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  1. Along time ago a girl tried to help an angel...
    It didn't end well...

    The girl's spirit became lost and was controlled by a powerful demon. He used the girl in an attempt to trap the angel on the Earth. With the human girl as his weapon, he tormented the angel. He tempted the angel with her purity and with her love. Every so often the girl fought against this accursed magic and won. She was able to convey her true feelings and in the end, her spirit was freed, but the angel had to return to his rightful place in the heavens. The girl was heartbroken and she committed suicide in an attempt to meet her lover in the heavens. She did not make it there.

    However, that was an old story. The demon with powers such as those had long since perished and the angel had since then returned to the heavens. A century had passed since that tragic event. Human society had advanced just a little.
    A girl by the name of Aimi was going for a walk in the woods. She had always been interested in angels. She knew not whether they existed. In her dreams she saw one angel. Just one. He was very handsome and she had been dreaming of him for as long as she could remember. Aimi had dreamed one day they would meet in the woods and ever since she was old enough to walk she came to the woods hoping that she would meet him.

    Unfortunately, she never had. Aimi never gave up hope and with her head high she went to the river and she waited. She looked up and wondered if she was just being naive. Angels didn't really exist did they? And demons were only for nightmares. Her mother had said that to her once. And now she wasn't sure her dreams held any truth to them at all. Aimi debated whether or not to turn back. It was late enough as it is and the woods was no place for a girl to be at night.
  2. Gods, devils, demons, angels, all were things of myth and legend. Stories told by those on their last leg. The truth in their words of seeing the spiritual beings were always dismissed as mere hallucinations, wishful thinking to avoid the reality of the nothingness of death. But on a rare occasion, a certain few angels would grace the earth with peace and purity, and a very select number of people would actually see the magnificent beings. Some angels were assigned the task of warding demons, though they were generally very weak angels, kept within a charm, sometimes called a pixi or a fairy. Sometimes, stories would be told of those who were cast out due to some sin, or maybe had to be further proved of their worth before the god they served. One of the most dangerous of positions, though, was when a powerful angel would be sent to ward a demon of strength mightier than even theirs and are wounded so critically that they are left helpless as a human upon the earth, unable to return home.

    But the graceful, beautiful beings, clad in white with wings pure as snow, these were the angels of myth, the angels that were veryquickly disappearing from the minds of the modern world. As the world advanced, technology and science ruled the minds of the people, not beliefs in ancient spirits. But for one, the legends of old would be proven.

    As dusk fell over the quiet, cool forest, the trickle of water through the nearby stream suddenly ran in silence. Not a single bird would now sing. It was as if the world had stopped turning. The entire woods seemed to hold its breath for one long moment beforethere was a rustling about the tree tops, and a powerful presence was to be felt. The strength of the abnormality faded before a man,clothed in torn and ragged black clothing, fell from a tree and into the water. There was a certain glow about him, and as he fell, wings seemed to disintegrate from off of his back, leaving only a few white feathers to fall to the ground. He didn't move at allonce in the water, seeming to be unconscious. His sodden, rust colored hair covered over his face as not to be seen.
  3. Aimi looked behind her as she heard a loud splash in the water. She jumped back startled to see a young male there. He was breathtakingly handsome even as he lied there unconscious. There were white feathers that littered the ground around him. Aimi looked up and then back down at the young male. Her heart got caught in her throat as she began to put the pieces together. The hair and the black clothing matched the angel from her dreams. It couldn't be that angel could it?

    Aimi crept closer and knelt down by the angel, "Are you alright sir?"

    She touched him gently with her delicate hands. Aimi felt warm inside and she slowly moved her hand away as she was afraid of the feeling. She was a little flustered and was unsure how to handle the situation. Did angels need CPR? Aimi pulled the man out of the creek with much difficulty. She supposed she couldn't just leave him so she stayed there hoping that he would show some sign of being alive.

