You tell me to live, but how can I when I feel so dead {OOC and Sign-up}

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  1. ~~~
    You tell me to live, but how can I when I feel so dead.
    You tell me to love, but why should I when my heart is so cold.
    You tell my to hope, but hoping is for the weak.
    Just try to understand, that even though I don't believe in your words, I will try... Just for you. <3


    Life is hard being half dead. Everyone thinks you are some horrible 'zombie', but its not like that. You have thoughts, you have a heart(even if it doesn't beat), and we have feelings... They are the real monsters, they are the ones that kill anything they don't understand, and now they have started killing us. We are half dead, but we are also half alive.

    This is all the living's fault anyway. They are the ones that caused this...It all started with the cover up, with the experiments that no one knew about. They kidnapped girls from all over, they thought people wouldn't think anything strange about it, they thought that people would just think some rapist or pedifile was taking them, and they were right. For many years the tried to find the right chemicals to make them immortal, or even just live longer...They never expected this to happen though.

    Now they are trying to kill their mistake. Some of us believe we are monsters too, we either give up or go dark, but some of us try to live, we try to do something about it...


    Okay so that is pretty much the plot, a bunch of girls were kidnapped and turned into half alive half dead creatures. They can still think and they still have feelings and they don't eat human flesh, but the living humans don't realize this and think that they are heartless zombies. They have started killing all the ones that they can.


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    Description (Picture or written but please describe then thoroughly if you write it):
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  2. Name:Sigh Renalds
    History:Sigh lived a pretty normal life at first. She was born into a family with two older brothers who always picked on her, but loved her. She went to school and had a few good friends, but then when she turned 16 she disappeared. She was taken away and for many years had lots of different experiments done on her. Nothing really changed about her at first, but then she started to feel weaker and weaker every day. Soon she died, or at least half way died... She woke up a couple weeks later buried in a shallow grave in the ground. She dug her way out and soon found herself in a world full or hatred directed right at her.
    Personality:Sign is shy, but she has a very bad temper. She keeps quiet about a lot of things unless something really pisses her off, then she speaks exactly what she thinks about something or someone.

    Anything else:Nope...

    Name:Miles Blake
    History:Miles was born as an only child and he spent a lot of his life trying to protect his mom from his abusive father. When he was 15 his mother killed herself and he ran away from home. He hasn't talked to his father since then and now he lives alone with his pitbull. He tried to stay out of the way of all the killing going on with the zombies and never listens to the news anymore.
    Personality:Miles is quiet, but he has a good sense of humor. He hates drama and stay away from all of the BS as much as possible. He is willing to give anyone a chance, but he doesn't give seconds chances.

    Anything else:He has a pitbull named Zane.