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  1. So I would like some feed back on this poem I write while I was goin through withdrawals in rehab, I have more like it, but, this one felt pretty raw.

    Death is icy fingers around my throat.
    It is a thousand leeches biting into my flesh.
    It takes me and lifts me high, high up
    It shuts the iron door before I can get out.

    Release is magic pills that distort reality.
    It is out of body, out of mind, worry free.
    It takes me away from the world to a safe place.
    It leaves me empty i a hospital bed unable to feel.

    Pain is my own fingers ripping at my skin.
    It is hot and cold and hard and rusted metal.
    It makes me want to find release.
    It teaches me to crave death before I knew how to stop it.

    Yeah, its pretty messed up but, um I was at a pretty dark place at the time and yeah. I guess i just wanted to know if you guys thought it was any good or not.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.