    This could be a monumental moment for her. If he was an angel, he was her angel. At least that's how she thought about it. She could barely contain herself. This type of thing only happened in legends. Perhaps she herself would also become a legend.
  4. The man's body was cold, but a faint groan escaped him as he was dragged off to the bank to be revived. A faint breeze chilled him further, prompting a faint shudder within him. Feeling slowly crept back into his body as he tried to open his leaden eyes, everything about him feeling more weighted. As he was still too weak to even open his eyes, he tried to remember what all was going on. His head ached with a splitting pain as he tried to think back upon the circumstance surrounding whatever situation he was in, but he managed to capture a few brief scenes. A beautiful woman who gave him a light kiss before all faded into a painfully blinding whiteness was what he first saw. He tried to keep the image for a little longer, but alas, it was gone all too quickly, leaving him even more confused. The next memory was that of a small house, he walking in and being greeted by a couple of little kids and an elderly couple. He looked up in the mirrorbefore hugging them all back with a smile. Thinking about it, they all looked similar to him. Did he have relatives..? He didn't have a chance to find out as his mind lurched him into the final memory that he could bring up. He was sharpening a raven black sword, exhausted. A small black mouse was sitting on a table to his right and seemed to be speaking, but whatever words it may have said were distorted and muffled in the clouded memory before he was jolted to the waking world by another sudden chill.

    Slowly opening his eyes, he forced himself to see in more focus so as to understand what was going on. It was hard as his mind wouldn't process very much besides his name and how to speak in a basic language that he assumed would be a common language wherever he was, but at least he was trying. As he looked about, his amber eyes were cast upon a beautiful young lady with short black hair. He couldn't make out much more in his hazed vision, but he was grateful that he wasn't here alone. Letting the corners of his mouth raise into a faint smile before he let his eyes fall closed again, he attempted to speak.

    "please... miss..... Might i know where i am.....?" he asked in a smooth, calm voice, holding a range of tones n it that would naturally relax anyone and cause them to aide. In the most simple way to put it, it was heavenly, though that would be a bit cliché, would it not?
  5. Aimi was unsure how to react to the man. He was lying there so peacefully. She felt her head begin to hurt as she began to recall her dreams. His smile was like the fire in her heart. Then she remembered his kiss. In her dreams, he had kissed her. Aimi blushed at the thought. There was no way this angel was the same one. It was just a coincidence. She didn't have anything to warm him. He was cold and she felt bad that she had caused him pain. She didn't know how she was going to be able to help him. Aimi wasn't anywhere near strong enough to drag him and she was sure that dragging him wasn't going to be good for him either. She watched him fall in and out of a hazy state. Her heart nearly broke for him. He was probably in a great deal of pain.

    "You're in Kyoto, Japan," Aimi said softly, "Is there anything I can do to help you?"

    His voice was so alluring. The sound of it made her heart melt. She wanted to touch him again, but she was afraid to in some regards. The angel made her remember her dreams and her nightmares. Aimi smiled at him. She wished she could give him something more. And then she thought about it. Maybe it was a dream and she would wake up again in her bed. She would come to the woods and she would wait once again for nothing to happen. How would she know it wasn't just another dream?
  6. 'Japan..? I... I wasn't in Japan in my memories..... Why am I here......?' He thought to himself, more than a little confused by it all, but now wasnt the time to voice that. He heard the concern and the slight fear in the woman's question as she inquired as to there being anything to do to improve his condition. If there was some way for her to miraculously make his body not feel like it was cast out of iron and lead, then he would definately ask for that, but he knew it was probably just because of how soaked he was. He'd dry out soon enough. So now, back to her question. Was there anything for her to do? Yes, of course. But would she? The only way to find out would be to ask.

    "If... If you wouldn't mind... A simple embrace may be a lifesaver..." He said softly, hoping that the heat from her body would suffice in warming him a bit. At the moment, he felt very alone. If before he had all those people who were so excited to see him, why was he cast aside in the middle of the woods..? Why hadn't anyone come to help him? Did he now only matter to this one woman who seemed to have saved him..? Thinking about all of these questions kindled emotions that he didn't care to have shown at the moment, so he licked them deep in his mind to be pondered over at another time.
  7. Aimi blushed as he asked for a hug. She leaned in and hugged him. She didn't care that she got wet. She rather welcomed the warmth that emanated from him. Aimi stroked his hair. He was so breathtaking in all that he was. She let go of him after a while. Aimi was hoping that helped him. However, now she was kind of wet and her shirt clung to her petite form. Aimi thought she would wake up soon, but she was beginning to realize that this was not a dream. She was by all means awake at this guy in front of her was real.

    "I'm Hashimoto, Aimi," Aimi said softly.

    Her voice was calming and warm. A part of her felt as though she would do anything for the young male before her. All she wanted to do was be close to him. The male just made her feel so warm and so nice. Aimi got up and then offered her hand to him.

