You Wake Up Married to the Person Above You

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  1. This is becoming a common forum game.

    Basically, the following poster post a remark he/she would say having found that he/she's woken up married to the above poster.

    Since that is neo for me, I'm gonna wait... <.<

  2. Name
    Yusuke Kitagawa


    Persona 5

    Yusuke Kitagawa

    Yusuke has the ability to manipulate and control a unique power called a 'persona' that he can use when he travels into a metaverse that exists within the hearts of people. Harnessing the power of his persona, Goemon, Yusuke has the ability to use several ice related / magical abilities. He also knows how to use Japanese samurai swords and assault riffles.​
  3.'s a dream. *makes a goofy face* 'Twas a dream!

    *falls back to bed, asleep, while mumbling, "I'm gonna have to share this... zzz... crazy dream with the members later on..."*
  4. I sure as shit hope we at least signed a pre-nup. >:[
  5. How the fuck did I get to America?
  6. I hope our offspring is less furry. <_<


  8. Awwwwweeeeeeesssssoommmmmeeee.

    Does this mean I am a Mur Zombie now?
  9. Whoa, whoa, whaaat? Ehh, I'll live. *goes down to make breakfast*
  10. Ooooo! I'm lucky.
  11. Anya didn't look back at him.
  12. My reaction is best summed up by these immortal words.

    " Padme alive?"


  13. Harvey Bullock
    Bio to be completed later
  14. I gotta stop with those crazy bachelor nights.
  15. THE Harlequin
    Int 4
    Str 2
    Spd 3
    Dur 3
    Eng 1
    Fig 5

    Description: PLACEHOLDER
  16. Aww... Crystal. That was so sweet. :3

    "Oh, yeah, baby! No longer single... and no longer available to hot girls... Huh."
  17. Anya noticed the dim blue magic across the bay, it was magic that she didn't thought exist anymore. Back when she was a child, there were times when she ran into hunters who tried to take her down without knowing what she really is while other hunters protected her, knowing who she is and they were afraid of her father. Vampire hunters and werewolf hunters are still going strong but demon hunters are rare and few in between since demons are much more stronger and most hunters won't survive alone face-to-face with demons. She opened up her vampiric black wings and carried herself into the clouds, she can see down at the pier where the fight is ongoing without anyone noticing her. She wanted to know if the hunter was worth her attention. Only great demon hunters in history had angels helping them hunt but Anya can lower her standards if this girl prove to be fun.
  18. Well, at least she's foxy.
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