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  1. hey guys, I've been searching for some new people to maybe rp with. I have some ideas that I'd really like to do. Before you look at these ideas please know that I do prefer to rp first person due to the fact it helps me get into the story. ok! so without further a do, here are my ideas an plots I would like to do!!!

    Alien x human - (for this I would like somebody to play the human) An alien is sent to earth in order to prove to their planet they are worthy of becoming a part of the invasion army. the alien is sent alone and is challenged to blend in with the human teens at school. but when the human is onto the alien, things can get a bit interesting.

    Pirate x captured-( Need somebody to be the pirate captain) A pirate crew raids a small town off the coast of the ocean in search of fortune and loot from the small town. the pirate captain sees an aristocrat teen from a mansion near by and takes a fancy to them. so the captain sends their ship mates to capture them to keep on board. will something blossom between the two?

    Vampire x human- (need a vampire) A human is brought to auction to be sold off as food for vampires. A high ranking vampire takes interest in the human and decides to take the human home to become the vampire's slave. Even though the two hate eachother, something may be blossoming between them.

    Additional information!!!!
    I rp fxf mxm or fxm

    HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!! :3
  2. I'll do alien x human
  3. I'm interested in the pirate x captured, if you'd like!
  4. Message me!!!!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.