You seem like nice folks.

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  1. Heyo! I know you locals might be tired of hearing this, but I'm another refugee/migrant from the Roleplayer Guild where I was for years. That being said, I'm excited to integrate into the Iwaku community and do some great story telling with some great new people. In the spirit of being the new kid on the block, here is some trivial knowledge about me that I encourage you to not waste your time memorizing or caring about. :P (<---- your enormous choices of smileys scares me so it's staying retro.)

    I am a man incapable of growing a respectable beard.
    I'm a big fan of dogs and children and children-dogs.
    I'm ambidextrous and have found no productive way to incorporate this into anything (suggestions welcome).
    I generally lurk around in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Nation genres but I wouldn't mind testing some other areas as well.
    I'm pretty excited to make some new memories here. Cheers mates!
  2. Hello Helios! :D Welcome to the community!