    "I'm not very strong, but if you need help getting up, I will try to assist you the best I can. My parents own a hotel nearby if you need a place to stay. I'm sure you can stay in a room for the night. I'll care for you if you're injured at all." Aimi explained softly.
  8. The man smiled and lifted his arms up, despite some difficulty, to return the girl's embrace, soaking in her warmth and letting it soothe him. At that point, the rest of the world didn't need to exist. All that he wished was to continue on with her held tightly to himself. But, all things must come to an end. He shakily let go as she started to right herself once more, opening his eyes again to get a more clear picture of the woman, feeling a little guilty for having wet her clothes with his selfish request. But sometimes, the best medicine can just be physical contact, and he knew that. At some point, he would have to make it up to her, though...

    "Hashimoto... Aimi..? Oh, right... In japan its your surname that comes first.... I to find your name rather well suited to who you are. It gives the thought of strength, and yet still, that of femininity.... My name, in your terms of last name first, is Raimitsu Hashi... Or... At least i think thats what it is" he tried to hold back a laugh. Many names clouded his mind, but that one felt the most appropriate for the time. Among the other names, however, one other one stood above the rest. Tellath Amorist. It was strange that he should have so many names, but he dismissed it with a sigh to return his attention to the maiden as she continued to speak.

    He hardly noticed the hand placed in front of him as she explained that she would take him to a nearby aboding place for the night, but he noticed after her explanation. Shaking his head, he spoke up once more.
    "Don't worry about me, Aimi, I can still right myself." This time he did let a slight chuckle escape from him as he looked with a bright smile upon the girl. he forced himself to sit up, and then to slowly, but surely, stand.
    "I dont believe i bear any injuries, but my body is still a little more numb than I would like... But a hot shower should fix that, and then I will be able to tell you with certainty whether or not i will be in need of your assistance. Your presence, however, is always welcome."
  9. Aimi blushed when the hug was returned with a passion that she didn't expect to be there. She couldn't quite tell what it was only that she hated it ended. Now that she was getting a better look at him, her heart nearly stopped beating. His appearance was nearly too much for her. His eyes were the most hypnotizing things she had ever seen. She almost wasn't able to look away, but she was too shy to hold the gaze so she looked away.

    "Raimitsu-san?" Aimi repeated, "Well I think that the name fits you! Nice to meet you."

    Hashi's smile was radiant and Aimi nearly fainted. There was no way her heart could handle much more of this man's presence. The chuckle that escaped from his lips sounded like honey dripping down a leaf. It was smooth and soothing and it would have been contagious had Aimi not been distracted by his smile. He stood taller than Aimi as she was a short one and was roughly five feet two.

    "If you follow me, I can take you to one of our rooms and you can shower there." Aimi said with her most adorable of smiles.

    Aimi led Hashi to her parent's hotel. Hashi received stares from several women. Some checked him out while others simply stared. Eventually, Aimi stopped int front of an empty room and unlocked the door with her master key. The room was a large size and had one king size bed. There was a large bathroom complete with a bath and a shower. Fresh towels hung on the racks as white as a sheep's coat. She thought it would be satisfactory.

    "Is this okay?" Aimi asked him, "I understand that it's not much. I'm sorry."
  10. The warm blush that spread across Aimi's cheeks made Hashi smile even more so. The girl looked so cute, so innocent, and yet, that sparked something in him. He couldn't tell exactly what that something was, but he could tell that there was something about this girl that would give him the answers he seeked about his past and what exactly had heppened between those short, sparse memories he had managed to hold on to. He pulled himself from his thoughts as he looked down to the girl from his five foot ten heighth, grasping her hand lightly as she lead him off to this hotel that her parent's owned.

    As they walked through the bustling city, people abounded, and personal space became nothing more than a couple of inches. Hashi instinctively knew not to fret about it, but he couldn't help but feel that he was being stared at. Was there something wrong with the way he walked..? Was it that he was holding the girl's hand..? What could possibly warrent so much attention given to him? He couldn't look that different from everyone else... He sighed and shook his head, letting his hair, now fairly dry, fall lightly over his face, though in a way as not to obstruct his vision with the light, wavy locks.

