form herself and withdrew. As she went, however, she bumped into Marx. He was still in wolf form, snuffling at the border. The two of them had never fought, but neither had they ever gotten along. They tolerated each other. That was the best that could be said about them. Elena preferred the borders stay the borders, Marx was looking for war. "Marx. Marnie's been found. There's no reason to stay at the border." Elena told him in a quiet, but cold voice. He snuffled around a bit more, ignoring her, and she gave a quiet huff and moved on.

    Marx did not like the tame wolves, and their love of... humans. His lip curled at the thought, but Elena was right, he no longer had any excuse to be there with Marnie found. Reluctantly, he began ambling back to the sound of Calla's little howl, but a scent caught his nose. A human. He was not near the border anymore. This human was deep within their lands. He gave a loud warning howl and began running towards the scent. Humans were a threat. Erik didn't want them to engage, but he was at least going to be the first to surround the creature. They didn't kill humans. Then again, humans smelling faintly like tame wolf never came within their territory. And for good reason.

    Calla turned sharply at the sound of the howl. So did Elena, who was closest. Calla put down Marnie and directed the young cub back to the camp. "Marnie. Go to the camp and get Erik, okay? Be safe, be careful, don't stray from the path and tell him what happened, okay, Marnie?" Marnie nodded and both females morphed into wolves. Marnie ran off to grab Erik. Calla ran towards the sound of the howl, running into Elena on the way. As they ran, they could tell what scent Marx had picked up. Both of them sped up. Marx didn't like humans, and was a hothead. Soon, the three wolves were stalking the human, starting to surround him, slinking in the trees.
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  19. Criss was still wandering, his arrow turning slowly against the pads of his fingers. Slowly but surely, he made his way around, and soon found that he was in an area he really didn't know. He hadn't heard Nova's howl, but he defiantly heard the second one. Closer, getting louder. It was rough, raspy and deep throated. It had to have been from a wild wolf. "Shiiit." Criss mumbled to himself, starting to head back towards what he thought was his camp. They might start an all out war over him just being there. He sure as hell didn't think he was getting out alive.

    Nova, however, was back home with the rest of her pack. As the howl went out, Nova and the rest of the pack turned their heads. Nova turned back to count heads. "Criss." She mumbled under her breath, a slew of cusses following. "Stay behind me. Don't start anything. But if anyone lays a finger on him, you know what to do." She grumbled, before shifting. She had had enough of this shit for one day. First Erik, then the little girl, and now Criss. She should have paid more attention to him. He was under her care, and under her roof. She wasn't running a band of children.

    Human's just couldn't smell like wolves could, and having Criss anywhere near the border, or even over it would be doom. She already knew some of the wild pack did not take kindly to her being where she was, and starting a war was on everyone's mind. Granted, Nova was trying to stop it from happening, and she hoped Erik was too. The last thing she wanted was to further endanger her kind. "Whatever you do, do not start a war." She warned them. "Bringing humans into this will just endanger us further." She growled, as they raced after Criss' scent.
  20. Marnie ran as fast as she could. This was all her fault. She raced back to camp and let out a small, childish howl that no one else was close enough to hear. Erik, who had been searching for clues throughout the camp, jumped out a the sound of cub's familiar little howl. "Marnie!" Relief flooding him, he rushed forward and hugged the cub, wolf and all. She transformed into the little girl she was in his arms, but she was struggling. "Erik! You've gotta listen!"

    Erik pulled back. "What happened? Are you okay?"

    "I'm fine. But something's wrong!" She said urgently in her high, childish voice. "Marx was howling. Calla went to go get him. I think there's someone in the forest. It's near the border of the tame wolves."

    Erik swore. Marx was trouble, especially with the little spat he'd had with Nova earlier, if it was a tame wolf it was bad news. If it was a human, even worse. "Marnie. You stay here. When the others come back you tell them where to go, okay?"

    "Erik!" The little girl protested, but he cut her off sharply.

    "You tell them." He said emphatically. "I have to go." Morphing into a wolf he gave out a howl that would echo through their territory, calling the other wolves back to the camp. It was a flashy move and there was a small risk that it would attract humans, but that was a risk he had to take. Then, he ran. He just prayed he would make it in time.


    Calla, Elena, and Marx were following this human warily still when Erik's howl reached their ears. Marx's ears twitched in annoyance, but this was a good sign to Calla. And a bad one. Marx was twitchy. He'd be raring for a chance to jump the human before Erik could get here and interfere. She had to take control of the situation. Turning back to her human form in one step, she stepped out of the woods in front of the human, hands up and palms open. Marx gave a guttural snarl too quiet for the human to hear, but Elena's low growl warned him that he'd have to get through her if he wanted to start trouble. Calla could smell the tame pack on him. He had to know about the wolves. The real question was why was he here? "Hey there." She said with a friendly, but wary smile. "I don't mean to bother you, sir, but you're actually on private property. Are you lost?" This was not strictly true, the woods were not private property, but a regular human would most likely beat a hasty retreat with an apology, and a pack-related one would know what she actually meant.
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