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  1. I'm Reita or Kae... It doesn't matter which name you use. I'm new to this site and everything seems to be the slightest bit intimidating as finding things is rather difficult. You see, I'm looking for a One X One partner and I am hoping that I will have some luck. If you would like to know what I'm into, checkout my roleplay resume. If not, I suppose you could wing it and hope I like your idea.

    I am really good at writing a lengthy post with detail seeing as I write books, but I'm entirely new to roleplaying itself. But it can't be much different from writing a book can it? I'm not really good with high school settings, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

    I don't really have any solid ideas, but some ideas I do have are:

    1: A Rivalry between Class President and Delinquent, It's generic, but if we create interesting back stories, that idea could be really fun, no?

    2: Tomorrow Always Comes But Never Arrives: I was just hoping that title would spark some ideas or something <_<

    3: An Avatar the Last Airbender Fandom? (I'd like to do something like that)

    4: A rivalry between a sister and her brother... (I have an interesting back story for both ... )

    Some good notes: I'm new registration which means you can't PM me yet, but I'll get to work on that right away

    (Benson From Regular Show: GET BACK TO WORK)
  2. Hello! I'm Mittens! Nice to see you have joined this site! :D I'd be happy to start a thread with you if you'd like Kae! ^^ I was thinking the first idea would be pretty interesting and I love a good rivalry story now and then :)

    RPing is basically like writing a story, but you can only really control you're own character, you can vaguely suggest that the other character has moved/done something, but you can't fully control them. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Visitor Message, or you can add me on Skype as well! ^^ I hope you like Iwaku as much as I do!
  3. I Like #1. With the class president and the delinquent
  4. Which role would you like to play Kronas17?
  5. The delinquent :)
  6. Well if that is the case, then feel free to post your character sheet here or when I make the IC thread ^_^ please come up with a good back story
  7. okay when you make the IC yeah and this is boarding school and can you post a pic of your character? Human pic
  8. Why certainly.