    Soon after entering the city, he was lead into a hotel, in which he received even more stares, making him slightly uncomfortable, but slightly curious as to what made him so noteworthy to so many people. Hashi was quickly escorted up to a room, large and spacious compared to the city streets they just walked down to get here. He couldn't help but relax a little, hugging the girl tightly once more.

    "This is all perfect... Thank you..." he whispered in her ear as he shut his eyes, holding her closer to himself, happy to have been found by someone so generous to even a stranger like him. He was truly fortunate to have this oppertunity. He soon, however, had to let go so that the woman could leave, should she want, he took one more look around the room with a smile.
    "I guess its about time for that shower... But one thing may be a problem... Not that I would want to inconvinience you any further, but I have no other clothes but the very ones i am wearing. If i could find any way to pay you back, I wouldn't feel so bad about asking for a spare pair of clothes, but as it is, I don't beleive that I have anything of monetary value. Maybe i could work off my stay and the clothes..? It is the least I can offer."
  11. Aimi's blush only continued to deepen in color as Hashi brought her closer. He seemed genuinely happy that she had been generous, but she would not like to think of herself as generous. In all honesty, she just did what she thought was best. Refusing to help an angel would be cruel and perhaps this was the angel she was destined to meet her whole life. Aimi felt a little dizzy as memories of him from her dreams flashed through her head. The ending of her dreams were always tragic. Some how, the angel would always disappear and she would not remember him. At this thought, Aimi thought she might cry if he left her now. Everything felt so real. She really wanted it not to be a dream.

    At the mention of lacking clothes, Aimi nodded, "You don't need to pay us back."

    Aimi went to the closet and opened the door. They were her older brother's clothes, but he hadn't returned back from war in a while. He wouldn't mind if Hashi used them for now. Aimi pulled some clothes down from the hanger. She supposed that they would fit. The two were about the same size. She handed them to Hashi, but not before folding them and grabbing a towel.

    "They're my brothers, but you can borrow them," Aimi explained, "He used to sleep in this room, but he hasn't returned from war yet so I doubt he'd mind. He would have liked the company."

    Aimi explained how to work the bath. It was quite large and it was one of the newer baths. Aimi's room had one too.

    "If you're hurt, please don't hesitate to tell me. I will wait here on this bed until I know you're okay." she said with a soft smile.
  12. As Hashi let go, he noticed a slight sway in Aimi's stance, most likely due to some sort of daze or dizziness, and so, he lightly rested his hand upon her shoulder to steady her a bit, should she be in need of such assistance. He was confused, however, as she mentioned not needing to return services with payment. Was that not a customary action..? Maybe he was just remembering wrong. As the girl walked to the closet and revealed that this room hadbeen previously occupied, though, he understood that this was not only an act of generosity and hospitality,but he wasn't required to pay as other guests would due to there being little effort involved. He wouldn't mention his objection to such squandering of resources that they possessed, but he would let them sit in the back of his mind as an idle concern for the family.

    "Should i ever meet your brother, i will be sure to thank him and offer any repayment for the usage of his clothing and room whilst he was unknowing. But now, i will take my leave so as to bathe. I don't mind your presence here. I will tell you if i find myself injured at all once i have availed myself of these sodden clothes, and then you will be free to leave should i be found in good health. Is this acceptable to you?" he asked curtly, taking a simple brown and black t-shirt as well as a pair of comfortable looking pants.
  13. "Yes that's fine," Aimi bowed to him and waited for him to enter the bath before sitting on a bed. Her heart was pounding so fast that she was sure someone could hear it.

    She looked around. There was no way she was dreaming now. This scene was just too long. They had hugged and that was that. He didn't disappear and she still remembered him. Hashi was by all means real. Aimi let it sink and at the thought, she was genuinely happy. She had expected none of this to happen. However, her family still wouldn't be able to know about his true form. Aimi didn't dare leave the room yet, but at some point she would have to alert her parents that they had a guest in her brother's room.

    Aimi's parents were known for their generosity and willingness to help others. They had earned the respect of many during their many years of life. Their business seemed to prosper on their reputation alone. It was a good deal all in all. Hashi really needed not to worry. It was not a rare occurrence that someone would require assistance. Aimi was a hostess at the hotel and it was her job to ensure all guests had a wonderful stay. Unfortunately, some guests weren't satisfied with strictly professional services making her father a little overprotective at times.

