You want the Good news, or the Bad news?

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    I got to thinking this morning about how often this phrase is used when relaying information to someone. We see and hear it everyday, and not just from our personal lives! We see it in movie, tv; hell, we read about it in books and comics and even newspapers!

    So I got to wondering...

    How do you take it? You want the good news first, or the bad news?

  2. I don't think I've ever been asked, actually...
    ButI'd rather have bad news first.
    Then brighten things with good news.
    Before I focus on the bad news.
  3. I have a habit of asking for the good news first, because people who ask me this question have a history of having a really stupid bad news subject, but a really awesome good news subject. e__e So it's best to just get the 'tarded bad news out of the way. Seriously. They say something like "YOUR FACE IS BAD NEWS" or "OH, I FORGOT SO AND SO" Things that I dun care about.

    I also just like to be the weirdo that wants things to be different from everyone else. Most people I know would prefer the bad news first, hehe.
  4. I usually prefer bad news first because then I have good news to cheer me up after.
  5. I have a strange way of looking at things.

    All good news is potentially bad and all bad news is potentially good.

    To answer the question. I like taking the 'bad' news first.
  6. Fluffu knocked up THOR. Trufax.

  8. Bad news first, always. I know it's odd, but I find it easier to accept than good news. I'd rather have my heart broken right off the bat rather than wait through it until I hear what's "bad." :P
  9. the good news first because.. I don't know xD it feels easier if I get the good news first x)