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  1. Hey, guys!
    So, as you might have guessed from the title, I'm looking for a Labyrinth themed roleplay. Y'know, the awesome movie with David Bowie in it?

    I'm a massive fan of it. However, as stated, I'd only like this as an RP theme. Let me elaborate; I would like original characters but in the premade roles of the Champion and the Goblin King. I would also like to introduce some darker themes into it that weren't explored in the film, though still keep it somewhat light hearted.

    If my rambling doesn't make sense, I'll set it out in dot points instead:

    - Original characters in the two main roles.

    - Darker themes of possible mental illness, a darker version of the goblins, swearing, etc.

    - However, I still want it to be a bit fun and light hearted like the film was, so there will be some colourful characters in there and such.

    - The general storyline will still be there: a wished away baby brother, a labyrinth and a tricky Goblin King.

    And now for things concerning myself:

    - I'd be playing the female role of Champion who has to get her brother back. I'm just not very good at playing males in general.

    - I don't do smut but flirting and such is welcome. We've seen the movie - there's a lot of sexual undertones in there.

    - I write between two to four paragraphs generally but can go more. I don't like one liners but I completely understand when there is a situation in which there isn't a whole lot to reply to.

    - Acceptable grammar and spelling. We all make mistakes, though! I'm not that much of a Grammar Nazi.

    - I live in Australia so my timezone tends to differ quite a bit from the majority. But I will reply when I can!

    That's about it! Otherwise, I'm just a chill person who'd like to be friends with the person I'm RPing with. If you're interested, post here and I'll message you or chuck me a message! (:
  2. Come along, lovelies!
Thread Status:
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