    As Aimi sat there on the bed, she wondered where Hashi could have come from. She knew from the heavens, but where from up there. What was it like and was their world just like hers? Well probably not since the people there had wings. Why would have taken such a fall from a high place? Was he sent here by someone? She hoped that she hadn't summoned him on accident. That might have been equally as bad.
  14. As Aimi bowed and gave her agreeance, Hashi headed off into the well furnished bathroom, shutting and locking the door and stretching slightly, sore all over, but knowing that a warm bath would at least remedy part of that. First things first, however, he had to peal off the clothes that were stuck to him like a jumpsuit, despite how shredded they seemed. He stripped the tattered clothes off of himself, exposing a well kept, strong, yet lean form, that he couldn't help looking in the mirror at, chuckling slightly to himself. Maybe that was why everyone was to intent on looking at him. Surely not many people looked like this on the average day. He checked himself over in the mirror to ensure that he was unharmed, finding not a scratch on himself, and so, he walked back up to the door and pressed his head against it.
    "All clear, Aimi, I'm just fine. You may leave now should you wish. I will likely be done within fifteen minutes, though most likely less, should you wish to show me anything else about the hotel, or maybe meet a few people, though I must say, I'm not all that sure how good I am at socializing." He said with a bit of a laugh. He wasn't really sure of anything if he was being honest with himself, and So he would just have to try new things apparently.

    After informing the girl as he had told her he would, he stepped into the large shower and slowly turned on the hot water, letting it work its way up to the heat so that the instant shock of such warmth in his cold body wouldn't daze him. Hashi seemed sensible, and intelligent to a degree, especially for not really knowing anything. As he let the shower heat up, he thought about the memories that he had been able to capture a hold of, looking through them and analyzing them thoroughly. He had to find at least something about his origins...
  15. Aimi was happy to hear that her guest was okay. She smiled at his words and then she felt drowsiness hit her like a brick. She had almost forgotten what time it was. Aimi had other duties to attend to in the morning. Of course, she would have to explain the situation about Hashi to her parents, but after things should be fine. She yawned loudly and then she passed out on the bed, curling up into a tiny ball. Aimi would probably have some choice words to say about herself when she woke up. It was very unprofessional of her to sleep on the job. Aimi really had intended to show him around some more.

    This time when Aimi slept, she dreamed about Hashi, but this time he didn't disappear. He was smiling at her and holding her like she thought he would one day. But of course there was the nightmare part of her dream when Hashi was ripped away from her by a force she couldn't see. They could hear each other and see each other, but for some reason, they couldn't reach each other. Something was keeping them apart and she couldn't quite place her finger on it.
  16. Hashi still couldn't handle much of this memory business without suffering the debilitating headache to follow, and so, at the first sign of pain, he stopped, focusing on his shower. He was able to clean himself up pretty quickly, and, once done, he turned off the shower and stepped out to dry and clothe himself, feeling truly refreshed by the wonderfully warm waters as opposed to the water of the stream he was pulled out of. He took his time to make sure he was properly dried off before pulling the t-shirt he had chosen over his head and then the boxers and pants, pausing slightly to take one last breath of the warm, steamy air before he left, heading back out into the main room, only to find Aimi asleep upon the bed. A faint smile crept over his lips as he trashed his old clothes and went about familiarizing himself with the room that he would likely be staying in until he could familiarize himself with this large city. He tread lightly so as not to wake the sleeping maiden, not wanting to disturb her, but also finding how peaceful she looked in slumber rather cute.

    After a bit of exploration, Hashi lightly set himself on the bed and laid back, closing his eyes and just relaxing as Aimi had yet to wake. Maybe when she did he would be able to poke a little fun as she seemed the type to get flustered when someone pointed out mistakes.
  17. Aimi woke up early with a bit of a start. She looked around and realized that she was not in her room. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. She jumped in surprise when she saw Hashi there sleeping on the bed. It hadn't been a dream!? She thought to herself. There he was, lying there in the bed. Proof that she really hadn't been dreaming and that her angel existed. She slid off the bed and went to meet her parents who were still asleep at this time. She showered and cleaned herself, letting the warm water hit her cold skin. Aimi did her best to let all of the information from last night sink in. After so many years of waiting, he had finally come, but what was he here for. She didn't know. There had to be a reason. Angels didn't just fall from the sky so clumsily did they? Well it wasn't like she would know, but she decided she wouldn't want to become an angel if that was the case.

