You Never Truly Cherish it, until it's Gone

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  1. A large group of friends one night were returning home from wild party, but unfortunately none had gotten home that night, because the van had collided head on into a couple going in the opposite direction on the highway. All of them ended up in the hospital in critical condition or had died moments after reaching the ER. When the doctors and nurses had left them in current condition, believing the worst for all them after leaving the room. A woman in a pure white robe had enter the room and made an unbelieveable offer, the chance for dead to live again and those affected with paralysis, heart condition, or any other irreverseable injury to live normally without injuries. At a cost of giving up one thing at their choice, whether it be physical or mental. All of them made their decisions immediately, not realizing what they sealed their fate to, and she disappear afterwards with a light smirk. When the doctors and nurses returned they were shocked to see all fifteen victims were breathing again and miraculously recovering. They were kept in for observation for the night and were released the next day. A few days after leaving the hospital, strange things started to occur within each victim in close relevance to what they had given up, such as losing a sense or losing an emotion. Along with that they also had gained new appendages or abilities added with creatures showing up trying to kill them. Now they are trying to retrieve what they given up and return back to their normal lives.

    Profile Layout:

    Abilities:Limit of Four
    What You Gave Up: (For those who were hospitalized)
    Normal Appearance:
    Tranformed Appearance:


    No Godmodding
    No Killing without permission
    PG-16 Romance
    You may have more than one character
    Have fun

    My Characters
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    Name: Cere or Mystery Lady
    Age: ??
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Cryptic, Mysterious, Deceiving
    Bio: ??
    Hobbies: ??
    Abilities: Healing, Emotional and Physical Manipulation, and Teleportation
    Normal Appearance: A white cloak instead of a black one.[​IMG]
    Name: Ellia (El-ee-ah) Ai (Nickamed Lia)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Ellia is generally quiet most of the time, but gets overly excited whenever she's watching the stars. Although she may not look to be the type, but she can get a bit wild at parties and actually convinces some of her friends to do some crazy or silly things. Around her parents Ellia pretends to be very studious and bookworm. There's one more thing about her, she can be very stubborn sometimes and is hard to convince, such as supernatural happenings.
    Bio: Ellia is currently a senior in highschool and despite her wildstreak she actually keeps all of her grades to aleast an A or B+. At home her parents only pay attention to her grades and how she presents herself in front of guests or when she leaves the house, not really seeming to care about her habits, friends, or health. She plays her piano when it's not nighttime or whenever she's not spending time with her friends just to be out of parents' way.
    Hobbies: Playing Piano, Hanging out with friends, Stargazing, Daring her friends.
    Abilities: Minor Future Sight, Enhanced Strength
    What You Gave Up: Love
    Normal Appearance: [​IMG]
    Tranformed Appearance: Everything except the outfit, she still wears her regular clothes in this form.
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  2. I'd love to join if you don't mind. If it's cool, I'll make my bio tomorrow.
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  4. I'm going to do two characters if that is all right.

  5. That's fine with me.
  6. Name: Laval



    Personality:Huge ego,Smart,Sly and hates most things

    Bio:Laval owns a small apartment and spends most of his time either reading or out with is friends.Speaks with a strong Britich accent

    Hobbies:Horse riding,reading

    Abilities:Can control fire and talk to animals

    What you gave up: Gave up sense of smell and the feeling of guilt

    Normal apperence: scruffy brown hair usally covering one eye,ice blue eyes,quite tall and well built.Wears a pair of jeans and a black shirt

    Tranformed apperence:His eyes go a deep red and a red mark appears all the way down my arm to my wrist
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  10. It's okay.
  11. Name: Trever Vaas

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Has anger issues, and doesn't really care about too much, unless it's something he has to get done, and he'll do absolutely anything and everything to finish a task that will give him a nice reward.

    Bio: Trevor grew up in a rich household and his life was great, however he was always sort of rebellious, but his love for his parents kept him from getting too out of hand, but after the accident, he's been asked to live elsewhere, because of how much he has "changed" since that night. So he steals money right out from under his parent's noses, along with gigs he performs at with his metal band and by himself that he gets paid for to have his own high class apartment, where he lives alone. He sometimes throws parties, but always keeps the place clean, because of his slight OCD problem.

    Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar and piano, performing with and with out his metal band, and very rarely becomes a rogue vigilante after hours. Is also known for hacking, but he never admits to it.

    Abilities: Has enhanced agility, strength, stamina, and athletic endurance. Also has the ability to transform into a hulkish being who simply gets more powerful as he gets angrier.

    What You Gave Up: Sanity
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    Normal Appearance: [​IMG]
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    Show Spoiler

    Tranformed Appearance:[​IMG]
  12. Accepted
  13. Name: Lily Dilium

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: She is generally a caring sort of person, but that doesnt mean she isnt willing to use her odd ability of persuading others do to what she would like them to. She is very believable, and sincere. Often times she is seen laughing, and smiling as if it were her soul purpose in life to make others happy.

    Bio: She has made it a point to keep her home life, and her past a secret from her friends. She had a very abusive home life, her mother died when she was young, and her father is a drunk. Because of how she is treated when she is at home, she makes it a point to make sure others are happy.

    Hobbies: Reading, drawing, singing (used to), playing the violin.

    Abilities: She has the ability to control lightning, she is clairvoyant, super speed, metal manipulation.

    What You Gave Up: She gave up the ability to speak. She also gave up her happiness.

    (( Please refer to attached photos :3 ))

    Attached Files:

  14. Accepted.
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  15. Name: Tia Evergreen
    Age: 17 too XD
    Gender: Female
    Personality: moody, broody, but impressively smart.
    Bio: Lived with her father as a divorcee child, grew up with little friends. Her mother died when she was 14. Has all A's in school.
    Hobbies: archery, debate team, swimming, walks.
    Abilities: incredible perception, archery, combative skills, healing power, and can talk to animals.
    What You Gave Up: her
    Normal Appearance: Short blonde hair, thin body, angry blue eyes.
    Tranformed Appearance: Taller, electric blue hair, grey eyes, and angel wings.
  16. This still open for joining ? If so would i be allowed to join? * hopeful *
  17. Yes it's still open.
  18. Accepted
  19. Name: Luthor Harriver
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Prickly, Relaxed, Cold, Easily aggravated
    Bio: Luthor recently graduated high school and joined a local bar, he works as a bar tender but often finds himself unwilling to let things go.
    Hobbies: Video games, Martial arts, drinking, reading.
    Abilities: Energy blasts (variable forms), incredibly durable body, Superhuman speed/reflexes.
    What You Gave Up: Luthor gave up any feeling of compassion he ever had for another person. He also lost the ability to keep his calm around those who annoy him.
    Normal Appearance:
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    Tranformed Appearance:
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