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You should have never trusted a pretty face. (F se

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ðɘ ƪɩƞʠʊɘƞt, Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. Hello to you all! And welcome to my search! So recently I have had a lot of my previous role plays dropped so here I am again seeking out someone long term and interested in some ideas of mine! But more importantly one in particular!

    Okay, now before we get into the fun stuff there are a few things I need to express. My do's and don'ts actually.
    1. Guys, please, for the love of everything pure! I am a multi-para through Novella writer. WHICH MEANS!!! My post are typically very long. If I send you a starter that is over 1,800 words long and you respond with something that is basically two paragraphs...this is basically my facial expression... [​IMG] Honestly it is the biggest writing turn off for me! I love long detailed post! Don't just tell me that the wind is blowing, GET DESCRIPTIVE WITH IT!!! So for this specific plot I am going to be super picky with my partner! Sorry guys but it's happening too often that I can't...I just can't do it!!
    3. Have fun! Guys I know this rules make me seem intimidating but I promise I am a gentle giant :D I love making new friends and creating some intense stories!!!
    Now then~ All that boring stuff out of the way onto the good stuff! So let's recap, this is what you can expect from me

    1. Literacy/and detail
    2. Communication
    3. Fun
    4. and Creativity.

    This is what I want/expect in return from my partners.
    1. Literacy
    2. Communication
    3. Fun
    4. and active interaction to move the plot forward!


    So let me explain that this idea of mine has been sitting on the back burner for quite some time and I would really like to bring her out again! So here we go!!!

    Madeline Éloide was once the only child to the Éloide family which consisted of her mother and father. The Éloide's were well known throughout France in the 1700's, they lived with a great deal of wealth and a great reputation, Madeline being the only child to such a wealthy family, was promised a great future and spoiled rotten. Her beauty earned her not only the attention of wealthy bachelor's but the love of her life. A young man named Raoul whom she fell in love with at first sight, he too was a wealthy man with a promising future and for Madeline it was everything she could have ever wanted. Soon the two were promised to one another and she flourished over their engagement, however, because Madeline knew very little of the man she was soon to marry she was unaware of his gambling, drinking, and womanizing habits.

    On the night before their marriage she decided to find Raoul at his homestead and speak with him one final time before they became husband and wife, but when she arrived she was horrified to find him in bed with not one but two other women. In distress she sought to ruin him and reveal his true nature to the world, but in doing so would ruin his family name forever. In a desperate state to silence her completely Raoul attacked her with a butcher's knife and stabbed her repeatedly until she slowly began to bleed to death. Realizing the error in his actions he frantically dragged her corpse into the streets of Paris and dumped her in an alley making it seem as though she had been raped and attacked to cover his tracks.

    In the cold of winter she lie bleeding under the night sky, her life flashing before her eyes and a deep vengeance brewing, swearing that if she survived somehow she would make all those that had wronged her pay dearly. It was in the late hour a shadow appeared, the image of a beautiful man appeared before her watching her bleed and die but he wasn't an ordinary male. His skin was pale as snow and eyes red as fire. He sneared at her and even pitied her for such a pathetic existence, claiming that he had been watching her for a very long time. It was in this stranger she was reborn and given a second chance at life, but not as a human but a vampire. When she was reborn the man she would soon call 'Father' addressed himself as none other than the father of all vampire kind, the first ever, Dracula. He taught Madeline the importance of their bloodline and what it meant to be the progeny to the father of all. In this new life and with such strength her greed and rage spiked and her power was endless. She slaughtered countless including her former betrothed and her own parents all to please her maker.

    For centuries they roamed together and Madeline soon became obsessed with her creator, so much so that she deemed herself his one and only even amongst his many brides, however it was her greed and selfishness that ultimately drew the two apart, where her maker began to adapt to the world she still saw herself above mortals. In a fitted rage she fled from her makers side and roamed on her own uncertain when or how she would ever see the man that truly had any power over her.


    Wooooo! So now you guys know a bit of my custom character Madeline, and now I suppose what I am looking for is either someone to portray that Great Dracula OR! A character (completely of your choice) to play as Madeline's own progeny. Keep in mind I would like this story to be a bit more on the Victorian era but I am flexible and if a modern era is more preferred I can work with that! Please PM if you are interested :D
  2. This role has been filled guys :)
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