    She turned off the water and shivered a bit as it suddenly began to grow cold. She quickly got dressed and headed to her parents' room which was behind the main desk. It was kind of like a secret room and you really had to look otherwise you wouldn't notice that it was there. Aimi knocked before entering and then she walked in. Her parents were already eating breakfast.

    "We have a guest. He's homeless so I thought it would be okay if he stayed in Takeda's room for a while," Aimi started.

    Her father was sitting cross legged at the table. He looked up from his food and smiled.

    "It's quite alright, but might I ask how you came across him?" Aimi's father never seemed to miss a beat when it came to details.

    "Well I met him in the forest where I said I'd meet..." Aimi stopped herself from finishing.

    At that her mother frowned, "Don't tell me you're still on about that angel business. Sweetheart you can't keep chasing your dreams like that, but I suppose if he has no where to stay, he can stay here for a little while."

    "Thank you," Aimi left before her parents could say anything else and she was about to knock on Hashi's door, but she stopped herself. Instead she just stood there.
  18. Hashi dreamed in short bouts of harsh memory, hazy and distorted, horrifying in some places, but still, he slept as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was about six o'clock when he woke, a good thirty minutes after Aimi had left the room. As he yawned and rubbed his bleary eyes, he instantly knew that the girl was no longer beside him. Though the fact shouldnt have surprised him, he felt... lonely without her. Not only that, but he actually did enjoy being with her, thoug it may have only been a short time.

    A slight sigh escaped the man's lips as he got himself up out of bed and got into the closet to change and go see if he could find Aimi for himself. No sooner had he thrown on a pair of jeans and a black and red t-shirt and he had given one final check over the room. He didnt have anything that he couldve left behind, but if the girl had left something behind, he would want to return it as soon as he could. Satisfied that he had looked over everythinig, he went to the door of the room and opened it, shocked to see the very girl he would be looking for just.... standing there. There didnt seem to be any point to it, she was just there. A slight smile crept over his face and he lightly hugged her.
    "Morning, Aimi. Did you sleep well?" he asked, voice soft and warm as he let go of her, looking down at her with the same smile that could do no harm to anyone.
  19. While Aimi had been standing by Hashi's door, it opened, much to her surprise. Aimi's blush was instantaneous. She looked flustered, but she was happy to see him.

    "Good Morning. Yes, I slept well. Thank you," was all Aimi could muster words to say.

    She was supposed to be showing him around the city, but just his presence made it hard for her to even stand without being overwhelmed. However, she still smiled and then tried to regain her composure. Aimi contemplated what they should do first. There was the park where they had met. Perhaps Hashi hadn't gotten a good look since she was trying to get him to safety so fast. Plus there was a festival today, so she could always take him to that. It could be interesting. She could wear her kimono and they could watch the fireworks and eat food.

    Aimi thought about her friends. God forbid they see Hashi. They'd go nuts. Hana would definitely be all over him. Not that Aimi wouldn't be if she had that kind of confidence. Hana was pretty too which didn't help, but maybe Tomoko would be there to save the day like usual with her teasing. Aimi got lost in the daydream and for a moment she forgot where she was and what she was supposed to be doing.

    "Um today is the Hanabi festival. Would you maybe like to go with me to it?" Aimi asked him, "It'd be a great opportunity for you to see the town too and get used to it."
  20. Hashi found it rather cute how flustered Aimi always got around him, and, at times he had to hold back from hugging her, just for the sake of seeing her blush. A distant look, however, entered the girl's eyes after she had replied to his question. Hashi was a little worried about her, but wouldnt interfere, hoping that she was just thinking. He was patient, slowly looking over the young woman, unable to help it. She was rather beautiful in his own opinion. As he thought of such, the possibility entered his mind that, just maybe, she herself thought of him the same? It would have explained her reactions to everything he had done. Alas, as soon as he had come to such a conclusion, Aimi began to speak once more. Hashi had to hold back a laugh and a witty remark along the lines of that sounding like a date so that he wouldnt unsettle the girl or maybe even make her faint. But oh what a sight that would have been to see.
    "I do think that the opportunity to see the city isa good one, though i also find myself in need of more answers about myself... My past in particular. And that wooded area was the last place i remember.... I will, however, go with you to the festival if you agree to take me back there later and help me with my memory. Deal?" His tone was still soft, he not point any sort of objection that was unreasonable, and he was more than willing to discuss any plans calmly.
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