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  1. It was just like any other day. ~ get up, do what needs to be done, hang with friends, and simply go back home. That was the usual day, wasn't it?

    What if another was put into your life? Would it change significantly? Would it affect everything you do? Would you spend more time with it more often? Or would you keep it as a side note and return to it when you've got the time? And why did it choose you to linger around?

    Town was always sunny out ~ well most of the time ~ and it was the perfect day to hang out with your friends. A Saterday morning like this was one to always envey. Children would always be running about and the birds would fill the air with intricate notes. Today was a day that could've been, otherwise, great; until yet another passerby makes his way into town. He looked like a lost puppy. He didn't know where he was but it seemed though he was perfectly fine, as if he did know where he was going. His misty golden eyes drift over to you and it seemed though right then, he's been lingering with you since. At first, he was simply quiet. He didn't say much, but he smiled when he wanted to and somewhat laughed when he found something amusing. Still, he did not talk all too much; as if he were keeping something to himself.

    He was a puzzle with missing pieces and so were you. You differed from everyone else in town, just like him. Though what was it that people disliked you for? All didn't exept you besides your dear friends and you were finally able to add another person to your list. This boy seemed to not care what you were. At least, that's as far as you were able to tell.

    Then, you both end up making a promise. Possibly unconsiously. Maybe without thought. But it seemed to happen at a steady rate. ~ What if. . . this promise was broken? And you were left alone again?

    Here, you'd have to face death. You'd have to either accept the fate of one or do everything in your power to change the fate of the one you care for the most. What will it be?

    If you let something you love go, will it ever come back?

    ~ reply here or shoot me a pm if you're interested ~

    ~cry, laugh, and enjoy the roleplay all you want ^^ ~
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  2. I'm interested if you're still looking
  3. Sure thing. Shoot me a pm and we can discuss the rp if it's no trouble ^^
  4. If you are still looking for someone I am interested. This sounds wicked fun!
  5. sure thing! ^^ care to shoot me a pm? It'd be a pleasure to rp with you
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