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  1. Let me start off by telling you that I have come off of a really really long hiatus and I am very rusty when it comes to role-playing. I recently had a partner that inspired me to come back to the rp community because I had given up all hope on it and life had gotten too far in the way.

    DISCLAIMER! May Sound Mean!

    This might end up sounding mean, so those with sensitive hearts, stop reading now.

    It has come to my attention that people are still claiming the submissive role right off the bat and won't allow for movement on that matter.

    I will be looking for all roles, however do not overwhelm me with the submissives and don't tell me, "Oh my sub is totally not a cutesy weak sub!" I'm not saying everyone does it, but forgive me if I don't believe someone. I will not stand for one-liners as those are the bane of my existence and I will disappear without any sort of warning what so ever.

    I expect a minimum of 3 sentences. Give me something to work off of. I don't expect a story, but use your imagination.

    If you have made it past the DISCLAIMER; I commend you!

    As stated before I have been on a long hiatus, so any and all plots I have had before are long gone. Therefore I will be open to hearing any sort of idea!

    Pairing I Would love to See:

    Demon x Angel
    Demon x Human
    Neko x Human
    Neko x Neko
    Neko x Angel/Demon
    Older Brother's Friend x Younger Brother
    Knight x Prince
    Prince x Prince {I remember only this plot because I enjoyed it so much.}

    Open to other ideas.
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  2. Hi. If you'd like to rp shoot me a pm ^^
  3. I can certainly do that.
  4. Anyone else?
  5. I'd be interested! I have a few plots if you'd like to hear about those too, we can incorporate some of the pairings you listed or make a whole new plot together. c:
  6. Hmmm I'm quite interested in the Brother's friend x younger brother. If you are still open, please do PM me! > w <
  7. I'd like to do a Prince x Prince rp! Pm me?
  8. Sure send me a pm
  9. Send me a pm. I'm on my phone atm.
  10. I'm interested in one of the _____xDemon ones. And I can play either sub or dom,whichever you're comfortable with.
  11. Shoot me a pm Akira and we can work out more details.
  12. Still looking
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