"You poor sows sow my seeds. Back to work, pigs!"

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  1. "Tell me a story," she asked of the lady before her, clad in Black, looming above her bed; her thin, withered fingers closing mine eyes to sleep. Once more, I thought..Please...

    I felt in it in my skin, crawling--like a worm. It's writhing body moving through the bowels of my stomach, swimming through my veins. I had to get it out."Hurry, hurry. Best to scurry."

    "DRIP. DRIP." Sweet, red drops of blood hit the ground.

    The cold steel dug beneath my flesh as I delved deeper into my arm. It burned at first, but it was worth it. Smile, they told me-especially when it hurt. Squinting, I looked into the dripping sinews of my arm, freshly marooned fingers fishing in the gash.

    "There you are," I exclaimed, grabbing hold of the parasite by it's tail, pulling it free of my body. Divided segments of black, conjoined by small barbs. The parasite veered it's ugly head, showing to me it's gaping maw, rows of teeth spiraling down into the worm's being. The world began to swoon, my vision a blur as I stumbled to-and-fro, faltering. Numbness took over my arm, my hold on the worm giving way as I dropped it to the tiled-floor I treaded upon. My gait that of a drunken man, of whom, was just divorced. The blood my poison as it spread across the walls, my hand painting the wall red. Sin-stained with my delusions, I brought the knife to my other arm."Cut deep, the wound to seep."

    "GET OUT OF ME," I cried out, tears streaking my face, mixing with blood. I plunged the knife to it's hilt into my opposing appendage, burying in my hand. All too soon had the world succombed to the spinning, ever-spinning, perpetually spinning white walls.

    She won't make it, he said.
    Try, she pleaded.​

    We have done all we can, he said, his tone cold like the chains binding me to the table.

    The door slammed shut and she was gone, sobbing incessantly as her world crashed upon her.​